DoorFeed secures additional €7M funding for its unique platform enabling institutional investors to acquire single-family homes

Institutional real estate investors have historically struggled to buy up family homes (the so-called ‘Single Family rental sector’) and turn people into rental slaves, locking millions into a rentier economy. A few startups are trying to ease the pain of these rapacious harbingers of hyper capitalism.

Immo Capital, a platform for managing residential real estate portfolios, has raised $90.7 million. Bricklane, a platform for rental housing, has raised £6 million out of London. Casafari in Spain/Portugal has raised $20.5 million.

Into this market has launched DoorFeed, founded by James Kirimy, an early Uber UK employee. It’s secured a new funding round of €7 million Seed extension round led by Motive Ventures, with participation of Stride VC and Seedcamp. The firm previously raised a €3.5 million seed led by Stride and Seedcamp in 2021, and a €1.5 million debt financing by BPI France in 2022.

DoorFeed provides the data platform and operations for investment funds to assemble and manage large scale portfolios of apartments and houses. It also allows them to figure out which houses have a bad energy performance, and then renovate them, possibly unlocking ESG credits from governments, it claims.

It makes money via a sourcing fee and renovation management fee, as well as an annual property and asset management fee.

Investment in European living assets exceeded all other real estate assets classes in the second quarter at €10.6 billion, according to JLL, and 20% of the market is buy-to-let investors.

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