Orca Huntr: Building Orbital Intelligence Models with a Scribble by Blackshark.ai

Blackshark.ai has created a digital twin of the Earth, and its latest innovation aims to democratize geospatial intelligence further. The company’s Orca Huntr tool is an AI-powered platform for finding and tracking objects from orbit, designed to be accessible to users with minimal technical expertise. The startup, originally from the gaming industry, has secured $15 million in new funding to support its new venture.

The Orca Huntr tool is designed to simplify the process of identifying and tracking objects in aerial and orbital imagery. Users can easily label objects by simply scribbling on them, providing a streamlined method for creating machine learning models for object detection. This process is far more efficient and user-friendly compared to traditional annotation and recognition services, which often require outsourcing and lengthy turnaround times.

Blackshark.ai’s innovative tool has applications across various industries, from real estate to government agencies and military intelligence. The company’s new funding will support further development of the platform, including the potential for expansion into other types of imagery, such as microscopic medical or industrial data.

The company has received significant investment from prominent venture capital firms and industry leaders, indicating strong support for its innovative approach to geospatial intelligence. This new development marks a significant step forward in making advanced AI technology accessible and practical for a wide range of users.

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