Bluesky allows users to opt out of changes exposing their posts to the public web. The company announced its decentralized alternative to Twitter/X would open to a public web interface. Users can now view platform posts without an invite, challenging the closed beta nature of the app. The release of the public web view was pushed back due to user feedback. The new release includes a feature to opt out of this public web interface.

Bluesky emphasizes that user posts, profile, and likes are public data. Users had anticipated privacy due to the invite-only nature of the app. The absence of an option for a private mode concerned many users, leading to demand for a private mode. Bluesky is now offering an opt-out tool for the public web interface as an alternative.

The company explains that the opt-out tool will affect only the logged-out view of the Bluesky app itself. Compatibility with other third-party apps is recommended, as Bluesky lacks the ability to force them to respect this setting. The future integration of the opt-out tool will be shared with users and developers.

Bluesky aims to stay competitive as a Twitter/X alternative while remaining invite-only. It faces increasing competition from Threads and other decentralized social media platforms. Bluesky’s growth and user interest have faced challenges in recent months due to moderation issues.

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