Is there a better option than Twitter? That remains to be seen, but Bluesky is definitely gaining popularity. Since being purchased by Elon Musk more than a year ago and rebranded as X, many people have been looking at alternative social media platforms. Platforms like Mastodon, Post, Pebble, and Spill have been suggested, but none have gained as much traction as Bluesky, which remains invite-only in its beta. According to Bluesky’s Rose Wang, the app now has over a million users and saw about 8,300 first-time installs per day in July 2023. However, some people who were initially desperate for invite codes have found them to be more accessible as more people join the app.

So, what exactly is Bluesky? It’s a decentralized social app developed by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in parallel with Twitter. Bluesky is using an open source framework built in-house called the AT Protocol, which allows transparency into how it is built and developed. Although Bluesky initially started as a project under Twitter, it became an independent company in 2021.

In terms of usability, Bluesky works much like Twitter with a similar user interface and posting capabilities. However, Bluesky has its own domain Some notable figures and organizations have made the switch to Bluesky, and the app has already reached a million users since being launched.

While Bluesky is free and currently invite-only, the company is exploring additional funding and a paid service that provides custom domains for users who want a unique handle. Bluesky aims to sustain its network without advertising through paid services.

One of the more exciting aspects of Bluesky is its security and customization features. The app recently added email verification to enhance account security, and custom feeds allow users to subscribe to different algorithms and pin feeds they want to see at the top of their timeline.

Plus, Bluesky is available on both iOS and Android, and they’ve also released a third-party app called GraySky. Despite some controversies surrounding misinformation and user safety, Bluesky is making strides in addressing these issues and improving the overall user experience. With all these features and updates, it’s clear that Bluesky is making its mark in the social media landscape.

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