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CA-SRF Red Salmon Complex: 110,113 acres brush and timber 31% contained. Moderate fire behavior today with flanking, backing and isolated torching. Repopulation is occurring where safely possible. California Type 1, Team 4 (Kurth) will assume command on 8/13 at 0600, California Type 2 IMT, Team 14 (Strawhun), is in command. There are threats to Federal and Tribal timberlands and to historic and culturally significant sites. Point Reyes National Park is closed west of Highway 1. Evacuation Orders in place and additional evacuations in progress. Threats to high value timberland and 230 kV transmission lines. Active fire behavior with torching, uphill runs and spotting today. CA-PNF North Complex: 318,930 acres, grass, brush, and timber, 94% contained. Moderate fire behavior was observed overnight. Incident is NOT in Unified Command. The threat to structures remain, with highway 96 open to controlled traffic and Highway 199 closed. Active fire behavior with flanking backing and creeping. Structures remain threatened. Current weather is 83 degrees, 28% RH, winds NNW at 5 mph with gusts to 16 mph. CA Type 1, Team 4 (Kurth) assigned, in-briefed at 1500. CA Type 1, Team 4 (Kurth) assigned, tentative in-brief on Friday, 10/2, at 1500. Road, trail, and area closures in effect. Fire behavior was minimal and limited to interior burning overnight. There are threats to structures, multiple communities, critical infrastructure including: educational institutions, Bell Canyon Reservoir, Saint Helena water treatment, Santa Rosa water supply facilities, Sonoma Valley water pumping stations, major power transmission lines, natural gas pipeline, CAL FIRE, medical facilities, numerous schools, Pacific Union College, multiple private vineyards, and critical wildlife habitats. Structures are threatened. CA-KNF SLATER FIRE: 137,000 acres timber, 0% contained. Minimal fire behavior observed today. CA-NOD R-8 PINECONE FIRE: 567 acres, brush and grass, 100% contained. Threats also continue for cultural and historic sites as well as The Trinity-Alps and Salmon Summit trails. CA-SRF Red Salmon Complex: 15,028 acres, brush and timber, 35% contained. CA-SRF Red Salmon Complex: 15,497 acres, brush and timber, 38% contained. CA-LNU Glass: 56,781 acres brush and timber, 5% contained. Minimal fire behavior observed overnight. Red Flag Warning for gusty winds and low humidity in effect for portions of fire area until 1000 today. Time periods vary, but generally start Sunday and continue through Tuesday. Hwy 36 is opened with restricted hours and pilot car escort and road; area and trail closures are in effect. Active fire behavior overnight with torching, wind driven runs and short-range spotting. Fire transitioned to local units with Type 3 Organizations in Command. Minimal fire behavior with increased relative humidity. There are threats to structures, Bell Canyon Reservoir, Saint Helena Hospital and Pacific Union College. Road closures in place. Evacuations Warnings for Fork of the Salmon. Northern Rockies Type 1, Team 2 (Turman) is in Command. CA Type 2, Team 11 (Fogle), planned to assume command today at 1800. Power infrastructure has been damaged for Happy Camp and other outlying rural areas. The Fire Weather Watch was issued for gusty winds and low humidity in effect from late Sunday night through Monday evening. Claremont fire is 100 acres, 0% contained. Hand crews from Quebec Canada are assigned. CA-KNF Devil: 8,598 acres timber, 21% contained. CA-NEU Willow Fire: 1311 acres, grass and brush, 100% contained. RM Type 2, Team Black in command of North and South Zone. Threats to Critical Coho, Steelhead habitat and Spotted Owl habitat, cultural and historic sites, and to the Trinity Alps Wilderness. General areas includes: Surprise Valley California, Western Lassen, Eastern Plumas, Eastern Sierra, and Eastern Nevada Counties, Eastern Lassen County, Northern Sierra Front, and Far Southern Lassen Counties. New mandatory evacuation orders for the area of Forest Glenn. Active fire behavior observed today. Access and terrain continue to hamper control efforts. The National Weather Service- has expanded the Red Flag Warning to include the NW and NE portions of the North Ops area for strong gusty winds and low humidity. State Route 162 and multiple roads in the area are closed. California Type 2, Team 13 (Wakowski) assigned, in brief 8/20 1000. Evacuation Orders remain for Indian Creek in California. Minimal fire behavior reported. CA-SRF Red Salmon Complex: 109,939 acres brush and timber 31% contained. Crews continue firing operations as weather permits. CA-PNF North Complex: 318,930 acres grass, brush and timber, 94% contained. Planned transfer of command with Northern Rockies Team 2 to PNW IMT 7 on 10/3 @ 0600. Fire is located on Highway 139 cross of County Road A-2, 5 miles south of Adin. CA-SRF Red Salmon Complex: 4,617 acres, brush and timber, 12% contained. Oregon Caves National Monument remains closed and road, area and trail closures are in effect. Evacuation orders and warnings remain in effect and a threat remains for multiple communities and structures. NW Type 1, Team 2 (Allen) in command of South Zone. PNW Type 1, Team 2 (Allan) managing the August- Northwest Zone. Fire is threatening the Tunnison Wilderness Study Area and critical Sage Grouse habitat. Current weather in the are is 74 degrees, 23% RH, winds are WNW at 13 mph with gusts to 21. SW Type 1, Team 1 (Sinclair) inbrief for South Zone on 10/7. Structure threat has been mitigated and evacuation orders remain.

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