A recently unredacted version of the multi-state lawsuit against Meta alleges that the company handles kids under 13 on its platforms with deception and minimization. The lawsuit, filed last month, accuses Meta of a wide range of harmful practices related to the health and well-being of younger users. Internal documents indicate that Meta’s handling of young users is more relaxed than claimed publicly, and the lawsuit focuses on violations of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). It alleges that Meta knowingly takes steps that harm children while misleading regulators and the public. The lawsuit reveals that Meta has internally monitored and documented under-13 users on Instagram and Facebook for years, despite publicly claiming it doesn’t permit underage users. The lawsuit also accuses Meta of failing to verify parental consent and allowing kids under 13 to use its platforms unlawfully. Furthermore, it claims that Meta ignored reports of underage accounts, collected personal information from under-13 users, and failed to take appropriate measures to address the presence of children under 13 on its platforms. This unredacted version of the lawsuit raises concerns about Meta’s practices regarding underage users and appears to contradict the company’s public statements on the issue.

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