From Fintech to AI: The Continuing Wave of Investing Hype

U.S.-based GPU compute provider CoreWeave has just closed a massive $642 million round, which was actually a secondary transaction. This news event is a great indicator of the current state of investor interest, particularly in AI-related startups. The frenzy to invest in AI startups is not just happening locally, as German AI company Aleph Alpha recently closed a $500 million Series B round, and France’s Mistral AI is looking at closing in on €450 million at a €2 billion valuation. OpenAI also has an in-process secondary transaction that could go through at a valuation of nearly $90 billion. Even recent eight-figure investments are contributing to this hot trend, with companies like Rohirrim, which raised $15 million, Atomic Industries, which raised $17 million, and Assembly AI, which closed a $50 million round. This is all just from the month of December, showing how much investor interest there is in AI-related startups.

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