AI Sovereignty: Mistral and the EU’s Battle for Autonomy

Keeping up with the AI industry is tough, so here’s a recent roundup of stories in machine learning. Google announced its new Gemini AI model, but it’s not as great as initially thought. Mistral AI raised €450M at $2 billion valuation, but its founders’ lack of diversity is concerning. The European Union is working to compete with the US in AI, but regulations may impact investments. Meta and IBM formed the AI Alliance, OpenAI is working with India, and Google released AI-assisted note-taking. The FTC is investigating Microsoft and OpenAI’s relationship. Respeecher, a Ukrainian startup, raised funds despite the war. Liquid AI, an MIT spinoff, raised $37.5 million. EPFL researchers are using orbital imagery and machine learning to track ocean-borne plastic. Imperial College London is using Unreal to create training data for rare insects. University of Washington researchers found biases in generated imagery.

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