With the holidays fast approaching, many are considering what to give their loved ones. As for me, I am trying to think of ideas, but procrastination has taken its toll this year. However, I did write an AI-themed gift guide for TechCrunch, which is something at least. I wanted to explore the world of AI-powered toys and products and see if there are any worth gifting in 2023. To my surprise, I found that AI-powered products can be beneficial, serving as time savers, productivity boosters, and entertaining gadgets. My roundup includes toys, skincare products, gizmos, and games, and I focused on showcasing the fun and usefulness of AI rather than its surveillance applications.

Proven, a Y Combinator-backed startup, uses AI to personalize skincare and fragrance products based on customer surveys. The company has expanded and raised significant funding, proving the potential of its technology.

The Obsbot webcam uses AI to track your face during video calls, automatically adjusting to keep you in focus. It also has features like 4K video and gesture recognition, making it a top choice for remote work.

Smart Four is an AI-powered board game that offers a challenging opponent in the absence of a human player. It encourages cognitive skill-building and provides a fun, screen-free way to pass the time.

For golfers, the Arccos Caddie offers AI-powered rangefinding and strokes gained analytics to improve their game. It comes with a subscription-based mobile app and attaches to any golf club.

Moxie Robot is a modern take on the classic doll, using AI to interact with children on a deeper level. It can engage in play-based conversations and provide lessons on social skills, with built-in content filtering to ensure appropriateness.

These AI-powered products offer a glimpse into the future of technology and make thoughtful gifts for the upcoming holiday season. This article contains affiliate links, and when you buy through these links, TechCrunch may earn a commission.

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