Following the dramatic power struggle at OpenAI resulting in the firing of co-founder Sam Altman, the company is now under new leadership. But the question remains – is it for the better? The new board is facing criticism for its lack of diversity and potential shift towards capitalism. The unconventional structure of OpenAI was originally established to prioritize the ethical use of artificial general intelligence, but now, investors and powerful partners have entered the picture, complicating the company’s mission. Altman, whose firing united major backers like Microsoft, has now returned and the board composition has shifted. The new lineup includes former Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor and Larry Summers, but critics worry that they do not represent diverse perspectives. Many AI experts and academics have expressed disappointment with the board’s makeup, and there are concerns that OpenAI may not prioritize responsible use of AI without more diverse representation. The company now has the chance to prove itself by filling the remaining board seats with a more diverse selection of members.

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