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It's Clyde's workmate Tom's (Michael Shannon) party, but when Tom gets Alice alone, he calls her Jenny in "Complete Unknown." US, 2015. Complete Unknown revolves around Alice (Weisz), a researcher at a New York City bio lab, who starts eating at the lunchroom of the ag administration corporation across the street. By David Duprey On Oct 3, 2016. Please follow and like us: Complete Unknown introduces us to Alice (Rachel Weisz) who is the charming date of a gentleman attending the birthday party of his friend Tom (Michael Shannon). Dir. Fascinating but flawed Michael Shannon/Rachel Weisz pic … Movies: Matt Donato . ‘Complete Unknown’ Review: Joshua Marston’s ‘Forgiveness Of Blood’ Follow-Up Has A Fatal Identity Crisis. Review of: Complete Unknown Review. Complete Unknown (Sundance Review) By Dustin Jansick @DJansick on January 26, 2016. Review Rachel Weisz Toys With Identity In Complete Unknown The. But sadly, Complete Unknown doesn't quite fulfill its promise. And when Alice makes a hasty exit, Tom sets off after her. Open this photo in gallery: Rachel Weisz in Complete Unknown. Read full review Sometimes they talk very slowly and there are long stretches where they furrow their … By Anthony Kaufman 2016-01-27T09:54:00+00:00. This shape-shifting tale of the perils and pleasures of self-reinvention begins at a dinner party, when Tom's co-worker arrives with an intriguing date named Alice. Complete Unknown review – talky drama blows its big reveal. Dan Mecca January 27, 2016. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Complete Symphonies by Unknown (2002-07-16) at Film Review: “Complete Unknown” (2016) ★★★ Posted by Ulkar Alakbarova in Movie Reviews // 0 Comments. There, she chats up Clyde (Michael Chernus), an administrator who eventually invites her to a birthday party for his friend and colleague, Tom (Shannon). COMPLETE UNKNOWN plays like a bad old-school European art film, the kind where a man and a woman engage in low-key longing and endless, sometimes pointless conversation. Review: Before Turning Histrionic, Uncle Frank Is a Tender Look at Outsider Kinship. Reviews. Complete Unknown (2016) Review. COMPLETE UNKNOWN has a Romantic worldview with light moral, redemptive undertones and foul language. Movies; by Sharronda Williams - September 1, 2016. Here's a movie with an intriguing premise that doesn't know what to do with it. Synopsis You are who you say you are. COMPLETE UNKNOWN "Questions of Identity" Quality: Content:-2 Discretion advised for adults. When … Tom is convinced he knows her, but she refuses to acknowledge their history. Barry … There’s no denying the impact of the photographic style in Complete Unknown. Laura's Review: C. Cowriter (with Julian Sheppard)/director Joshua Marston's ("Maria Full of Grace") third film sounds like a twisty mystery, but it's not. by Andrew Parker October 13, 2016. written by Andrew Parker October 13, 2016. Review: The Croods: A New Age Is a Step Up that Still Leaves You Wanting More. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Complete Unknown at Review: Complete Unknown. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. All of the necessary pieces are in place. Joshua Marston. Review: Rachel Weisz Toys With Identity in Complete Unknown The New York Times . Film. Complete Unknown Review. That’s the main proposition in director Joshua Marston’s (Maria Full of Grace) third feature film, Complete Unknown. Plodding and forgettable, so much of the film consists of walking and talking about subjects like regrets and failures and boundaries. None Light Moderate Heavy; Language: Violence: Sex: Nudity: What You Need To Know: COMPLETE UNKNOWN is a character-driven drama. Judging from its muted response both with critics and the arthouse moviegoing crowd, not everyone will appreciate this film, which deserves better than the lightweight DVD-only release it gets. A man named Tom undergoing a midlife crisis with a boring government job and tense marriage has a birthday party. Incomplete Unknown . Complete Unknown is a frustrating look at a woman (Rachel Weisz as Alice) who 15 years ago vanishes from her former life only to turn up again for one night at the birthday party of her Ex Boyfriend Tom. Armed with two top-notch leads and a compelling premise, Joshua Marston‘s third feature, Complete Unknown, spends a lot of time hinting at which direction it will go, without going anywhere at all. She has a habit of relocating and living under made-up identities to keep others from getting too close to her personally. In this case, it’s Rachel Weisz and Michael Shannon, two of the most talented performers working today, who get sucked into writer-director Joshua Marston’s vortex of nothingness. Review: Julien Temple’s Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan. Review by Mark Dujsik | September 8, 2016. [Sundance Review] Complete Unknown. 90 mins. Tom’s birthday dinner party is turned upside down by the unexpected arrival of Alice, an old flame who changed her identity and vanished without a trace 15 years prior. Reviewed by: … 'Complete Unknown': Sundance Review. Review: rachel weisz toys with identity in complete unknown the new york times watch prime video (4k uhd) Review: Rachel Weisz Toys With Identity in Complete Unknown The New York Times. Complete Unknown is a thought-provoking and well-acted independent drama. The acting in Complete Unknown is good as the cast delivers on many levels but the problem is the premise itself and a ending that was disappointing (which I won't spoil). Gary M. Kramer. But as per the storyline, … Complete Unknown Movie Review. Complete Unknown should be better known . It would be too easy to call the low-key, lightweight drama Complete Unknown austere. Complete Unknown: The perfect case of a bad movie with good actors. Complete Unknown movie. Sep 2 Complete Unknown review. If you could change your identity and start over as someone else, would you? Noir City: International 2020. In the six-minute pre-credit sequence of director/co-writer Joshua Marston’s intriguing drama, Complete Unknown, Rachel Weisz is seen playing a nurse, a magician’s assistant, and a few other roles. Tom is a married man who is dedicated to his work, so much that you can see the rift it is causing in his marriage. Complete Unknown should be better known. It’s more banal than austere, but I don’t necessarily mean that as a knock against it. What can be better than seeing a film where the two greatest actors of our generation, Rachel Weisz and Michael Shannon share the same scene? Complete Unknown Review. The movie tells a deceptively simple story. Ultimately, the clunky route arrives at a somewhat satisfying destination. It’s up close, tightly personal, most often very near to the characters as if we are trying to become part of their place in the story. It's weighed down by an overly complicated trajectory -- though, when the film is finally distilled to its essence in the second half, it rights itself once more. Buy Complete Unknown from DVD / Instant Video Find where to watch Complete Unknown in New Zealand. Complete Unknown is the perfect case study of what happens when bad movies rope in good actors. Laura's Review. We have two fine actors, Michael Shannon and Rachel Weisz, an accomplished director in Joshua Marston ("Maria Full of Grace"), and a story with obvious raw potential. One can sense the air draining from director Joshua Marston and Julian Sheppard's screenplay as soon as the truth behind the story's enigma of a central character is exposed. Complete Unknown is a drama about the consequences of self-reinvention and the haunts of a troubling past. Complete Unknown. Source: Alice is a successful woman in many career choices but with issues. Yes, that is what you should look forward to when you begin watching Joshua Marston’s Complete Unknown. 2016 Directed by Joshua Marston. Music. Watch Complete Unknown … COMPLETE UNKNOWN is a character-driven drama about a woman who disappeared 15 years ago, and her sudden arrival at the birthday party of the boyfriend she left behind long ago. Rachel Weisz is the woman with several pasts and Michael Shannon is the ex-lover who confronts her in … Joshua Marston (Maria Full of Grace) directs Academy Award winner Rachel Weisz as an identity-switching femme fatale in this mystery thriller (Seen at SIFF 2016) It takes real effort to get into Complete Unknown's downplayed, minimalist groove, but when you do, it's an experience rich with observations of static living vs. free-spirited living.Those in stasis malign those "crazy enough" not to be tied down, but … Review: ‘Complete Unknown,’ starring Rachel Weisz and Michael Shannon. Reviews. Reviews, Top. By David Kempler. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. By Matt Donato @donatobomb 4 years ago. Best of 2020 Movie Reviews TV Reviews Roundtables Podcasts 'Complete Unknown': Sundance Review . Review: Superintelligence Keeps a Lid on Melissa McCarthy’s Comic Energy. Watch the Reel. Sundance Film Review: ‘Complete Unknown’ Rachel Weisz is a woman of many guises in Joshua Marston's academic but intriguing study of mutable identity. Review. It dawns on Tom that one guest, a woman … Cast; Crew; Details; Genres; Cast.

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