how long to season eucalyptus firewood

Besides being difficult to split it is the number one firewood to burn. It’s the eucalyptus equivalent of gold. All Maple trees drop their leaves in the winter. But hey, thanks for all the good tips everyone, especially all you Aussies! Been burning nothing but euc since 1972 in Berkeley California and Richmond California. Technically, you can burn a piece of wood minutes after you cut it, but you'll have challenges getting the fire to start and stay lit if the wood is green. EUCALYPTUS GROWTH RATE and the importance of planting them when small (This page is long and contains 10 photos, which may take a few moments to load - please wait.) I live in a cold part of Australia and burn around 5 tons of eucalyptus a year. The biggest one, of course, is how you choose to dry the wood. I usually wait 5-7 days after a fresh cut to split. Wild rabbits are very observant, active animals. Overall it is a wonderful wood (bearing in mind there are around 700 varities of Eucalypt, most are great, some not so great, but in my opinion, it takes a long time to season. Even whittling a point on a stick of it to toast a marshmallow is difficult with a sharp quality knife. For me, 18 months is the minimum, two years is okay, but only after about 2.5-3 years does it burn most effectively. This year I tried out blue gum that had been cut six months ago vs more like a year ago. Poplar or Willow firewood Positives: Fairly cheap, ignites easily. question !! I have grown up with old eucalyptus groves around my home and i can honestly say that I have never found a greater firewood. Well, the answer to that question is: It depends. I keep the top covered during hard rains in the spring, but leave it all summer uncovered. After 8 years you’ll be able to fell the rest and have an excellent log resource on your hands. Depending on the species they will either have 3 or 5 “fingers”. can anyone give me some good advice? We have a natural convection heatilator in our fireplace, and the wood sits directly on it since the angular lower pipes preclude the use of a grate. Pot Culture outdoors: E. regnans could be grown in a container provided you are prepared to pot on at the recommended intervals and to supply it with sufficient water and food during the growing season. Can’t understand the need for fire in San Diego to one above post. How long does Pine take to season? If you have nothing else use the bark of the blocks and logs as a bottom layer . Its awesome. No matter which way you cut it (or split it with your trusty log splitter), fresh wood just doesn't burn right. It lights readily, lasts about 2/3 as long as a comparable oak log, and makes some really nice heat. Up to 3 years storage required as high water content by its nature. It has a twisted grain and should be split when green, since it gets tough as it dries. I am burning it this winter and it seems to be plenty dry. I’ve had no problems getting the fire to start, nor has there been any heavy smoke. These couple of days will usually see the rounds developing cracks. That's pretty much true -- it can take nine months to a year for some firewood to properly dry or "cure." Our favorites are Oak and cedar, with a little pine to get the fire going. Hi all, Wood is essentially a mass of tiny long tubes, or cell cavities, that run the length of the tree. They both sat out back to season for 6 years. [Check out the top 9 places to find free firewood here, Free Firewood]. The reason for this is that firewood is typically sold by the cord or fractions of a cord, an amount of wood that measures 4 feet high by 4 feet wide by 8 feet long. It naturally resists the influence of moisture because of the high oil content it naturally contains. I won’t use anything but Eucalyptus in my fireplace. Just a comment on eucalyptus as firewood. The product helps rid the flue of deposits which are combustible and create scary chimney fires. The long-time Tree Crops expert planted most of his block in specialty timber trees, which means he also gets a range of beautiful firewood thanks to thinning and windfall branches. once that is going nicely, about ten minutes we add a couple of 3 or 4 inch square logs. I’ve researched this type of wood because I often wondered about it. I’d still go around the edges, look for areas that are more regular and bang a wedge into cracks on the surface where it is drying out. Great bed of coals. The average trimmer doesn’t want it either as it is VERY heavy when wet and he typically doesn’t want to pay big bucks to dump it at the landfill, not to mention having to load it into his dump truck. It is also rich in oil that naturally repels moisture and water. chris g. Lv 5. the box varieties are nest… sugar gum very good to. I live in Concord, Ca. You can find them on Amazon for a decent price. Some of the best firewood I’ve ever encountered. With... Can You Eat Squirrel: [Taste & Nutritional Facts]. The heart wood is an orangy red and very attractive. Small cracks will appear in the wood but overall it will still be wet. To have the best experience with eucalyptus, let the wood season for 2 … I live in rural North San Diego County, which is avocado country. When I went out to split in the fall, the oak was rotten to dust and the eucalyptus was in perfect shape. I have lots of euk on my property and yes it does burn extremely hot and long. Im STILL sore. Hi! wigglesworth. Cut your wood early in the spring if you want to use it in the fall. Helps to heat a two story, 1800sq ft home. We really like the Woodhaven range, as they are sturdy, and come with a lifetime structural warranty. Once it is dry keep it dry. I just got a bunch free from someone who had several trees cut down. Size: Maple trees usually grow to 50 to 75 feet high in the wild, but when they are used for home landscapes they stay around 20 to 30 f… I see people have commented os a great wood… well no here its seen as rubbish… the best mallee roots and various box varieties Iron bark being one… sensational. How long does it take for wood to dry out? Well, you came to the right place! Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. If you leave it in rounds, let it season for 1-2 years. The result is a somewhat lighter log with a charcoal exterior. However, we cut it to short lengths the other week and now I am having a heck of a job trying to split it. Heck, there are even special times of... link to Wild Rabbit Sitting In One Place: [Top 9 Reasons Why], link to Can You Eat Squirrel: [Taste & Nutritional Facts]. 2. I’m assuming you’re here to find out what you can about using eucalyptus wood for firewood. All your fire equipment, ( wood stove, flu, chimney, etc) must be in excellent shape, or there could be problems. There are many factors that can affect how long it takes for wood to dry out. Elm Firewood Seasoning. WORKING PROPERTIES: The wood is quite dense but cuts well. Easy to maintain: Looking after outdoor furniture made from eucalyptus wood is very easy. The rounds were very large. ( E. Mallet and sub species. ) The wood has a moderate durability rating. Unless you have a Kiln in your back yard, drying fresh cut wood can take a long time. Therefore, you have a long way to go before the wood is actually usable. Cedar (because of it’s great smell) Answer Save. You should allow wood to sit and dry for a period of time after cutting it to give you the best results when building a fire. ... At the high end would be Eucalyptus at 34.5 million BTUs per cord and Osage-Orange at 32.9 million. All it needs is a good wipe so that it is dust-free and that’s all. 5. Still looking for info from someone who has done scientific research on this. How long will this wood take to season? thank you! There are species here that have energy density a quarter higher again though, with a considerable increase in splitting difficulty and drying time. On average, a freshly cut log will have a moisture content of 60% or more. With a bed of coals lights quickly, yet lasts along time too. I’ve had three logs, two of which were about five inches in diameter and one about four inches in diameter, started at 11:30 PM. Firewood rack – It’s a good idea to store you wood off the ground it from rotting. When kiln dried amazing furniture can be produced. Enjoy using our native tree, I sort of like the smell of a eucalyptus fire I sharpened my quality 16″ chain 3 times cutting approx 3/4 ton of 50 – 150mm diameter dry branches into 30 cm lengths. Freshly cut firewood or "green" firewood has a moisture content of 50% or more depending on the species. Leave the wood there for one year for each inch of thickness. Wild Rabbit Sitting In One Place: [Top 9 Reasons Why]. It was like hitting a solid mass of dense rubber… barely could make small indentions in it. Different wood types have different drying requirements. California forgot about this aspect, and used eucalyptus … Me and the wife favor BLOODWOOD for our firewood, a Gum tree similar to River Red Gum, up the outback of NT in aussie. Favorite Answer The rule of thumb for drying wood is that it takes about 1 year to dry 1 inch of diameter. Palomar here in California. Just be cautious, it drops the biggest widow makers…without warning. It’s not fun if you’re using a maul or splitting axe! If you have any experience burning eucalyptus firewood, please post a comment below. 1 decade ago. First, the splitting. Words: Nadene Hall Eric Cairns has dedicated his life to growing trees. 3 Answers. Finally a few days ago after letting them dry out, I took my chain saw and cut them in half to be more manageable and split about half of it. I do advise cutting the uck when it is green as well as split it other wise you are fighting a loosing battle. 4. We prefer Bloodwood over River Red Gum because often the Red Gum is a bit more smoky and more often not as dry as Bloodwood. This is the best timber I have ever burned. Greg from UK, blue gum is normally a tall, straight tree and as others have noted, if you want to split even a small round, you need to split around the rings rather than straight across. For enclosed fires and boilers shorter block works fine and it’s way easier to split . sycamore, but cant get through the 20cm eucalyptus (and I still have thicker to get through after that). Cut to fairly short lengths as I only have a 5kw stove, but the grain seems to twist. It will readily absorb water if it is rained on. From pohutukawa in the lower North Island, to eucalyptus in Central Otago, here are some of the best firewood trees by region. Required fields are marked *. It burns slow but hot. Park (probably Blue Gums?) It is easy to start, bigger thicker pieces need a little longer to Catch but when they do they burn till the next day. The long-time Tree Crops expert planted most of his block in specialty timber trees, which means he also gets a range of beautiful firewood thanks to thinning and windfall branches. The other one lasted well into the 90’s. The aborigines used fire to maintain forests. However, the wood, when well seasoned and sitting in dry soil for 5 plus years, is an incredible heat source. I cut my blocks around 12 to 14 inches not 16 to 24 inch like the US does. Split It - Splitting the firewood allows the air to reach all sides of the wood, speeding up the amount of time needed to dry the wood. Being of small size and stature, wild rabbits are prey for larger animals. Eucalyptus furniture is naturally infestation free and resists decay. But this is the first time I have heard anyone address the different types of eucalyptus firewood. I found that messy to fix! I burn it in a Quadrafire stove, starting it with a handful of pine needles and a walnut size lump of fire starter. and wattles (Acacia sp.) Fresh-cut wood has a high moisture content, which makes it hard to get burning. If you’re from the north (USA) you’re screwed, eucalyptus trees grow from the Carolina and south and out west in California. My place at 7000 ft in AZ is Ponderosa Pine country. Answer Save. I’m in northern California and we always could find a fallen euc after a good wind storm. We cater the entire State; henceforth our name – We are looking for a supplier for eucalyptus. So not much choice for us. They used the wood and bark to make tools, spears, shields and musical instruments. Heatwise, eucalyptus is comparable to oak. I burn eucalyptus almost exclusively. Cut Early, Burn Late The old farm adage was "cut in spring, burn in winter." It usually splits with 4 or so whacks if the round is free of large branch offshoots. We cut our firewood from dead and fallen trees. 3 hours with a row of 6″ flames fails to light a single split piece. Pine falls somewhere towards the bottom in terms of BTUs per cord. All in all, if you have it burn it or at least mix it in with your other firewood. This natural seasoning process can take many years for logs, but cross cut billets and blocks usually dry in 12 months or less. If you're concerned about the wood creating too much heat, mix the eucalyptus with other firewood varieties. I have a drafty old 2400 sw ft ranch house. That 20 months was 20 months suspended in the air, with some -very- low (sometimes single-digit) humidity. Tips for Properly Seasoning Firewood. Is that wood any good for firewood? But once going the embers are red hot and keeps the fire going no matter what but that is 2 hours into the fire. Love both and use lots of River Red Gums when camping in creeks and so on…Love the good ol aUSSIE hardwoods! Firewood drying time, after its been rained on, depends on a lot of factors: The length of time it got rained on, the severity of it, as well as what kind of weather there is at the moment, location. However, that is wood to be used for woodworking. The Properties of Eucalyptus Wood. If you’re using a hydraulic splitter, then you can split it as soon as you can. They were about 3 feet long and 1.5 feet and I was crazy to think I’d be able to manage them on my own. How to Season Firewood for a Better Burn. The Kulin people made water bowls called tarnuks from … How Woods Work to Resist Rot. I have pieces ten years old that are still solid and heavy. Source(s): eucalyptus wood work firewood: It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours depending on the spices and dry/wet rub. Yes, I split everything by hand! Probably because it is not from here. The best I’ve found for firewood is “swamp mahogany” (eucalyptus Rustica). Most wood is seasoned within 6 – 9 months but there are so many variables that affect the time it takes to dry firewood. Gums (Eucalyptus sp.) Avo is aromatic, I love the smell, the eucalyptus not so much. Birch firewood is properly seasoned when the moisture content … I’m always on the prowl for tree trimmers who are bringing down large eucalyptus in Rancho Santa Fe. I’ve been deceived into thinking I still had logs burning when in reality a good stab with the poker caused them to disintegrate into coals . The energy density of the two is much the same but red gum burns down to virtually nothing while blue gum has a bit more ash in it. I dry out wood in the conservatory during summer, where it gets up to about 50 deg C on sunny days with the door closed (when I’m out at work). I agree that Eucalyptus firewood is ‘hot stuff.’ Coming from Europe and having for many years depended on hardwood fires for heat, I moved to california, near Half Moon Bay, and bought some weird, very heavy, extremely dense chunks of wood from an old farmer. The type of wood that I feel is the best (in order) The avo burns fast, and the eucalyptus pretty slowly, so the combo is good. I use these cracks as guideposts for where to put my splitter. Once it dries out, forget about splitting it and like I said, rounds don’t burn well. If I run low on firewood, I search my woods for these dead and barkless Elm trees to cut and burn without drying. ft. Ranch style home. After cutting green wood, allow it to sit outdoors for six to 12 months to allow it to properly "season," or dry. As a young man I once tried to hand split some old rounds. Mountain Ash burns fast and hot(I used it to get the red Gum and Ironbark going) but it can burn through a baffle plate if you use it exclusively. Some of that must have been 10 to 15 years old before I got the franklin in 1978. Mega hot, slow burning and amazing to cook on its coals. I did eventually crack my franklin fireplace. Winter fires in a slow combustion heater need to have a soot remover tossed into the firebox when you have the coals toward the end of the season. It can take about six months, but if you fancy piling your wood or you just have a lack of space, this is a relatively fast way to dry your wood. The wood is great for wood turning, however is check prone so care must be taken.. With the difficulty of splitting Aussie gum when it dries out we tend to cut shorter blocks than in the US . some over three feet thick. Most varieties of eucalyptus trees come from Australia and a few come from New Guinea, Indonesia and surrounding areas. How Long Does it Take To Season Firewood? I use pine or some other fast hot wood for kindling. I swear by it oh one can actually listen to the oil in the wood hiss as it burns hot like heck just the ticket for fireplaces where you don’t have the stove putting off the heat once it gets good and hot and tend a smaller fire to keep it hot and then all the maintenance for the fluke but with eucalyptus you need a chimney sweep as well but nothing spells love like an open fire! California timber companies have experimented with eucalyptus plantations, but so far there hasn’t been much commercial interest in the wood in the USA, other than for firewood. Freshly-cut pecan wood has a water content of over 50% and will not burn in your fireplace. Learning how to season firewood is simple. I installed an EPA rated Lopi Revere insert with full stainless steel liner 4 years ago. The wood is as good as kiln-dried by next winter. Those using non-metric units will need to convert the energy densities. Eucalyptus botryoides, southern mahogany Conditions: well-drained soils Fast-growing, gorgeous timber and firewood tree, coppices well after 5 years. A paddock full of mallee roots is now becoming a thing of rarity. Still takes 65 days to kiln dry and they use a steam cycle to condition the wood near the end of the drying. The really big rounds I borrowed a 30 ton splitter — anything smaller no go. How to dry wet firewood. I burned a lot of eucalyptus for twenty years in the SF Bay Area, almost always started with pine or fir and plenty of small branches. It does take about 18 months to 2 years to fully dry if left to air-dry in a stack…putting it in the greenhouse speeds things up to about a year…and if you cut&split it at the end of winter and let it dry until it feels dry on the cut ends(about a month) and the then soak it in water it dry’s in about 6 months over summer in a greenhouse…learned that from an old forester, i stack it in the outer cages from ISO 1000 liter oil pods that can be picked up with the tractor and sit them in a pond for a week or so then stick it in the greenhouse. I have never had trouble starting the fire. Or even better, allow the wood to season one full year before use. Can’t bring myself to cut them though. when I bought it. I live in San Diego County and have been burning eucalyptus for 15+ years. Sometimes though, you’ll need to dust of your chainsaw and cut half way then you’ve got a chance to split from there. Too Much Charcoal Building Up in a Wood Stove, Does Burning Softwood Cause Creosote in a Chimney, Soaking Wood Chips for Smoking and Grilling. Maple trees are a hardwood and are known for their beautiful fall colors as well as the fact that they are used to make maple syrup. Even though my euc was still green, the mall just bounced off the center part of a round, but when I started near the edge, the splitting went pretty well and I just worked my way around taking off corners until it was all split. It should age at least 2 years in my opinion. Have I slipped into some bizarre alternate reality or can someone explain this? When burning it will pop and spark a lot. house gets sooooo hot we have to open the front door…. There are over 600 types of eucalyptus or as they are called in Australia "gum trees" as a generic name. Eucalyptus marginata, commonly known as jarrah, djarraly in Noongar language and historically as Swan River mahogany, is a plant in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae and is endemic to the south-west of Western Australia.It is a tree with rough, fibrous bark, leaves with a distinct midvein, white flowers and relatively large, more or less spherical fruit. Eucalyptus is a hardwood, and one of the fastest growing trees in the world. You’re looking at a year and a half to two years for it to season properly. lucky enough to have White Gum aka Wandoo, fallen in last years storms. The winter and if I load the stove full and get it roaring before bed and shit it down, we stay warm all night and I have wood and a good bed of coals left to get the next load going the next morning. So, they need to be on the lookout for predators around the clock. On the low end you have Ohio Buckeye at 12.1 million BTUs per cord and Linden Basswood burning at 13.8 million. We are lucky enough to have ample free supply of avocado and eucalyptus wood (mostly blue gum, some lemon scented gum) which I burn in an 80:20 avo:euc ratio. The bark might come free from the split pieces later when they dry, but I don’t really know. So as you can see, properly stacking firewood and allowing air drying must occur before it is burned in a wood stove. If it’s more than 5 inches in diameter, you will need to recut or split it before you can using. Don. So make sure your good on that (fireplace screens and that type of stuff). Don’t buy firewood that's too long to fit easily inside your fireplace or fire pit. I learned the hard way about splitting them dry!! Much smaller branches were trimmed from the phone lines and we stacked them for years because we infrequently burned a little in a wood shop. Here’s the link, anyway…. I live in the wheatbelt an hour east of Perth, in Western Australia. takes 1 yr. to season, a 4″ stick tages 2 years, etc. It is true eucalyptus has a high BTU and burns hot and leaves one heck of a bed of coals that continues to put off alot of heat after the initial burn. Over the years we’ve purchased many kinds of wood for our wood stove, but we like just a few. I split by hand, partly for the exercise, using an axe for easier stuff and a mall for tougher wood. For example, where I live people typically like black oak but don’t like white oak. LOL I take off the bark, but after reading a previous comment I may keep it around for fire starting purposes. And if it’s seasoned, you can almost forget about splitting it by hand. If you use it all the time in a slow combustion stove then use the soot remover at least twice a year, your flue will send you a Christmas card. It seems to be one of the most available woods at firewood supplies around L.A. / OC. Eucalyptus oil comes from distilling the leaves and has many uses. Both are hardwoods and burn slowly and well with little smoke. This is a very worthwhile topic of research and conversation and I have enjoyed reading this entire thread from 2012 until today. However, there are some tips and methods to increase the seasoning period which follow. At … for the best results, and saftey. Suffice to say, my kindling to get the mallet up and cranking was still good old fashioned radiata or pinaster pine. I have a reliable but diminishing source around 220 km east of Perth, If your primary heat source or cooking source is a wood burning stove, then you need to make sure you know how to season your firewood. In order to get the most heat from your firewood, the moisture content should be 20% or less. I don’t have any experience burning eucalyptus, but many people claim that it burns long and hot, producing nice coals and low ash. The two very best firewood varieties are Iron Bark and Yellow Box. Typically firewood is cut into 16 inch lengths and is tightly stacked in three rows, 4 feet high and 8 feet long, totaling 128 cubic feet. Red gum is good as are any of the box trees, Mallee roots are great but they have to dig out great swathes of them and they are so important to the semi-arid environment they come from. Good luck and burning from a Land Down Under. SWISSIE IN GRINGOLAND, I have burned uck in my fire place for over 20 years and have no problems with it. Does eucalyptus wood work as firewood? I have trimmed back all the well dried, standing timber in a copse of Mallet, specifically Brown mallet. I’ve only got an old stove and never had any problems with it burning too hot or anything. We have a “Country” fireplace insert …. I love the entire ritual of cutting, splitting, stacking and burning wood. In my humble opinion, you cannot beat Western Australian Jarrah ( E. Marginata ) as a readily available commercially supplied firewood . A cord of firewood is equal to 128 cubic feet of wood. About 30 years ago, after a bit of research, I planted Eucalyptus trees for future firewood production on my land. All in all, in my humble opinion, theres not a better firewood to be found, on the west coast. From pohutukawa in the lower North Island, to eucalyptus in Central Otago, here are some of the best firewood trees by region. By the way, the eucalyptus offers an excellent aroma and flavor to our food that is very unique and enjoyable. Surprisingly, the wood burned so easily and intensively that it seemed like it was a an artificial Duraflame log! I couldn’t even lift a lot of the 3′ logs if they were more than about 14″ diameter, and none of the bigger rounds were worth ruining what’s left of my back. Most of that moisture must be eliminated for the wood to burn properly and give off effective heat; the ideal moisture content is 20 to 25 percent or less. I have both a fireplace and a freestanding woodstove (recently upgraded this season). Plant at 1667 per hectare and after 4 years you’ll be able to thin out with a good harvest. 3-4 cords per year. i need the time not the info on how good it burns. I try to cut and split wood in the winter/spring to burn the following winter. I have heard mixed reviews about eucalyptus firewood. I believe the trees were planted in California for timber/rail ties, but because it's difficult and different to your local species to … I haul Euc from Phoenix 130 miles away. I am splitting 2 – 3 year old stringy bark , spotted gum , yellow box , satanay (Lilli Pilli ) and some red gum and some of it is very hard going . It is great for fireplaces but would probably nave a wood stove white hot way too hot. The species of eucalyptus is highly important. 0 0. I split fairly small to reduce drying time. When it splits it just explodes off the hydraulic splitter so I have to bungee cord each larger piece to make it safer . ditto to splitting it green. It needs a good bed of coals to keep going, but once you have that, it will burn all nite.

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