Exclusive 2023 Holiday Gift Ideas from TechCrunch+

Hello dear TechCrunch readers, we hope that you are healthy, whole and ready to waddle into the holiday season with a cup of something warm and time to read.

As many folks like to give gifts to one another during the last month or two of the year, we’d be remiss if we didn’t try to take some of the mental load from your shoulders. What follows is the TechCrunch+ gift guide for 2023, just for you, you lovely human:

  1. A monthly TechCrunch+ subscription!Yes, if you currently do not have access to TechCrunch+ and are a bit light on funds, we recommend buying TechCrunch+ for yourself, but at our monthly rate, as it is less expensive up front. For those of you with a bit more spare cash, however:
  2. A yearly TechCrunch+ subscription!This is a great gift for your mind and for your wallet! But we have one more idea:
  3. A student subscription to TechCrunch+!Way back when I was a wee lad I went to a TechCrunch event on a student ticket. It cost something like $100 or thereabouts, and I was stoked to attend what was then called the TechCrunch 50 in person. I still recall the awe I felt being in the building. Anyway, all that’s to say that student passes whip ass, and we have one of them ready for the student in your life. Buy three! (Verification required. Learn more about subscriptions here.)

And if you are someone who already has a TechCrunch+ subscription, you can buy one for your friend, loved one, mortal enemy, prodigal child or parent!

Such great options for the holiday period! But wait, there’s more! We’re also running the TechCrunch+ holiday sale right now! So stock up on TechCrunch+; it’s fun for the whole family!

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