sea fishing in norway

English; Fishing in Norway; Sea angling in Norway. Please ask for it and check to ensure that everything you booked (flights, hotels and other services) is listed on it. The region also has several good salmon rivers, as well as inland lakes where you can fish for pike and trout. Depending on what you’re targeting, you may need to reach depths of 2,000 meters. However there is a limit on the fish you can export out Norway, 15 kg of filé per person. The first location is the northern part of Norway, near Tromsø. This stunning Island is north of the world famous Lofoten Islands and the Arctic circle and benefits from the same amazing fishing opportunities... Read more, If you are looking for a family fishing holiday then Mefjord is the destination for you. Exclusive fishing 6. We offer fully guided Norway sea fishing holidays or self-drive option also available, so whatever your target or budget we have got the perfect fishing holiday for you. With fantastic scenery and some of the biggest fish in the world, you can have a great fishing trip. Especially for Atlantic Salmon fishing, Norway presents unique opportunities to the fisherman. Enjoy fishing on board TSMY Weller who provides you with the fishing equipment needed and can suggest the best fishing spots in the area. Lauklines has been associated with fishing for over 100 years. A sea fishing holiday to Norway offers World class cod, halibut and coalfish amidst breathtaking scenery while Iceland is one of the best kept secrets for an outstanding sea fishing break. Phone: 55 23 80 00. It is here that the Gulf Stream meets the cold, nutrient-rich water of the Arctic Ocean. Norway Sea Fishing – Skrei (Arctic Cod) and Halibut in Soroya Enjoy a sea fishing holiday in a genuine fishing village in Norway Soroya is a stunningly beautiful and often inexplicably green island off the north coast of Norway’s mainland: the name is of Scandinavian origin, it literally means ‘The Land Of Big Fish’, and they aren’t kidding. Stunning scenery, generally sheltered sea fishing, a huge choice of species and a chance to beat your personal best big cod, big halibut, coalfish or wolfish as well as many other species. It's generally a good days travel from your UK airport to your accommodation. In the streams and rivers you’ll find plenty of Char, Trout, Salmon, and more. Check out our different fishing sections below 1. At all our Norway Sea fishing locations you can hire full tackle packages that will cover all the different styles of sea fishing in Norway. We can also send you a brochure for you to share with your fishing friends. Saltwater fishing is much easier to get into in Norway. Release of halibut. Fishing for anadromous fish like salmon, sea trout or arctic char in rivers? Located in central Norway, Trøndelag county is renowned both for sea fishing and freshwater angling. If you dream of giant fish, choose your fishing holiday location wisely. Places such as Havoysund and Soroya are very famous and offer some of the best Norway sea fishing trips you can travel on. Trophy size and undersize fish must be released. Kattfjorden is very well sheltered from wind from all directions by the surrounding mountains. They have centres throughout the UK. Everybody in the sea angling circle has heard of how good the Halibut fishing is at Å on the Lofoten islands and with this, in mind, we have decided to run an annual Halibut fishing competition at this amazing destination located in the North of Norway. The Coalfish fishing all the way along the Lofoten Islands is outstanding and Coalfish over 40lb are caught weekly in the warmer months. You don’t need to purchase a permit for fishing in the sea in Norway. Fisheries Aquaculture Coastal management Fishing in Norway. Subject to availability you will receive a full day guided fishing free of charge. Boats are supplied with buoyancy jackets. All the information in these blogs are from Sportquest Holidays Norway Guides so have been written from personal experiences. Safety at sea. The Norway Shore fishing packages come with a guide to show you fishing marks and how to set up your rigs. On a fishing holiday in Northern Norway, you will no doubt hear numerous stories about giant fish. The rich waters of North Norway provide world class fishing for big cod, coalfish, haddock and halibut plus wolf fish. Sign up to our weekly newsletter to get the latest travel advice, offers and adventures. In Northern Norway, record catches are the rule rather than the exception. Choose between half, full or multi-day trips. Ever fancied fishing for gigantic Cod and Halibut then look no further than the wilds of Iceland. You may choose self drive car rental or take the public transfers either by fast ferry or bus depending on your chosen location. To experience huge catches of quality fish this is the place to visit, the sea fishing simply gets better the further north you go. Fish locations in Norway . Plaice fishing is also very good due to the sheer amount of shallow bays. Share. 58 Reviews Sørøya. Havoysund is the most northerly part of Norway you can reach and is the go-to place for and sea anglers. Krill and zooplankton form the basis of the food chain for herring and coalfish. Flights from the UK are not included. Pike and predator fishing 5. In the waters of Norway, they catch: cod and pollock, halibut and flounder, sea bass and mackerel, catfish and monkfish. The EU and Norway have agreed on quotas for the jointly-managed fish stocks in the North Sea (cod, haddock, plaice, whiting, herring, and saithe) and Skagerrak (cod, haddock, whiting, plaice, shrimp, herring and sprat), as well as an exchange of reciprocal fishing possibilities. There are so many different methods to catch your best fish in Norway.

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