Instafest, the app which went viral last year before Spotify Wrapped was officially unveiled, now lets you create a music festival poster based on artists that you have in a particular playlist. The app’s developer,  Anshay Saboo, has added more themes and customization options as well.

Users can create a music festival poster through a playlist link from Apple Music or YouTube Music. To use a Spotify playlist, you will need to sign in first through your Spotify account. Instafest also has three new themes — called Indio Midnight, Valley Sunset, and Desert Nova — inspired by Coachella posters. The app also lets you customize the list, so you can hide some artists that you don’t want others to see on the poster.

Instafest app now has a way for you to create posters through playlist links Image Credits:

The core functionality of Instafest still remains the same: you can use data from Spotify or to create a concert poster based on artists you most listened to in the last four weeks, six months, or all time. While Spotify Wrapped might be a few weeks away, Instafest could be a neat tool for you to find out and share what kind of music you have been listening to. Plus, it is a good way for you to discover new artists through other users’ concert posters as these images are easy to share.

Last year, after Instafest’s popularity surged, other apps like LineUpSupply (now PlaylistAI) also rolled out a feature to let users generate festival posters through their Spotify account.

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