Developers at the Center of the AI-Mindshare Battle with New AI-Driven Coding Assistant Launch

Microsoft’s Copilot is getting OpenAI’s latest models and a new code interpreter. The battle over the future of AI is being fought at the developer and engineering level. The idea is to get developers hooked on AI Copilot and sell into that market.

In light of the new announcements, Copilot will be able to better understand queries and offer improved responses. Copilot was developed by GitHub and OpenAI and is built on OpenAI’s language models.

Additionally, Prague-based JetBrains has released JetBrains AI Assistant, a Microsoft Copilot alternative. The Assistant will be integrated into JetBrains’ development environments and powered by LLMs from OpenAI, Google, and JetBrains itself. This puts the Europe’s JetBrains AI Assistant in competition with US-based Microsoft Copilot and Google.

Many businesses relying on GPT4 for underlying services were thrown into chaos during the OpenAI management crisis. Being able to draw on multiple AI providers for code development could be seen as a longer-term strategic move.

Microsoft now has a tighter grip on the development of OpenAI and the destiny of its Copilot product, due to the recent tumult with OpenAI.

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