2023 Tech Layoffs: A Complete Compilation

Layoffs in the tech industry have continued to rise in 2023, with over 240,000 jobs lost so far. Major companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have been conducting mass workforce reductions, and even startups have announced cutbacks in the first half of the year. This has led to a slow momentum for a tech sector rebound and companies shifting to a more efficient mindset. The impact of these layoffs on innovation is now becoming clear, and it also highlights the human impact and evolving risk profiles. Below is a comprehensive list of all the layoffs that have occurred in the tech industry in 2023. Each month has seen thousands of employees laid off by various companies. These layoffs include both established tech companies and promising startups, with the number of job cuts increasing each month. As the trend of layoffs continues, the repercussions on the tech industry and the labor force as a whole are yet to be fully realized. It is a challenging time for workers in the tech sector, and for many businesses, uncertainty looms over the future.

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