Navigating Late-Stage Startup Funding: Discovering the Ideal Financing Solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to raising money, but David walks through some of the options to help you choose the right one for your business. For example, a strategic partnership might be more suitable and can often help drive business growth. Another option might be to apply for a government grant, if that makes sense for your company.

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Dear Sophie,

My colleague and I work for a large tech company. We have an idea that we want to pursue for our startup. We’re both on H-1B visas. Our I-140 EB-2 green card petitions have been approved, but we’re waiting for our priority dates to become current for our green cards. How do we get our H-1Bs transferred to a new startup? Can our green cards be transferred to our new startup too?

— Emerging Entrepreneur

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Resident pitch expert Haje Jan Kamps trained an AI model on thousands of pitch decks; the tool analyzes pitch decks and offers feedback. Of all the decks the tool analyzed, just 6% included all the information the AI robot is looking for. Haje offers some tips on how to fix some common mistakes people make when putting together their slides.

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CRMs aren’t just for sales teams. Founders can use these tools to help streamline relations with investors. A good CRM can help you track interactions, remind you to follow up with people, and produce in-depth reports.

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