ge wifi connect plus module

I thought the plugs cleared themselves when you excluded them? Requires Wifi in your home and the SmartHQ app on your phone or tablet. Buy a small length of copper residential wiring and cut to size. This application is designed for larger touch screen interfaces like the GE Kitchen … item 2 24" GE GFD14ESSNWW 4.3 cu.ft. The light switch works on its own, but I’m having a heck of a time pairing it to the Smart Things v2 hub. Yes. $681.45. I have eleven of these outlets and looking to add more — no problems with including them in my z-wave network. The communications module plugs into the “RJ45” phone jack style connector located on some appliance products; Utilizing the ConnectPlus requires that you register your appliance with GE, establish a GE Connected Account and that you have WiFi and a Smart Phone in your home; The ConnectPlus works with select GE Laundry and Refrigerator models. Follow the instructions that came with the device, the section on Z-wave exclusion, or factory reset. I’m trying to install it and 1) the hub won’t find it and 2) the switch doesn’t work with the light as the old analog switch does. I’ve tried turning it on and then off, turning it on and holding the switch in the up position, turning it on and then pushing the switch up again and releasing it… I’ve tried a bunch of combos… what’s going on? Look for the “WiFi Connect Optional” capability on the Specs and Details tab. Not a wiring guy, but thought it would be simple enough. I’m going to add another one that is slightly further away this weekend. To exclude this switch Smartthings says “consult manufacturer’s instructions” and the GE instructions say “consult hub’s instructions”. U+ Connect™ The U+ Connect Smart Home app is designed to run on your GE Appliances Kitchen Hub and gives you the power to control of all of your smart GE Appliances from one place. Try the reset first, then connect. Osram A19 Lightify color bulb. Possible it’s bundle behind the switch? Not that I really have a desire to, but I just thought that it was strange that there was a setting for something that wasn’t included. The GE Z-Wave Smart Lighting Control Outdoor Module enables wireless control of on/off functions for outdoor applications, and is compatible with incandescent, LED, xenon, halogen, fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs. [Punching self in the forehead mode ON] Osram A19 Tunable white bulb. This is how I’ve got them to connect: With the switch in the off position, start the discovery process from the app. I put the hub into paring mode and the app just spins and spins – it never finds the switch. The weather-resistant housing with a protective outlet cover safeguards the outlet from dirt and debris when not in use. Select "Fridge (Connect Plus)" to take you to the Welcome screen. Sounded like possible wrong wiring hookup. I would do a general exclusion first (put the hub in exclusion and turn the switch on/ off). In the end I wound up putting my old Securifi A+ hub into general exclusion, popping the air gap and pressing on/ off/ /on a few times. I am pretty sure my neighbors to the back were less than thrilled I was flashing the back spot lights on/off from 11:45pm- 1:20 am trying to get it reincluded. Osram BR30 Dimmable soft white bulb. I noticed that there is an “LED” but I have not been able to ever get it to light up. Got it at least doing what a switch is suppose to do. Log back into ST and repeat the above process again. Keep up the good fight, or return them as defective and try again. Using certified Z-Wave Plus devices with a Z-Wave Plus controller will ensure the furthest possible wireless range, as well as the longest possible battery life, when applicable. All three working great. MAKE THE EVERYDAY A LITTLE EASIER GE Profile™ smart appliances work with these partners, simplifying daily life, giving you a whole new way to cook family meals, do … Shut off potential water leaks, track your water consumption, and set up notifications for water flow alerts with WiFi Connect on your smart device. It was the neutral wire. It’s entirely possible that the devices aren’t able to pair because of … Awe…what a moron am I? I have two of these that use to work, I was able to remove them/exclude them, but when I add them back they come back as a generic “Z-Wave Wall Switch” and there is no “LED Light” option that use to delineate when the LED light would show. So I rebooted my Hub. Wash, rinse and repeat (sometimes up to 20 cycles) until either it connects or you get pissed. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Trouble pairing GE Smart Switch (Model 12727),, Perform the exclusion – put the hub in general exclusion mode and then turned the light switch on and off about three times; waiting about 10 seconds between each. The Silex Technology motto “When It Absolutely Must Connect” means we are committed to providing leading-edge network technology, quality manufacturing, and premier customer support. GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Outdoor Module Wireless Outdoor Plug-In Module - 1 Z-Wave Controllable Outlet Wirelessly control your home's outdoor lighting and appliances, including seasonal and landscape lighting, fountains and pumps, letting you turn lights on and off or schedule a timed event from anywhere, at any time. Osram BR30 Color bulb. Now for pairing. U+ Connect Modules (sold separately) are required to connect these washers and dryers to your home's Wifi network. Mods please feel free to delete my post and subtract one of my badges for being a pillock. One of my outlets doesnt have that option, just has the Name/Icon, its missing the “LED Status” options. Dude, you’re luck sucks… I’ve got around 45 or 50 of these things… never had a problem. Possibly the manual on off button during the exclude step? The easy-to-program plugs work with LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs to deliver simple automation to … No reason at all why GE could not have had it so the LED would blink or something to indicate its state. Added the neutral and it at least works. If it was included by accident, it will tell you that the exclusion was successful. One of them is connected and working like a charm! I know that’s not much help. Yeah I know where it “usually” is suppose to be. Thanks! Turn the light switch on and wait 5 seconds, then turn it off. All you need to do is repeatedly push the manual button until ST finds it — or until you get pissed, This thread just recommended me (after reading that it’s about outlets) that I have a bunch of these in the garage that I need to install…. Will try again tomorrow I guess. GE ConnectPlus Appliance Wi-Fi Adapter - PBX10W00Y0. screen and press Next. Low prices and free shipping on all GE parts. $60.00. When it was moved to 10 feet away it connected right away. It’s entirely possible that the devices aren’t able to pair because of issues with your Z-wave mesh network though. The old switch works fine, btw. I just installed 4 GE In-Wall Smart Outlet (GE 12721) (Z-Wave) outlets. I have tried excluding, repairing and moving my hub closer. You just need to go into the IDE and switch the device type. Will the exclusion process tell me it did something or do I just hit the “done” button after I toggle the light on and off? Go to the GE on/off paddle switch and add it – I had to flip the light on about 5 or six times (about 10 seconds between each attempt) before it found the switch, so patience is the name of the game, I guess. Then what worked was to perform the Exclusion process (even though I had never added a Z-wave device) and then added the device using the specific Marketplace selection of a GE on/off paddle switch (Z-wave) option.

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