The article contains an image of the word of the year from various renowned dictionaries like Cambridge, Merriam-Webster, and Oxford. In 2023, the word that dominated the technological world was “artificial intelligence.” These words highlight the appropriation of AI-related words that carry new meanings. For instance, the word “hallucinate” was chosen by Cambridge. It describes how generative AI models like ChatGPT invent things and people even if they don’t exist, just to make a sentence more plausible. Similarly, “authentic,” chosen by Merriam-Webster, attained a new connotation relating to the blurry line between real and fake due to the rise of AI’s impact on deepfake videos, actors’ contracts, and academic honesty. The article also mentions the word of the year “prompt” by Oxford University Press, stating that verbs like “prompts” have originated from it. Furthermore, the article suggests that AI terminology will continue to infiltrate the lexicon in the future.

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