EU Supercomputers to Boost Support for AI Startups in Model Training

An EU plan to boost homegrown AI startups by providing access to EU supercomputers has seen France’s Mistral AI join an early pilot phase. There are concerns that the facilities and skills needed to make use of the provided computing power are lacking. A support system for AI startups still needs to be developed. The EU needs to guide AI-based businesses towards a more integrated computer system and foster the skills necessary to fully use supercomputers. To achieve this, they will set up centers of excellence. An “AI support center” is also in the works and is expected to help SMEs and startups make better use of these supercomputers. The EU plans to connect supercomputers across the region and interconnect them via terabit networks to create a federated supercomputing resource. Lastly, the EU has an AI support system in place which includes grants for AI companies that incorporate models under an open-source license for non-commercial use.

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