A few hours after the big unveil this morning, Humane opened its doors to a small group of press. Located in a nondescript building in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood, the office is home to the startup’s hardware design teams. The company operates an office in New York, but most of the 250-person staff are located in San Francisco. The office next door houses product engineers, while the electrical engineering team operates out of a third space directly across the street. The space is occupied by demo stations showcasing different Ai Pins in various states of undress and exposing their external machinations. CEO Bethany Bongiorno gives a brief history of the company, starting with how she met co-founder and president Imran Chaudhri on her first day at Apple. The product is a new way of thinking and a new sense of opportunity. The device is designed in California and manufactured primarily in Asia. The main feature is a voice-first product, but the device also projects text, messages, and rudimentary previews of images, in addition to allowing phone calls. The product comes with a battery booster and a charging pad for home use, and an initial batch of 100,000 units is expected. Humane is leveraging AI and working with OpenAI and Microsoft, among others, to create a seamless experience for users, with continuous updates and new features.

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