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Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #9-Wally Wood EC VF. New Listing Combo Magazine x4 LOT Comics Price Guide Cards Action Figures Video Games Gaiman. Key issues are clamored over by "Real Crime" comics experts. A true testament to the creative prowess of Marvel Comics in the Bronze-Age, Iron Fist has remained a popular fan favorite! often used the same creative teams that would make Marvel legendary! These are vault-worthy books if you got 'em! Of course, they had some great heroes, too, like The Shield and The Hangman. Classics Illustrated comic books, unlike most other comic book series, reprinted comic issues often to meet market demand. Click the title, and follow the link(s)! The first several issue feature a revamped Marvel Boy, but no heroes after that, only top-notch stories and art!Hard to find and pricey! Key issues contain the 1st appearances of CAPTAIN MARVEL and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY! 100 Bullets 1999 issue #26: DC: 100 Bullets: 1999: 26: NM: 2.71: 2.46: 1.76 : 100 Bullets 1999 issue #28 If you have it, Quality is buying! Nostomania: free online coin, comic book, and magazine price guide with collection, wantlist, and inventory tracking. See what it has been selling for by following the link! Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. The Update ceased publication in late 1993. More gore, please! What a Comic Book Price Guide is, and What It's NOT. Our free price guide is just a click away! After the overwhelming success of The Man Of Steel in Action Comics, DC wisely gave SUPERMAN his own title! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. With over 1 Million comic books in the system and close to one million users over our lifetime, you will never find a more useful tool for your collecting needs. We're here to help. Foreign comics too! Fantastic early Charlton crime-horror title! Weekly content and price updates based on actual market values—keep you up to date with the latest information. DC proved themselves capable of producing a quality horror title in the Silver-Age with HOUSE OF SECRETS! All 21 issues are worth hunting down! Another of EC's iconoclastic titles from the early '50s, Vault Of Horror again exceeds all quality expectations when measured against some of the lesser known titles of the era! Check out what these increasingly collectible comics are going for on Quality Comix's online price guide! ‎ (CPG) is the premier online comic book price guide for comic valuations and comic collecting. A top-notch entry into the horror/supernatural genre from Atlas! See what these are currently selling for on our price guide... A Marvel monster book that changed direction as superheroes became popular. You will need to register for the Comics Price Guide site, but registration is free. Comics Price Guide was the first online price guide for comic books back in 1995. Download Comics Price Guide and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. All his early appearances go for astronomical amounts! Action Comics #1 through #200, Action Comics #242 (first appearance of Brainiac), and Action Comics #252 (first Supergirl comic). Check Quality's price guide for these in demand classics! Check out the prices these are fetching! See the massive value of this comic! Timely's flagship comic book! This title features the 1st appearance of Thor! Check what prices key issues are fetching by using Quality Comix's price guide! Very hard to find, and fetching top dollar! The Iger Studio offered 6 issues of this most wanted title! The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #50 Valiant Heroes HC (2020) Cover by John K Snyder III $37.50 excl tax. See the key issues on Quality's price guide! From our humble beginnings, we have grown to the largest, most complete comic book price guide with well over 1,000,000 comics in our database. The Man Without Fear was one of the most original heroes introduced by Marvel in the 60's! See our price guide for details. 1941 saw DC's Leading Comics hit the shelves. Warren was publisher and Editor-In-Chief of Comics Source Magazine from 1992-1997 and was Vice President of Market Research, Wizard… Get Directions. Check our online price guide! The ever-compelling HAWKMAN re-emerged for DC in the 60's. WONDER WOMAN, THE FLASH, & THE GREEN LANTERN were featured in every issue of this scarce comic book! Originals fetch top dollar! Hours of Operation: 10am - 7pm Mon - Sat Phone: 1-800-548-3314. Check Quality Comix's online price guide for current going rates! More obscure, highly valued pre-code gore! I definitely do use that as a reference. Stay up-to-date with Zap-Kapow Comics on our NEW cross-platform, web application for iOS, Android, OSX, and Windows devices. Every year when I get a copy of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, I looked the prices first to see what some of my comic books are worth. Automated matching of wantlist and inventory items. #1 formally gave us WARLOCK!#15 is the 1st appearance of IRON FIST! See if you have any of these rare curios in your collection! Search from close to 6000 publishers from dozens of countries. Jam-packed with great stories and art, market value is high.. "What if we took our most popular heroes, and put them in one book as a team?" THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER, ENEMY ACE, & MADEMOISELLE MARIE all had lengthy runs in this increasingly collectible title! Check Quality's price guide for recent sales! You know you are in for a treat when the first issue features your hero punching Hitler in the face! Read more about collectible Superman comics here and our Action Comics price guide here. You can pick up our app if you're going to a convention and have your entire collection and want list with you. See what prices they are fetching using our online price guide! These handful of issues are some of the most collectible rarities from our friends in Derby, CT. See what yours may be worth in our price guide above! Paperback $18.89 $ 18. Superman #1 through #100, #123, #199, and annuals #1 to #4. Atlas/Marvel's Mystery Tales lasted for 5 years, and endured the implementation of the CCA, which effectively banned all "questionable" content.In many ways, this comic was the prototype for early Marvel-Age books like Strange Tales and Tales to Astonish! The earlier issues hold the most value, plus the infamous "blackface" issue #106, considered a major faux-pas from DC! Do you have any issues? Early & Key issues are most valuable-details on our price guide! Since Marvel brought Cap back from the dead in the 60's, he has remained one of the most popular and collectible characters! All of the issues are on every Golden-Age collector's "wish list." Silver Surfer remains one of the most collectible characters that Marvel first presented in the 60's. Click on the title to see current values! See what they are going for here! THE premier sword and sorcery comic book from Marvel's prolific Bronze-age! Comics Price Guide Blog. The industry put the kibosh on these titles around 1949. This is the comic book that introduced Archie Andrews in issue #22! You could always expect a high-quality product from Atlas in the 50's before they became Marvel. See the top prices this one-off is going for by following the title link! Ordering & Shipping Although is existed for a while, it was with issue #27 that history was made with the 1st appearance of BATMAN!! In about a month and a half (on July 16, 2019), the new official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide (2019-2020) will be released. Fiction House's long-running Jumbo Comics tried to have something for everyone; humor, sports, sci-fi, heroes - but one constant remained: SHEENA of THE JUNGLE! All Star Comics 58 $ 790 max 373 found . Challengers of The Unknown was one of the very finest "team/adventure" books when DC first presented them in the late 1950's.

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