Google’s AI Demo Scandal, Grand Theft Auto VI Craze, and Spotify’s Job Cuts

Hello and welcome to the Week in Review (WiR), a regular newsletter from TechCrunch that gives you a quick recap of what’s been happening in the tech world. This week, AI once again took center stage as tech giants like Google and X (formerly Twitter) faced off against OpenAI for chatbot supremacy. But there’s been plenty of other news as well. In this edition of WiR, we’ll cover Google’s AI model demo controversy and offensive giveaways, defense startup Anduril’s new fighter jet weapon, fallout from the 23andMe hack, and the release of the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer. In addition, we’ll discuss patient scans and health records online, Meta’s new AI-powered image generator, Spotify’s job cuts, and TuSimple, an autonomous truck startup, leaving the U.S. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dive in. And don’t forget to sign up here to receive WiR in your inbox every Saturday if you haven’t already. Click the link to join:

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