Empowering Access to Justice: An Inside Look with Charlie Hernandez of My Pocket Lawyer

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups.

This week Becca and Dom are joined by Charlie Hernandez, the founder and CEO of My Pocket Lawyer, an online platform that is meant to democratize access to legal advice and guidance for those that might not be able to afford a lawyer. Hernandez talked about why he decided to forgo a traditional career in law and use his degree instead to tackle this problem. He also talked about:

  • How My Pocket Lawyer uses AI to curate publicly available legal documents for its users to help them figure out next steps for their legal situation
  • Why a startup like My Pocket Lawyer is a better approach to tackle this problem due to its ability to scale compared to a nonprofit or pro bono legal work
  • The feedback he’s gotten from potential customers and the legal industry, some of which hasn’t been pretty

After the conversation, Dom and Becca hopped back on the mic to talk about what they think of the company’s mission. The hosts also touched on challenges that the startup might run into regarding gaining customer trust and their remaining confusion on how a product like this will make money.

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