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Europe has the most nations with coastlines along the Mediterranean Sea with 12. Albania is 11,099 square miles in area with a population of 3,047,987. Its population is 416,338, and the capital is Valletta. With a total area of 629,324 5,193 square miles, Montenegro is a country with only 0.01% of the global population within its physical boundaries. With a population of just about 6,072,071 people, Lebanon is the 112th largest country, looking solely at population size across the board. These regions have a climate similar to that of the Mediterranean area, which is characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. For every square mile of land, there are about 178 people. MEP and IEMed hosted a discussion of the 2016 edition of the IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook, which every year offers the key elements for better understanding the complex situation within the Mediterranean region through the analysis of more than 60 authors. This means that for every square mile of area in the country, there is a ratio of 121 people per square mile. Its total area is 970,000 square miles, and its greatest depth is off the coast of Greece, where it is 16,800 feet deep. Select the following bars to learn more about the countries in the region, key contacts, and regional co-chairs. Geological evidence indicates that around 5.9 million years ago, the Mediterranean was cut off from the Atlantic and was partly or completely Greece is an intrinsic part of the Mediterranean and since ancient times has maintained strong and unbroken bonds with the peoples and countries of the region. Cyprus, 10. There are a grand total of twenty-three countries that make up the region of the Mediterranean. Across from Tunisia on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea lies the European country of Italy. It is also very capricious with sudden heavy rain or bouts of high winds such as the Sirocco and Mistral. This climate has a profound influence on the vegetation and wildlife of the region. It has a varied and contrasting topography. Its population is 18,028,549, down from a high of 21,018,834 in 2010 due at least in part to a longstanding civil war. Bosnia and Herzegovina, formerly part of Yugoslavia, covers an area of 19,767 square miles. Libya has a population of 6,653,210 spread over 679,362 square miles, but about a sixth of its residents are centered in the capital of Tripoli, the nation's most populous city. Slovenia, another part of the former Yugoslavia, calls Ljubljana its capital. This quiz game will help you explore all the countries and islands that share the Mediterranean Sea. This climate's namesake indicates that it would be found in The Mediterranean country of Gibraltar has a demographic with statistics that will shock you like no other. Slovenia, 17. The country has a population of 80,845,215. Several ancient civilizations were located around its shores; thus it has had a major influence on those cultures. Montenegro, 9. Lebanon, 13. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the two entities, as they are called, and the Republic of Srpska is the other one. The Mediterranean Sea is a large body of water with Europe to the north, northern Africa to the south, and southwestern Asia to the east. The capital is Cairo. In 2007, the estimated number of tuberculosis cases in the Eastern Mediterranean Region was 772 039. Rising sea levels would impact a third of the population of the approximately 510 million people living in countries on the Mediterranean region. To the south of the Mediterranean, there are nine African countries along the coastline of the body of water. Algeria covers 919,595 square miles and has a population of 40,969,443. The religious population of Tunisia is comprised of primarily Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Water scarcity and related insecurity in the region have been drivers of forced migrations, instability, and conflict. The Mediterranean Sea is a sea connected to the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by the Mediterranean Basin and almost completely enclosed by land: on the north by Southern Europe and Anatolia, on the south by North Africa, and on the east by the Levant. There's an abundance of different cultures that call Tunisia their home, which is excellent because it means you get to see an array of cultures, foods, and ways of living, if you ever visit Tunisia. It was the EU's first comprehensive policy for the region. In 2007, coverage of DOTS (the basic package of services The Mediterranean Sea is a large body of water with Europe to the north, northern Africa to the south, and southwestern Asia to the east. With its capital in Rome, the country has 116,348 square miles of territory. Even though there are more than five million people who reside in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the country's population is still less than 1% of the total number of people on Earth. The smallest nation bordering the Mediterranean is the city-state of Monaco, which is just 0.77 square miles and has a population of 30,645. Box 7608 North Cyprus Turkish Republic, 11. Paris is the capital. Mediterranean Climates and Gardens . Spain, 23. Croatia, also formerly part of Yugoslavia, has 21,851 square miles of territory with its capital at Zagreb. Its capital is Beirut. Monaco, 16. Bosnia is a rendition of Bosana, which is a European word for water. Egypt and Slovenia, in contrast, have per capita f EF C levels that are just over half that of Portugal with 0.64 gha and 0.63 gha, respectively. Populations listed are from mid-2017. The Mediterranean basin covers portions of three continents: Europe, Africa, and Asia. General information. The narrow Strait of Gibraltar to the west is the only outlet to the Atlantic Ocean. 9 out of 10 Countries To Visit in Mediterranean Region Italy is a country situated in Europe with 20 regions, each having its own glorious history, culture and traditions. Greece, 22. The more you know! Its strategic importance is reinforced by the pressures on NATO to strengthen its southern flank and resist Soviet naval Its population is 1,221,549, and its capital is Nicosia. Naval vessels from both countries made a show of force in the contested region of the Eastern Mediterranean this week as a race for gas and oil reserves adds a … Mediterranean vegetation, any scrubby, dense vegetation composed of broad-leaved evergreen shrubs, bushes, and small trees usually less than 2.5 m (about 8 feet) tall and growing in regions lying between 30° and 40° north and south latitudes. From mosques and synagogues, to churches and prayer centers, the religious diversity of the country heavily influences the buildings scattered throughout the country. Its total area is 970,000 square miles, and its greatest depth is off the coast of Greece, where it is 16,800 feet deep. The government of Lebanon is a parliamentary power. Out of the total sample of cases in the Euro-Mediterranean region, the ranking of Freedom House in terms of quality of democracy differ greatly4. The population of Montenegro registers as being people as of 2019. France has an area of 248,573 square miles and a population of 67,106,161. The Mediterranean is a sea located near Europe. Southern part of Portugal, Mediterranean areas of Spain and France, almost the entire Italy and the whole extension of Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Malta and Cyprus, as well as the UK territory of Gibraltar and Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. The northernmost point of the Mediterranean is the innermost inlet of Croatia, while the southernmost point of the region is the inland region of Libya that just barely touches the coast of the Gulf of Sidra. This population size ranks Bosnia and Herzegovina as the 135th largest country around the world. Native to the Mediterranean region, Convolvulus sabatius (Bindweed or Ground Morning Glory) is a luscious, trailing, woody-based perennial noted for its endless production of widely funnel-shaped, lavender-blue flowers, 1-2 in. Its capital is Podgorica, it has an area of 5,333 square miles, and its population is 642,550. The capital is Tirana. Natura 2000 in the Mediterranean Region 3 The Mediterranean basin stretches c.3,800 km east to west from the tip of Portugal to the shores of Lebanon and c.1,000 km north to south from Italy to Morocco and Libya. Cost effectiveness and strategic planning (WHO-CHOICE) Menu. Syria covers 714,498 square miles with Damascus as its capital. By taking Montenegro's population and dividing it by the total area of the country, we find that Montenegro has a population density of 121 people. Behind this regional average, there are important differences in the f EF C of individual Mediterranean countries (see Fig. The African country of Tunisia has a population of roughly 11,754,806 people, and the country is made up of 59,985 square miles of land for its residents to share. across (2-5 cm), throughout the year in mild winter areas, from early summer to early fall elsewhere. Egypt, 14. Mediterranean Sea, an intercontinental sea that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean on the west to Asia on the east and separates Europe from Africa. The capital city of Lebanon is a place called Beirut, which is one of the biggest hot spots for tourism across the board. Generalized Cost-Effectiveness Analysis; WHO-CHOICE methods Gibraltar has the 217th largest population of all countries in the world. Israel, 24. Malta, 15. The Mediterranean is at the crossroads of three continents: Europe, Africa, and Asia. Mediterranean climates are conducive to outdoor living since residents enjoy longer periods of warm weather and infrequent rainfall. The Mediterranean region is now of increasing importance both economically and strategically. The Mediterranean is a sea located near Europe.There are a grand total of twenty-three countries that make up the region of the Mediterranean. Of the last three, Mediterranean countries produce about 90 percent of the total global supply. It has often been called the incubator of Western civilization. The Mediterranean Sea is actually the dividing factor between the northern border of Africa and the southernmost countries of Europe. Within the European Union, the Mediterranean Region encompasses seven Member States either partially (France, In the Mediterranean region, the main goal would be to tackle water management by focusing on strengthening collaboration and integration between the different basin countries. Montenegro, another country that was part of Yugoslavia, also borders the sea. It is also home to around 480 million people living across three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe. The region is characterized by the prevailing subtropical climate known as the Mediterranean climate, with … It is the place where the Renaissance started and the place which gave the world Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus.

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