PwC’s Acquisition of Surfaceink: Former Apple Partner Now in Hands of Consulting Firm

The Silicon Valley tech world is changing with Surfaceink getting acquired by PwC. Surfaceink is known for being Apple’s hardware engineering partner. PwC, a professional services firm, is acquiring Surfaceink to expand its presence in the hardware space. Surfaceink operates labs to test for acoustics, electronics, and more. The company has worked with major technology companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. PwC’s acquisition of Surfaceink will help it gain in-house expertise and explore new opportunities in the hardware space. The acquisition comes after a strategic refresh within PwC and discussions that started well over a year ago. Surfaceink’s experience in shipping products and working with a cohesive team will be valuable for PwC and its clients. Founded in 1999, Surfaceink played a pivotal role in Apple’s hardware development, working on popular products like iMac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. In 2010, Apple dropped Surfaceink after it showcased its own tablet designs. This acquisition marks a significant change in the hardware and tech industry.

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