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Conjuguant un design intuitif avec une créativité ingénieuse, un style expressif et une technologie intelligente, ce SUV compact urbain est l'expression utlime et contemporaine des principes du design scandinave. XC40 : lancé en 2018, le SUV Volvo est une alternative originale aux stars de la catégorie. You almost never hear it and few owners will probably ever even see it, but Volvo claims it produces 248 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. Plaisant à conduire et offrant de bonnes prestations, ainsi qu'un niveau d'équipement technologique qui n'a pas à rougir, ce nouveau XC40 est une belle surprise pour débuter cette année 2018. (Full disclosure: I asked Volvo’s representatives for permission to borrow an XC40 because I wanted to spend more time looking at it. Volvo lance son tout premier moteur à trois cylindres, un bloc essence turbocompressé à injection directe cubant 1,5L qui vient étoffer la gamme du XC40 avec une puissance de 156ch et un couple maximal de 265Nm. There’s not a lot of decisiveness to the car’s steering feel but you’ll always know where you’re pointing. Prix de vente32 990 € pour achat voiture Volvo XC40 D3 AdBlue 150ch Inscription Geartronic 8 2018 Diesel d'occasion à Angers (Maine-et-Loire) 1. The whole experience of operating and being in this car has an aura of fanciness on par with Mercedes-Benzes and BMWs that cost twice as much and more. The 2018 Volvo XC40 has finally arrived. Toutes les photos de notre essai. Le SUV compact Suèdois fait son apparition en ce début d'année 2018. Mis à jour le 19 novembre 2020 à 22:50. Maybe if the right people keep griping persistently, car companies will eventually realize that we want our knobs and buttons and switches back. Par Pascal Richard. Latest price, photos & features of Used 2018 Volvo XC40 T5 Momentum for sale by TN Auto Trading Pte Ltd in Singapore. I think a lot of people could be very happy with an XC40 in their lives, but if you told me you were serious about buying one I would insist that you spend a lot of time thoroughly examining the interface and test-driving it before you get suckered in by the cutesy bag hooks and water bottle slots that had me so smitten the first day I drove this thing. Quelle finition et quel moteur choisir ? Présenté le 21 septembre 2017 [2] à Milan pour une commercialisation en mars 2018, le XC40 est le plus petit SUV de la gamme Volvo.Il rejoint dans la gamme les secondes générations de XC60 (2017) et XC90 (2015).. The way Volvo’s artists managed to blend a truly modern looking and feeling cockpit with weirdly soft carpet trim that looks like it had another life as the flooring of an RV, and somehow managed to make that look good, is freaking incredible. After putting a whole lot of miles on this car, I developed a complicated relationship with it. It will likely be the volume seller of the lineup. 5. 2018, XC40. Our tester with the Premium Package (adaptive cruise control, semi-autonomous driving, folding floor with grocery bag hooks, and other things), Vision Package (blind spot alerts, and other things) Advanced Package (LED lighting, and other things), heated seats and steering wheel, Harmon Kardon premium audio and a few more cosmetic options brought the sticker price to $44,315. Those ordering the top-of-the-range Harmon Kardon audio system will still get 13 speakers, including a subwoofer mounted at the base of the windshield, adjacent to the wipers, to further save space. Présentation. The T5 AWD Momentum we tested has the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine under the hood. Volvo. 90 ans de Volvo en images. Volvo XC40 D4 AWD First Edition 2018 review Distinctive Range Rover Evoque rival has a charm of its own and a surprising amount of ‘big Volvo’ laid-back luxury feel. But you won’t feel nearly as special behind the wheel. Essai longue durée - 3 000 km en Volvo XC40 : un titre de voiture de l'année mérité? AUTO EXPO 2018 : Nouveautés Volvo. The digital touchscreen display is an enormous 12.3 inches diagonally, and works pretty much exactly like a phone. All of our test drives in one convenient place. Volvo claims this version of the car should be able to get 31 mpg on the highway. Non Stop People. The XC40 is going up against the GLA from Mercedes and the Q2 from Audi. But it wanted to “help” me every single second of speeding down the highway. Share review. fermer x. Contactez le vendeur pour : Volvo XC40 D4 AdBlue AWD 190ch R-Design Geartronic 8 2018 - 37 752 km. And not just in the miserly “Eco” mode. Since I opened this story up in a tizzy over how good looking the XC40 is, I have to circle back to that at the car’s main highlight. So what? 35 983 € Volvo XC40 Dept 49. The load space floor can be folded in sections to access additional storage underneath. ... 2020 Volvo XC40 1.5 T3 [163] Inscription Pro 5dr Geartronic £30,950. Location. Volvo Cars Maroc - Bilan et perspectives. Outward visibility is pretty solid since the windshield is massive, and so is sound insulation from the outside world. But the awkward shifter and distracting infotainment software feel like pretty fundamental flaws in the experience of using this car. The top-of-the-range Inscription trim level, with its own palette of more sophisticated interior and exterior colors (but no option of a separate roof color), will be made available after launch, and Volvo plans to expand the powertrain lineup to include a plug-in hybrid and even a full electric driveline. Liste de souhaits d'accessoires Lorsque vous avez trouvé les accessoires qu'il vous faut, ajoutez-les simplement à votre liste de souhaits. Voiture d'occasion VOLVO XC40 motorisation D4, disponible immédiatement à l'achat au prix de 33151€, à VILLENAVE-D-ORNON avec le vendeur LE SITE DE L'AUTO My test vehicle wanted to shut itself off at every opportunity, every time it came to a stop at all. And, as first impressions go for this all-new offering, it's in with a very good chance. 2018 Volvo XC40 vs 2018 Volvo XC60 vs 2017 Volvo XC90. The Volvo XC40 is a subcompact luxury crossover SUV manufactured by Volvo Cars. Prix. Thank goodness for that high-resolution 360-degree parking camera. The XC40 is recognizably a Volvo, but it's distinctively different from the larger 90 and 60 vehicles. It is impossible to go from Park to Drive in one motion, like you can with pretty much every other console-shifted automatic you’ve ever been in. Get the full picture. A week was not enough time for me to get used to this, and I hated it. XC40 2018 L.H.D . Except when you want to rage-quit the infotainment system. Le Volvo XC40 2019 propose d’abord un T4 de 187 chevaux, puis un T5 de 248 chevaux. The all-wheel-drive T5 gets the 250-hp iteration of Volvo's turbocharged inline-four under the hood, while the front-drive T4 gets a less powerful version of the engine. The compact luxury crossover Volvo XC40 is available from 2017 to the present. Ce dernier s’accompagne de série du rouage intégral. Volvo XC40 2018 Towing capacity. Mobile (.mp4) 13.8 MB. There's a tiny little Swedish flag poking out from the under the bonnet of the all-new Volvo XC40. Becquet. Volvo XC40 Lisbonne vidéos statiques. In my experience driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back, with a heavy foot, averaging out in the high 20s is possible. But it is sufficient for propulsion. I found visibility through the tall, steep windshield to be good. The operating envelope for the collision warning system, for example, has been upped from 31 mph to 38 mph, the lane keeping system will now automatically steer the car back onto the right side of the road if it senses oncoming traffic during a passing maneuver, and the cross-traffic alert system will automatically apply the brakes if it senses you're not reacting fast enough to the audible and visual warnings. Il est associé de série à une boîte manuelle à six vitesses. In fact, serenity is kind of the whole point of a car like this. First shown as the Concept 40.1, the XC40 is what Volvo hopes will bring in … 2.0 T5 Inscription AWD. At first glance the 2018 Volvo XC40, which arrives in the U.S. in May next year, bucks the conventional wisdom about how a modern Volvo should look. Details 2020 Volvo XC40 … Photo: Mark Bean. So enamored with the sketch was Ingenlath the design went straight to a full-size clay for review, skipping the normal quarter-scale model phase of the design process. Pause . But nobody will know you’re at full throttle if you put your foot to the ground from a stop light. Formats de vidéos disponibles pour téléchargement: Qualité sur mobile (.mp4) 91.0 MB: 2018, XC40. Volvo XC40. The Volvo XC40 has an impressive list of standard features as well as a variety of optional extras that make it a great choice for your next vehicle. There's no studied elegance to the exterior surfaces, no calming Swedish zen to the interior ambience. In turns, grip is sufficient but the car starts to feel tall and heavy pretty quickly. The software, like the XC40 itself, is really quite beautiful. The Volvo XC40 is the company’s first offering in the compact luxury SUV segment. I could not, and I couldn’t have been happier when the good people who ship press cars around took this back and swapped it out for a Kia Sportage SX, which costs $11,000 less and I love using. At 174.2 inches long overall, 73.3 inches wide, and 65.1inches tall, the XC40 is 10.3 inches shorter and 1.5 inches narrower than the XC60. Getting from one menu to another seems like a maze, it seemed like I was finding different paths to the same menus every time I worked my way through it. The rigid load space cover, which helps reduce noise, can be clipped into place under the floor when transporting tall objects. I’ll break down my beefs with this car in the chronological order of how I discovered them. Voiture occasion Volvo XC40 D4 AWD 190ch AdBlue First Edition Geartronic 8 en vente. Volvo présente ses futurs V40 et XC40 ! You can also compare prices, trim specifications, options, reviews, scores and recall history of 2018 Volvo XC40 with similar vehicles. Flipping through menus over a rough road is challenging because each bump messes up your swipes. Occasions Volvo XC40 Dynamique et intelligent, le XC40 est appelé à redéfinir les règles sur le segment des SUV compacts. Une transmission automatique à huit rapports enrichira le catalogue des options en 2019. Salon. The design language you see on the XC40 will be echoed on other small Volvos to be built on the new Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) underpinning this compact SUV. My good friend and colleague (boss, if you want to get technical) Mike Ballaban endured a trans-Atlantic flight and a fancy hotel to test the XC40 when it was brand new and concluded that it “makes life easier.” I like some of the accessibility features he pointed out, but the car most definitely did not make my life easier. It was unveiled on 21 September 2017. As soon as you’re done admiring the XC40’s elegance and grace, you’re going to be annoyed by its hyperactive helicopter parent personality. That’s substantial, and it’s all pretty usable thanks to the car’s Minecraftian squareness. The XC40 was also awarded … Jalopnik Staffer from 2013 to 2020, now Editor-In-Chief at Car Bibles. Partager avec des amis Lorsque votre liste de souhaits est prête, vous pouvez la partager avec vos amis. In this article, you will find fuse box diagrams of Volvo XC40 2018 and 2019, get information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car, and learn about the assignment of each fuse (fuse layout). But that’s a story for another time. La 2019 Volvo XC40 2.0 est présentée pour la première fois en 2018 et s'est déroulé en 2018 et 2019. Tout juste élu voiture de l'année 2018, le Volvo XC40 entend séduire grâce à son style typiquement scandinave. Two versions of the XC40 will be available in the U.S. at launch, each available in two trim levels—Momentum and R-Sport. Fuel economy. At first glance the 2018 Volvo XC40, which arrives in the U.S. in May next year, bucks the conventional wisdom about how a modern Volvo should look. But the rest is fresh and impressively thought-through. Volvo XC60 (2020) : gamme hybride, prix, essais...toutes les infos. Patchwork. Nouveau Volvo XC60. And the XC40 is perfectly fine to drive and ride in if you can overcome or understand its quirks. Disponible en mai 2018. If that sounds like enough to make the car feel fast, it is not. But it’s also distracting and convoluted. Cet élégant becquet assorti à la couleur du toit souligne le tempérament sportif et l’aérodynamisme de votre SUV Volvo. reviewed by Anonymous on 28 November 2020. Ouvrez la liste de souhaits puis cliquez sur le bouton "Partager". Abrités derrière leur prestigieux blason, le X1 et le GLA jouent les dandies, et le font payer ! "It's exactly the car we wanted to do," he says. XC40 Accessoires; Instructions de montage; Roues . The XC40's exterior is the work of young British designer Ian Kettle and is heavily based on a sketch he drew back in 2013, a year after he graduated from the Royal College of Art in London. 2. Volvo XC40 2018: Video Review The Volvo XC40 is the Swedish brand's first ever compact SUV and it looks like no other Volvo before it. The 2018 Volvo XC40 looks cool as a cucumber in the back of a fridge, inside and out. Any function the driver is likely to access while driving must be accessible by touch alone. If you get excited about storage pockets, you're in business. Tax/Insurance/Warranty costs. Annuler. 04/2018, 41.726km, Diesel, Automatique au prix de 34.900 € TTC de couleur Blanc Cristal. Latest price, photos & features of Used 2018 Volvo XC40 T4 Momentum for sale by Car Buyers Automotive Pte Ltd in Singapore. Launched in 2018, the Volvo XC40 joins the ever-popular compact crossover market, cementing a reputation as one of the best of the breed. When you’re not in the savage grips of crawl-speed traffic, you can activate Volvo’s Pilot Assist semi-autonomous driving abilities. 23, 2018 ID: 219681. Le Volvo XC40 (2017) s'annonce ! The XC40's dash-to-axle is therefore shorter, but rear-seat accommodation is reasonable for what is basically a high-riding C-segment hatchback. Topic recommandé. internationale. I left the system deactivated after a few bouts of being freaked out by that. Volvo XC40 (2017) : il se dévoile officiellement ! Commenter. 4. I see a lot of complaining on Jalopnik about touchscreen control systems that require looking as well as touching. COMPARATIF. Volvo XC40 Dept 49. CMA shares much of its electronic architecture with the larger SPA platform, and this has allowed Volvo engineers to equip the XC40 with the company's impressive arsenal of active safety technologies, some of which have been upgraded over those in the 90 and 60 vehicles. Still do, what a sweetly designed machine. The shifter is always in the same position; it’s like a toggle switch, not a typical selector, so you pull back once from Park to Neutral, then pull back once from Neutral to Drive. "A family look doesn't necessarily mean they all look like each other," he says. Perhaps others will be less bothered by it, but I wouldn’t chose to live with it. Mobile (.mp4) 91.0 MB Copiez et collez le code d’intégration ci-dessus. A base XC40 is about $33,000. Volvo enfin sacré ! We have the best Racks & Carriers for your Volvo XC40. Le Volvo XC40 (2018) face à ses rivaux . Volvo XC40 2018. It’s a smallish crossover, about the size of a BMW X1, Mercedes GLA or Audi Q3. in January 2018, and it was given the European Car of the Year Award at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. I think Volvo has accomplished something impressive by bringing an earnestly unique aesthetic to the small crossover scene. No, sorry, push it again because you have to cycle through neutral. Volvo's 12.3-inch TFT instrument panel—used in XC90 and XC60—will be standard across the XC40 range, as will the 9.0-inch infotainment screen in the center of the dash. I returned it with a legion slain insects on the front bumper, for which I’m sorry.). Xc40, Xc40 d3 adblue 150 ch momentum, 4x4 - s.u.v, 08/2018, 150ch, 36106 km, 5 portes, Clim. Volvo XC40 T4 2018 UK review; Volvo XC40 T4 2018 UK review. Actu. Instead, there's a pugnacious swagger to the XC40 inside and out, with forms, materials, and colors that are reminders that not all Scandinavian designs are a riff on birch wood and mid-century furniture. Electric and plug-in hybrid models are to come, but even without the eco-champions of the range, the Volvo XC40 is the best premium small SUV going. Volvo XC40 Lisbonne vidéos actions. © 2021 MotorTrend | MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC. It’s basically a scaled down XC60, right? It stands out, an impressive accomplishment in of itself for a crossover, and blends severe modernism with friendly familiarity. Volvo XC40 (2018) Volvo XC40. 4. My final grievance is with Volvo’s iPhone knockoff infotainment interface, which is not the worst thing about the car, but it’s definitely the worst digital automotive interface right now in my personal opinion. The T5 Momentum version of this car seemed to be adequately predictable through obnoxious parking lot exits. If you’re hovering at a curb for somebody, and put the XC40 in Park, it will actually shut itself all the way off and make you press the start button again to bring it back online. The drive itself is smooth. Get information and pricing about the 2018 Volvo XC40, read reviews and articles, and find inventory near you. XC40 2018 Bienvenue aux Accessoires de Volvo Cars. And who wants to wait for a screen to load to adjust the climate at all? Volvo's new CMA hardware delivers more traditional front-drive proportions and packaging than the SPA platform used for the 90 and 60 family vehicles. Première mondiale. Every function is neatly tucked away, and even after a week of practice I had no chance of quickly prodding something I wanted without taking my eyes off the road. Please keep doing that. Vendeur professionnel FELIX FAURE VOLVO LYON NORD situé à Lyon, (69) Rhone Overall rating. Un positionnement qui a donné des idées au XC40. Volvo Cars, the premium car maker, further expanded its line-up of SUVs with the launch of its new Volvo XC40 small premium SUV in Milan, Italy. The Only Place For Smart Car Buyers. Décryptage du modèle Volvo Xc40 par la rédaction Caradisiac: Essais, avis de propriétaires, comparatifs, fiabilité sur le modèle Volvo Xc40. Your information will be collected and used in accordance with our  Privacy Policy. Volvo is looking to the 2018 XC40 to pour a lot of volume into its future sales. Sans Pseudo, vous apparaitrez en Anonyme . Driving around Los Angeles involves a lot of sitting and so the starter motor on my test car got enough exercise for a lifetime.

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