In 2023, the tech industry has seen over 240,000 jobs lost, 50% more than the previous year. Companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Meta, and Zoom have had significant layoffs. Although economists are cautioning against fears of a recession, the tech sector’s rebound has been slow, leading to continued layoffs and a focus on efficiency over growth. Below is a list of all the known tech layoffs in 2023. Delivery Hero announced it will be shutting down operations in Taiwan and Turkey. eBay has also announced they will be eliminating nearly 10% of their staff in Israel. Companies like Intel, Bolt, and even Etsy have also been cutting significant amounts of jobs. Spotify, for example, is eliminating about 1,500 jobs, marking its third round of layoffs in the year. Other tech companies like ByteDance, Veev, and FreshBooks are also undergoing layoffs. The impact of these layoffs on innovation, pressure on companies, and available talent is significant. With continued rounds of layoffs across many well-known tech companies, the impact on individuals and evolving risk profiles is becoming increasingly dire.

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