Flipboard Ditches Twitter for Decentralized Social Apps Podcast

Flipboard will suspend its activity on Twitter/X and focus on the decentralized social web. The company will also launch a new podcast exploring the topic of decentralized social media. The company will be active on Mastodon after these changes and will only keep its X accounts active to protect its brand. In deciding to move to the decentralized social web, Flipboard also cited X’s rollback of moderation policies and other platform decisions that run contrary to its values. The company has made efforts to embrace decentralized social media and is now launching a podcast to explore this topic. The guest lineup for the podcast includes notable figures from the tech industry. Flipboard’s CEO believes that a business model for the fediverse will emerge over time and plans to leverage its experience in curating the web as it shifts to decentralized social media. Other tech companies, such as Medium and Automattic, have also embraced decentralized social media through platforms like Mastodon, indicating a broader trend in the tech industry.

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