I’m excited to announce that Phospholutions, an agriculture tech startup that just raised $10 million in a funding round, submitted their pitch deck for our series. This brings their total funds raised to $32 million. Even though they mistakenly said the deck was used to raise a Series B round, I was still eager to dissect it. I’m always looking for unique pitch decks, so if you want to submit yours, here’s how you can do that. The deck has some redacted slides, which makes it hard to get a full picture, but there’s still plenty to look at.

Phospholutions’ pitch deck showcases innovation and strategic insight, embodying the essence of an effective pitch. It’s a compelling blend of storytelling, value propositions, and data points that create a compelling narrative. The title “Global P Use is Inefficient & Unsustainable” gets right to the heart of things, addressing the problem of inefficient use of phosphorus in agriculture. The slide also provides a simple, impactful graphic and hints at the impact of the problem, which is essential for storytelling. The next slide contextualizes the near and medium-term market opportunities, providing a narrative flow and showing a forward-thinking approach.

The deck spends a bit too much time on the product, but it effectively conveys the proven efficacy of Phospholutions’ RhizoSorb product. It addresses the higher cost of the product by showing its superior effectiveness, which can lead to higher yields. This level of detail and data provides a strong foundation for the product’s effectiveness. However, there are some areas for improvement in the deck, and we’ll take a deeper look into them in the full pitch deck teardown.

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