The tech industry continues to experience significant job losses in 2023, with over 240,000 jobs lost so far this year, marking a 50% increase from the previous year. Major companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Meta, and Zoom have all implemented mass workforce reductions, with startups in various sectors also announcing cutbacks in the first half of the year. While there was a slowdown in layoffs during the summer and fall, it appears that the trend is picking up again. Many economists have expressed concerns about a potential recession, but the tech sector has been slow to rebound, leading companies to continue cutting back on their workforces in order to prioritize efficiency in the face of challenging market conditions.

Tracking these layoffs is crucial for understanding their impact on innovation, identifying companies under pressure, and determining available talent for businesses that are growing. However, it also highlights the human toll of layoffs and how risk profiles may evolve in the future. A comprehensive list of tech layoffs in 2023 is available and updated monthly, with a running total of 224,503 confirmed layoffs as of the most recent data from This total has already surpassed the total number of tech layoffs in 2022.

The list includes notable layoffs from November 2023, such as Chewy, Amazon, Carta, Pico, Cruise, Snap, Google, Virgin Galactic, Ubisoft Montreal, Nextdoor, and several others. Layoffs have been reported across a wide range of companies in the tech sector, impacting both large corporations and startups. The data also indicates that the number of layoffs per month has varied, with January and February showing the highest numbers.

Overall, the continued trend of layoffs in the tech sector underscores the ongoing challenges faced by the industry, and the human impact of these developments cannot be overlooked. It is clear that the tech industry is navigating a period of uncertainty and transformation, and it will be important to monitor these trends closely to understand their long-term effects.

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