pitbull vs silverback gorilla

Lets assume it's a ~60KG male Chimp and a Male Bornean Orangutan ~ 90KG to make things a bit more even. Regular Lion. I know that chimps are 5 to 7 times stronger, by weight, than a human of similar weight. main fight >A silverback gorilla 600 lbs 5'5 ft tall can lift 2 family cars bench 2000 lbs. ... My dream match would a pitbull vs a cheetah Mr2urbo, Mar 22, 2014 #11. It will fight back. 3. From TSN MMA analyst Robin Black, we present to you “UFC Fight Night Omaha Zoo: Eric vs. Steve” (via Twitter): One Minute #BREAKDOWN : @UFC #FightNight Omaha #ZOO – Eric vs Steve! 7. With the fighter’s nicknames allegedly inspiring comparisons to monkey knife fights, Tha Killa Gorilla will face The Silverback over 3 x 5 minute rounds with a 12” bowie knife. The silverback ape is found in both lowland and mountain gorillas. Pitbulls are physically strong but not as strong as the average man. "Comparing human strength to silverback gorilla strength, a silver back gorilla can lift up to 815kg of dead weight while a well trained human being can lift a maximum of 410kg according to the Guiness Book of Records. Share channel. (the american pitbull is excluded from any suggestions because we all know they are the best fighting land animal) Silverback Gorilla vs 2000lb Bull Who wins in this contest? 0:15. VIDEOS GALLERIES Related Newest Popular ... Silverback Gorilla Ruling Others Random Stuffs. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Jun 2, 2019 - Explore Dupree A. Monk Jr.'s board "Gorilla Art" on Pinterest. Few reasons why i think the Gorilla is so much, and note where i say much stronger than other animals of equal size, like Lions and Grizzlys is mainly because of their limb/muscular attachment and muscle effectiveness (reduced myosin), rather than just muscle mass. Gorilla (Silverback Gorilla) Gorillas are herbivorous apes and the largest living primates who are native to Africa. “This has been a constant and heated battle at the workplace. Unless the gorilla is somehow hobbled (lamed, etc. No thanks. After chimpanzees and bonobos, gorillas are one of the closest living relatives of human beings. He was also featured on an episode of World's Wildest Police Videos, which demonstrated his notorious past. 1. We're so reserved!! The average bengal male tiger doesn't even weigh 500 pounds, compared to silverback gorillas who average around there. All rights reserved. 6 years ago. it depends on the producers of the fight. Who would win in a fight, 5 pit bulls or 1 silverback gorilla? Yes, you read that right: Mike Tyson once tried to fight a silverback gorilla for $10,000 - which suddenly makes Iron Mike vs Roy Jones Jr in 2020 … Tigers are one of nature’s most feared predators and are known for the power and strength. Who would win in a fight between a male Kodiak bear and a male silverback gorilla ? Unlike the silverback gorilla, the lion is a predator by nature. Subscribe Unsubscribe 684. Closing French bank account from England? Pitbull vs German Shepard. The African breed ranges between 4-and-a-half to 6-and-a-half feet long and can weigh up to 450 pounds, which is on par with the silverback gorilla. They had an incident where one of the summer interns didn't follow proper procedures and one got loose. Full Grown Silverback, Full Grown Chimpanzee and BaboonVersusTrained German Shepherd, Pitbull, Rottweiler and KangalLocation: South East Asian Rain F on Facebook. They also provide instant access to the contents of the main compartment without having to move a pocket out of the way, undo a drawstring closure and webbing straps. 3) Anatomically, the bull is at an disadvantage. I'm no expert, but I'd imagine gorillas are around the same. Results for: pitbull vs pitbull Search Results. Gorilla, that's like putting 5 wolves against a hippo. Same shit as grizzly vs silverback gorilla...people underestimate one thing a lot..CLAWS. The silverback’s jaw is insanely tremendous and strong compared to those of a mere lion.

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