Anticipating CES 2024: What’s on the Horizon

Consumer electronics trade show CES is strategically positioned at the beginning of the year. The event is a chance for tech companies to assert themselves as innovators for the coming year, with a history of large attendance numbers. The pandemic reduced attendance numbers initially, but the event has since found some success in attracting startups. The show provides an opportunity for startups to get exposure and connect with industry professionals. Despite being unable to spend as much time as desired at the event, the author is looking forward to CES this year. They are optimistic about the future of consumer hardware and have received an impressive response to a call for startup pitches. Generative AI is expected to be a major industry trend in 2024, with some genuine breakthroughs anticipated. In addition, robotics and automotive technology are expected to be major focuses at the event. Health tech will also continue to be a significant part of the event, along with AR/VR technology and new product launches from major companies in the industry.

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