If you’re shopping for someone whose love of taking pictures is limited by the constraints of their iPhone’s camera roll, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a new camera to get a meaningful gift. There are plenty of options that prioritize play and can expand anyone’s photography horizons without breaking the bank. As a hobby, photography is extremely personal, with everyone having their own style, preferences, and gear setup. Whether it’s film, digital, or instant photography, there’s something for everyone looking to expand their photography skills and creativity.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 is a fun and affordable instant camera that captures the casual, carefree aesthetic that’s in style right now. It’s a perfect starting place for anyone looking to explore instant photography. If you’re shopping for an aspiring content creator or someone who wants to take better vacation shots, Joby’s line of tripods designed for smartphones can instantly up their game. These tripods allow for safe mounting of a phone almost anywhere, providing flexibility and better-quality shots.

For action photography, GoPro is the industry standard for tough, tiny, and versatile cameras. These cameras are designed for extreme environments and fast-paced adventures, making them perfect for capturing high-quality action shots and videos. And when it comes to carrying all this gear, it’s essential to have the right bag. Peak Design and Wandrd offer a range of options for carrying photography gear, from small hip belt packs to large backpacks, providing ample space for all kinds of equipment.

If you want to take the dreamy, grainy photography trend to its logical conclusion, consider vintage film cameras. Shooting with film forces you to slow down and be deliberate, resulting in shots that feel special and unique. Browsing a local vintage camera store for a 35mm camera and some good film can make for a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift. Whether it’s instant, digital, or film photography, there’s a wide range of gifts and gear that can help expand anyone’s photography horizons.

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