Businesses continue to see results from email marketing campaigns despite using various other communication methods.

Noah Dinkin, founder and CEO of Stensul, a multi-channel marketing creation platform, believes that email still deserves more credit for its effectiveness in marketing campaigns. Dinkin stated, “It is the workhorse of marketing campaigns” and emphasized the high ROI and value of email as a marketing channel.

Advancements in privacy, targeting, and better data capabilities allow customers to rely on email, along with the use of generative AI to personalize content. Stensul added dozens of new features and functionalities including Landing Page, generative AI tools for content creation, and email localization capabilities for multi-language emails. The company expects its fourth-quarter revenue to be the highest in its history.

Sageview Capital led the Series C funding round that raised $34.5 million for Stensul. The company plans to invest in product development, particularly in AI capabilities, and expand its go-to-market strategy for enterprise organizations.

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