Last-Minute Gamer Gifts: Don’t Miss Out on These Must-Have Items!

2023, a massive year for gaming, with numerous awesome titles released across platforms. Here are some last-minute gift ideas for the gamer in your life.

For the dice-carrying, tabletop game-loving nerd: Baldur’s Gate 3. This epic RPG is available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, and has received numerous awards.

For those who love a challenge: Lies of P, a Pinocchio-themed game that is one of the best Souls-likes in years, with a dark, original story and incredibly difficult bosses.

For the nostalgic gamer over 35: Super Mario RPG, a remake of the beloved Super Nintendo game with updated graphics and handling for the modern era.

For the over 35 anime enthusiasts: Star Ocean The Second Story R, a nostalgia kick with a stunning “2D-3D” art style.

For gamers who play with a friend: Remnant II, a fantasy/sci-fi shooter designed for cooperative play, with imaginative environments and enemies and variable gameplay.

For lovers of original, artsy games: Jusant, a gorgeous and original game with an unnamed protagonist climbing an endless stone tower.

For fans of Stardew Valley: Roots of Pacha, a brand-new life sim game set in the Stone Age with multiplayer built in. Alternatively, Moonstone Island combines town and farming sim with exploration and Pokémon-like combat. Both are great deals for the money.

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