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How Religion Supports Science, But Atheism Doesn’t. Of course, atheism is compatible with ‘belief in nothing’, but usually atheists will hold other positive beliefs about other issues. For example, one cannot be both an atheist and believe in the Resurrection of Jesus, as belief in the Resurrection requires first that one believes in the Christian conception of God. How Religion Supports Science, But Atheism Doesn’t. Because the examples are infinite. I have nothing to add. Avoided? This may be due to the amount of religion we have to deal with. You need to be careful and clearly distinguish between: 1) There are fewer women than men in the Atheist (etc) movement. We engage into verbal abuse when someone criticizes ideas we hold sacred! Atheists have to explain why there is both good and evil, whereas Christians can quickly explain the good and can even explain the evil. Step 2: call more cops. Anyway, I learned that it’s OK to post my home address because I’m annoying, and that posting my business address in always OK so that people can try to damage my career as a lawyer because it’s relevant to my online behavior…or vice versa… or something. I see this as nothing more than another bad response to criticism. Many of the subjects listed could have been put together under “discrimination”. He also banned a transsexual for complaining about comparing the Catholic clergy to transexuals. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It’s exactly the face we need to help secularism grow. It was transcribed from an audiocassette which had the title, "Atheism: The Case Against God." by Pat Flynn. Subscribe to Bishop Barron's YouTube Channel. Splitters. Atheism Plus had a website that was active from 2012 to 2016. 36 Amazing Comments on Bishop Barron’s Interview with Jordan Peterson. I agree with Barbara that “taking off” is premature. I wonder whether “Atheism+” is taking off because so many of the advocates are in the USA, where atheism is a big deal? It’s not a worldview, and never could be. But it also isn’t new that vague, grandiose ideals get people excited. What I’m not seeing is an alternative response to the problems they are attempting to deal with. We should be able to talk about these issues, but already ‘Atheism+’ seems unwelcoming to those who question it. It was somewhat unsettling to see such insanity eagerly received, so the gushing praise I expected, but the reasoned defense of the screed? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. A … What if we disagree about what exactly ‘social justice’ entails? Who? The people spearheading this including many of the bloggers and readers at FTB are mistaken in trying to make atheism into a worldview, or believing that it was when they became involved in the various organizations. What do you suggest?”. I seriously doubt someone who can’t figure out what the definition of atheist is has any valuable insight into what is good/bad for atheism or skepticism or the direction it should be moving in. Atheist People’s Front. “Death threats and rape threats are not acceptable. This is bound to be reflected in a movement with science at its heart. The atheist Jerry Coyne speaking at a 2013 atheist meeting entitled The Amazing Meeting (TAM). She had to leave TAM early, causing a atheist on twitter to suggest to her that she should set herself on fire.”, You wrote “A thread came up on an atheist forum wondering if it were immoral to rape a Skepchick. I have to disagree. .” Now the A+ people want to take the stereotype that atheists are associated with all aspects of the modern “progressive” ideology and make it official, and if you don’t march in ideological lockstep with them on every single issue, you are an outcast, and in reality a sub-human (If you don’t think that the bloggers on FtB think that people who disagree with them are sub-human, just read PZ’s blog for a while). Most of the posts on it concern me a great deal in their use of tribal language. Then came the second wave of “New Atheists” like Dawkins and Hitchens, whose trademark was their unabashed public criticism of religion. I don’t object to atheists extending their viewpoint, but atheism isn’t the only valid starting point, and from a global point of view isn’t the most important. Where? Reg: We’re the People’s Front of Atheism! Thus, “A+” becomes not a movement but a personal cult, under the guise of rationalism, skepticism and critical thinking. I hate the Religious already. fnord I bet you can google that yourself, consult geek feminism, feminism 101 articles, and I'm quite sure Aneeda has a tweet prepared for you, too. As we know, the term ‘atheist’ describes our lack of belief in (or denial of) the existence of gods. It’s really hard to defend claims that one understands science, but it’s incredibly easy to defend one’s claims to a vague set of values that most people hold. To be honest, the whole thing is utterly ridiculous. — Monty Python. Another reason is utter intolerance for any diversity of opinion. As a community, we should be speaking up against this, and disapproving it. But I have little doubt that the movement itself will resonance deeply among those who feel they are not only right, but self-righteous. If atheism+ appeals to some people, then I think they should go ahead  join in with it. It … I’ve received emailed threats about what would happen to me if I don’t behave. Atheism is rejecting the belief in a god or gods. Are you mad? Atheism and Philosophy. Calling the police. I’m new to the blog and was directed here by a friend and I have to say, great post. Although Atheism Plus no longer has much of a presence within the atheist movement, many atheists affiliated with the faction continue to argue that the atheist community perpetuates inequality, has a “sexism problem” and that it is an “old boys’ club” (McCreight 2011). Absolutely not “acceptable”. Thanks for the comment. That would be where they think skepticism and rationality leads, of course!”. Is there already a committee, or some other form of body within the organization, with the power to do that? These nuggets of wisdom particularly stood out. And a final reason is that there are simply less women in the hard sciences than there are men. ( Log Out /  (Hamilton, in fact, is a past president of pro-conversion-therapy group NARTH. This is a transcript of Dr. Richard Carrier’s speech on Atheism+ for the American Atheists convention in Austen, Texas (2013). by Pat Flynn. That way we can all sit round and discuss it. On one side were proponents of an atheism explicitly tied to progressive values, such as the biologist PZ Myers, the “atheism plus” movement, and media figures like The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur and Kyle Kulinski. August 2, 2019 . One might be that debunking pseudo-scientific claims is a hobby for them. %PDF-1.3 You speak as though the issues were cut n dried, and as though you have some sort of certainty or clarity about who the people with integrity and compassion and reasonableness are. [This speech was delivered before the Society of Separationists in 1976. ���-�(�g�EY���z�bBX�u�i���}Kj�PGv��>JɓBDJt�˫�0ɤ���'��,�[�W ����0��ݵCȣ�^�i�����r�����H��� ���B���}��Y����Hq������I��zoTc���;��.�c. You make some very good points, but I believe that are two separate issues here: Winning souls for Atheism and trying to silence bigots. But sometimes I think they overstate their power in the atheist movement. They may be atheists, but they are second-rate atheists, of lower humanistic value than the A+’ers. God allows the evil due to the corruption of sin. No clue why they want atheism to get top billing. skepticism and rationality. The only misogynists I’ve seen in the movement are self-proclaimed feminist men who treat women as “different, weak, and special,” while at the same time trashing those women who do not fit their expectation of how a woman should think. I liked your post though, especially this: If “Atheism+” raises awareness that “atheism” is not an end-point, then it will serve a useful purpose. So far Atheism Plus is consistent with the predominant New Atheist viewpoint that religion itself is a bad thing and that there should be no atheistic, rationalistic religions to … . Out of morbid curiosity I perused the comment section on the manifesto. Dawkins was grossly maligned. And its usually not. Oh and a blog dedicated to harassing women who speak up doxed her. Brian: Oh, dead sure. Fair enough. Atheos is derived from a, meaning "without," and theos, meaning “deity”. Science is not the priority. My prediction is a few weeks. I would not describe it this way at all. What about atheism plus the view that immigration is out of control? I think they would answer that adding Raelianism would contradict the other principles, e.g. As to the question of why fewer women attend TAM now, the whole ‘you’re gonna get raped!’ internet scaremongering FTBers have been doing just might have something to do with it. It’s one component that can inform any number of worldviews. And trolls. Visit for more. You can only burn so many bridges before you’re living on an island. Seriously, wtf is wrong with these people? Another might be to prevent harm done by people peddling homeopathy as a substitute for real medicine, and this is a very worthwhile goal. S parks flew at the 2017 MythCon conference on Saturday when British YouTuber and cultural critic Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad, exchanged verbal blows and jabs with his interviewer, Thomas Smith, an atheist and skeptic podcast host. What about those who maintain that gender role is a social construnct in which biology plays little or minimal part? We each make our own contributions in our own way. by Joe Heschmeyer. . That would be a contradiction. Stan: And the People’s Front of Atheism. Thanks! Demonizing men isn’t going to make them sympathetic to your cause. Well, Michael Shermer certainly not. Only repetitions of the claims. Reg: Yeah. ; We bully people who disagree with us (or our leaders) into silence, while we love to play the victim card! These people should be outed. ‘Atheist’ describes just one part of my belief system. TAM is an annual meeting. The daughter of the defeated president announced the news on Twitter, inviting her 10 million-plus followers to follow her on the network. Now I would like to talk about sexism in the light of male privilege. 2.1.1 James S. Spiegal and unforgiveness as a cause of atheism Their behaviour stinks. You (and Abbie and Barbara) make excellent & important & astute points. I especially agree with point #3. 837 thoughts on “ New Atheism: The Godlessness That Failed ” darovas November 18, 2019 at 10:40 am. What about a welfare state? 3)  It is unclear exactly which issues should follow the ‘plus’. Professor Lennox has debated a number of very prominent atheists. 10 atheist quotes that will make you question religion From psychology to neuroscience, what we believe is not nearly as relevant as why we do. Atheism Essay 1443 Words | 6 Pages. Reg: Atheist People’s Front. Whatever they may say they do. Atheists should not be doing this. Feel Free to discuss and Chill! It’s one component that can inform any number of worldviews. In my last post, I discussed white privilege and how to find out if you have it.Now I want to turn to another kind of privilege, one that is particularly relevant to the atheist community right now. Thunderf00t escaped, but now they have hypnotised Carrier, who was the last person in the FreeFromThoughtBlog hive to have acquiesced to such irrational bonkers insanity. If she had, she’d have missed out on seeing herself on CNN and Colbert. I also feel that it lends support to the (sometimes harmful) notion of ‘atheist beliefs’. As McCreight describes it, it seems that the social justice component is the most important part. CLS was told to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. It is a positive belief accompanying some people’s atheism after all. Many people do not actively help disabled people in their plight, for example. And that is what they remain: stories. Further, constant harping about how misogynistic this community is should cease immediately. Notung: “The label ‘atheist’ doesn’t speak about other beliefs you might have, unless it would be contradictory …”. DJ was told that he should quit his job. The challenge came from two therapists, Robert Otto and Julie Hamilton, both licensed marriage and family therapists who are deeply invested in conversion therapy. I’ve been called a bitch by the same people who would faint if the same happened to Watson. Atheism is, in the broadest sense, an absence of belief in the existence of deities. If it doesn’t, then it is difficult to see how this is different from ‘first wave’ atheism. Considering the Atheism Plus movement as a whole, then, the topic of economic justice is more or less an afterthought. How the hell is that “doxxing”? Brian: I don’t want to sell this stuff, it’s only a job. Anyway, what was that you said about rape threats and Surly crying over a pro-equality t-shirt while selling $8,000 worth of Surly Ramics? If it’s more than some losers on the internet trolling for kicks and you think it’s a legitimate threat, get the police involved, sheesh. It’s like all perspective and reason have been deemed superfluous to requirements and jettisoned. You disgust me. You don’t get a more inclusive and friendly movement through ostracism and bullying. I’ve just been working long days (as I warned in the article itself) and haven’t had time to get to all the hundreds of comments waiting in the queue (and now with the weekend–I don’t work on weekends, I spend those days with my wife–there will be even longer delay).”. Together with “intersectionality”, a theory in feminist sociology, it leads one to suspect that the goals are not just clearly feminist, but gender feminist: Women are seen as perpetual victims, as the current events in our midst certainly leaves that impression. We cannot use foul language anymore? I supported the ACLU when they defended hate groups and even when they stood up for corporate speech. Gah. Mind you how else could one defend such nonsense. I know plenty of atheists in real life, and none of them are talking about Atheism+. I still believe this is problematic. Justin was threatened with assault. You’re in. Reg, Stan, Francis, Judith: SPLITTER! I have to agree with you and Abbie – making atheism a central feature is exclusionary and contradicts the concept of social justice. This is a writeup of my notes for the talk I delivered yesterday at Skepticamp 2013, entitled Critical Atheism – left and right in Australian atheism/why we need an atheist Left. Atheism. Khamenei blames Western culture, atheism for coronavirus response failings.

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