Enhancing Google Classroom: Teachers Can Now Include Interactive Questions in YouTube Videos

Google has launched a new feature for Classroom that allows teachers to turn any YouTube video into an interactive assignment by inserting questions for their students to answer throughout the viewing experience. This interactive questions feature enables teachers to create open-ended or multiple-choice questions, provide feedback on answers, and access a dashboard of key insights to keep track of their students’ progress. Students can view which responses were incorrect and rewatch the video to learn from their mistakes.

Image Credits: Google

Google Classroom, with over 150 million users, has long been a useful resource for teachers to communicate with students and manage their classes. This, combined with the popularity of educational videos on YouTube, makes the new interactive questions feature a valuable tool for users. According to Google, this feature will help educators identify concepts that need more instruction time, discover students who may need extra support, and shape future lesson plans.

The interactive questions feature has been available in beta since March and will be fully rolled out in the next three days. It is only available for users with the Education Plus plan or the Teaching and Learning upgrade and can be enabled by administrators through the admin console. In other news, Google recently announced that its Bard AI chatbot can now answer specific questions about YouTube videos.

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