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He has so many tricks up his sleeves, even I get excited because let’s face it, I even forget where he gets placed. At the end of the day I noticed the carrots were gone. At least I have a break for a bit now! Activity & Party Planning Inspiration for All Ages! Day 24 – It’s Christmas Eve, kids are finally out of school and today there’s a race to find all the candy canes. Required fields are marked *. We had so much fun creating fun memories that the kids will no doubt remember! (affiliate link) 30 Totally Genius and EASY Elf on the Shelf Ideas. (We actually wrapped a box and a lid at my house and I just use the same one each year.) They did end up making a game out of who can eat the most marshmallows without touching the Elf. September 26, 2020 By Cheryl As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. We have more creative and fun elf on the shelf ideas for you to put to use. You read your children the story about the naughty elf, then each day you position your elf figurine in a different, humorous pose for your children to find. It involves a mischievous little elf named A p p l e J a c k , also known as Elf On The Shelf. So he colored on the windows and watched them all day. One of the funniest things as adults with the Elf is that it brings a bit of the childlike playfulness back that we tend to not have as much since responsibilities and running a household take a front seat. If you’re just as excited about these 25 fun elf on the shelf ideas as I am, but you’re not quite ready to put them into action, be sure to pin this to your favorite Holiday Fun board on Pinterest so you can find it again super quick when you are ready! We have 2 dogs one of which is a puppy. I love how excited they get every morning as they search the house for the Elfs antics. The magic of Christmas is not determined by age. My kids woke up to 2 raw eggs sitting on the kitchen table that instructed them to sprinkle some magic dust on them before they went to bed that night! You’ve found Santa’s official source of ideas for Scout Elves, updated every season with the best Elf on the Shelf ideas. The Elf On The Shelf tradition was started by a book which comes with a small Elf character. I learned a lot about my children, they learned that their behavior matters all the time, sharing is a good thing, and they even learned to think of others. Day 15 – Wrapping presents should have been easy for an Elf, but with no fingers he got a bit tied up. Day 16 – Sometimes along the way you find friends! Day 12 – Sprinkles for breakfast? Day 3 – I made sure to be up before the kids this morning because watching them get ready for school all while not trying to touch the floor was hilarious! Get ready to take the stress off this holiday season with these great Elf on the Shelf ideas! Click one of the below links for a list of fun ideas to continue your Elf’s journey in your home! Moms & Munchkins ©2011-2020 - All Rights Reserved | Policies. Mar 3, 2018 - Explore Crystal Krogh's board "Elf pranks" on Pinterest. Day 14 – Today the Elf, who my kids have named Mr Jingles, brought a friend. The best naughty Elf on the Shelf ideas this Christmas. Needless to say our kids were not disappointed! Your email address will not be published. The kids were sad going to bed, but we’re excited to find that he left them one more treat. Cross them off as you go and add new ideas as they come to you. Do you have any favorite Elf on the Shelf ideas? They will leave the special day trip pass note next to a large, clear jar they will be seated in. I wanted the Elf to have fun, but not get eaten in the process! Have fun! We have 2 dogs one of which is a puppy. You will have to keep scrolling to find out what it really was! All your kids need to do is one of these things: Write a note to your elf or Santa apologizing for touching your elf. 3. Our elf, Elvin, joined our family in 2010 and has been so much fun! Our elf’s name is Loot and gosh, he is a crazy one. Pam at Over The Moon also has printable good deed cards you can have the elf bring your kids each day. They did say that they wished the Elf would color the bathroom with shaving cream. At first I thought they would eat all they found, but to my surprise they ended up decorating the tree with them! The Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition & family favourite with toy scout elves placed around the home in December. 45 Fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Every Day Leading up to Christmas These mischievous and fun ideas will get parents through the holiday season. Here are 17 simple Elf on the Shelf ideas to use: 1. We would love to see your elves too! 10 Super Fun Ideas for your Elf on the Shelf Return Letter. Get Printable . Legal [General, 2, 7, 8] Kinder eggs have a delicious creamy side with a little crunchy cookie thing on one side and a tiny little toy on the other. The elf on the shelf is a family tradition that is loved by everyone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Day 20 – We had a bit of traveling to do this year and the kids were worried that Mr Jingles wouldn’t be able to find us. Elf on a Shelf Ideas: Day 2 Storytime by Trista Perot | Dec 2, 2012 | Elf on a Shelf | 1 comment The sun was not yet up this morning and I am in a dead sleep. The idea for the Elf on the Shelf came from a mom, Carol Aebersold, and her daughter Chanda Bell, who published a book called Elf on the Shelf: … Well that’s what ended up happening this morning. Worked like a charm. If you try these, it let us know on social media by tagging MomsandMunchkins as we love to see how creative our readers are. Sometimes our days don’t go as we want them to go and friends at school can be mean too, but life is beautiful. It has been the best decision ever! I did clean this up after they went to school and blamed it on the dog, hehe! Here the kids found him relaxing in a lantern full of marshmallows. Read my disclosure policy here, Christmas Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies {Christmas Version}, Instant Pot Hot Chocolate Bombs (Valentine’s Day Edition). Day 11 – The elf once again perched himself high to keep a better watch on the kids and their behavior. Get ready to make some new ones this holiday season with these 25 Fun Elf on the Shelf ideas! Have Elf bring your kids small acts of kindness they can perform each day of the month. Filed Under: Holiday Fun Tagged With: christmas, Christmas Traditions, Elf On The Shelf, Holiday, holiday fun, Your email address will not be published. He is traveling back to the North Pole to report back to Santa about how well your kids behaved that day. You can read more about it HERE. I am all for a little competition if it’s friendly. Second, you need to make sure your children never touch the elf, or else he’ll lose his “magic.” But don’t worry, the official Elf on the Shelf website says that your elf can get their magic back! The kids will be like, “we can’t find him”, and I respond, “I can’t either!”. If you are on the fence about whether or not you want to do this with your family, then I hope this article helped you slide over to the YES side of the fence. I have some friends with older kids who would probably roll their eyes at this one, but my younger aged children thought it was adorable. They said that since it is Mr Jingles’s last day then he should enjoy the candy canes too. They did end up making a game out of who can eat the most marshmallows without touching the Elf. 2. Every morning it was a race to see who could find him first. Day 18 – I will admit this one was funner for me. Around The Web. Kids love a good joke. Steal These Elf on the Shelf Ideas to Get You Through 2019 Previous Next Start Slideshow . Day 6 – I don’t think I’ve heard my kids laugh as much as they did the morning they found the Elf tied up in paper garland on the tree! These funny Elf on the Shelf ideas for 2020 are surprising, special, and oh-so-silly and are sure to lift the mood each day. Top 50 of the BEST Elf on the Shelf ideas – so many fun ideas to do with your Elf leading up to Christmas!. Christmas is right around the corner and last year we started a new tradition in our home. Ready to ship in 1 business day. So remember to find something good about today. Ok maybe I should have thought this one through, but it’s the holidays so whatevs! Spread the love this year with a bit of joy and fun from the Elf on the Shelf. Day 4 – So this placement served a bit of purpose. Even I sneaked a few! Yes, it is almost time for your little elves to come down from the North Pole and make some mischief. I wanted the Elf to have fun, but not get eaten in the process! Christmas time is all about making memories with your family. Welcome to Easy Elf on the Shelf ideas, a 24 day plan including FREE PRINTABLES to download. Who would have thought a little elf game would boost my confidence. Day 2: Nothing tastes better than juice straight from the source. So he comes back to a “new spot” when your kids wake up in the morning, after his travels. Day 5 – Ok, by now the kids were getting more excited about what the Elf will do. Today Mr Jingles hopped on his back for a fun piggy back ride! My children love going through my photos and they were laughing like crazy when they found these! Now that the kids are older, we never know who will move him or when he might end up from day to day. I didn’t want to buy into the hype when our kids were little, but I thought, “Hey, they are only kids once….might as well!”. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. So I packed him up in a jar one night that said he heard we were going on a trip and asked if he could come along. These little Elf … But the last thing we need is more stress or one more thing to do, and it takes some elbow grease to bring the little troublemaker to life—especially as the … The kids had been arguing a bit more than normal so the Elf was placed in a place where they would see him all the time. You can modify as it suits your family. So without further ado, I give you the 25+ 'some-what lazy and very easy' elf on the shelf ideas. They are eagerly awaiting next year when he makes his return on December 1! How cool! Day 22 – The day turned into a baking day since the Elf brought the kids a box of gingerbread cookies! It's not exactly easy to think of a brand new set-up for the elf every single day, but luckily there's plenty of inspiration out there. Needless to say our children’s behavior did improve…at least for that day! I can’t wait to read all of your comments on what your Elves were up to this year too, oh and share their names too if you can! Day 25 – It’s Christmas morning and Mr Jingles our Elf is officially gone. Cinnamon is like vitamins for your elf. Elfie rides a butterfly. December can be crazy, but Elf on the Shelf is meant to be fun for the entire family. Day 2 – One of the things you have to take into consideration with placement of the Elf is, do you have any pets? The Elf on the Shelf has been around for a while, as I remember a slightly different version of him when I was a kid. Slight disappointment, but they did get to eat sprinkles! Take a few minutes at the beginning of the month to write down your ideas. Sprinkle a little cinnamon next to your Scout Elf. Day 19 – Thankfully baby sisters nor baby chickens appear that quickly! I felt pretty good about myself that day! Here are 25 of my favorite Elf On The Shelf ideas that are sure to put a smile on your child’s face! Day 10 – Hey even the Elf will bring his own crafts! Acts of Kindness and Service. One of them said they hoped it was a chicken and another was hoping for a baby sister. Day 3: Hiding a treat. Let us know! Learn how your comment data is processed. They didn’t have the “magic” that Elvin has! These are huge treats in our house and they were super excited to have these for breakfast. These inspirational elf pictures show how Scout Elves and their Elf Pets ® friends are as different as the families they love. I’m glad there are photos that show what antics he was up to so we make sure not to repeat them for next year. See more ideas about elf, christmas elf, elf on the shelf. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Simply punch a hole where the head was, and let your Scout Elf out the rest. There really are endless ideas you can do with your elf, this is just another one of ours! Here are six elf on the shelf ideas … It was fun listening in on their conversations about what the eggs would turn into. Since we would have to still use the bathroom throughout the day and I would end up cleaning the shaving cream up, we went with good old toothpaste on the counter. Plus check out our awesome Elf on the Shelf Free printables to help you have fun with Elf! I will admit that this was our first year doing it. This year we went with a simple hanging out on the front door wreath. Day 21 – Mr Jingles hijacked my phone one night and took a few sELFies and even used a filter or two. I love the holidays and being able to watch my children’s faces light up with excitement every day. The Best Elf on the Shelf Ideas. I would preface this with be careful how fun you make these because I spent all day trying to explain to my kids that if the elf has decided to menu plan then he has to cook it, but since he doesn’t move then they will have to eat what I made. But not to worry, we’ve found some quick and easy Elf on the Shelf ideas you’ll be able to pull together in just a few minutes. Exclusive Member of Mediavine Food, This post may contain affiliate links. It’s been fun playing the Elf Games. Christmas Jokes. 10 Fun & Clever Elf on the Shelf Goodbye Letter Ideas https://parade.com/1108662/stephanieosmanski/elf-on-the-shelf-ideas Others don't show their face until December. For the day, you will be able to carry your Scout Elf with you wherever you go. { DAY 1 } How many of you have an Elf on the Shelf? Day 13 – Even the Elf needed a little caffeine boost this morning! I remember our youngest child refusing to tear off a link in the chain because that meant the elf would be leaving us soon, but not before a few more Elf games. Our children were super excited to find something interactive on this day. Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas. So no matter how much or little you are involved with Elf on the Shelf below we have added our favorites that we have done with our family, plus maybe a little sELFie too! See more ideas about elf on the shelf, elf, christmas elf. What fun ideas have you come up with? I have compiled a list of 24 easy Elf on the Shelf ideas that are super easy and simple to set up or don’t require lots props to purchase. Here we go. Day 1  – Ok we all try to think of the best way for the Elf to appear the first night. This is just what the Elf did. Whether you have a big family, small family, or any family in between, the memories made are what you hold on to. Man who posed at Pelosi desk said in Facebook post that he is prepared for violent death. The elf has to be moved to a different location in your house every night while your kids are sleeping. I might have gotten fussed at a time or too for touching the floor, so I was informed I had to know drag my burned foot. Day 7 – Even Elves like to play with Perler beads! Let the games begin with all the fun elf on the shelf ideas we share with you! Cute Elf on the Shelf Ideas. I was impressed with them! It did the trick and the kids left the presents alone until Christmas! They were excited to be able to see the days tick by as we got closer to Christmas. Luckily the kids took the idea too and we have a pj and movie day! My son did want to try to brush the Elfs teeth that morning. The kids were sitting in the kitchen and nonchalantly knocked on the front door. Printable Elf Signs! When your elf first arrives, wrap him up like a present. Day 9 – Well the Elf was back to his normal antics with a bit of menu planning. I asked my son and his reply was, well if he melted then he doesn’t need a nose! ... by Brea Cubit 1 day ago Elfie was found in my daughter’s room riding one of her butterfly decorations … As a parent I love that my kids act on their best behavior when their Elf shows up and my kids love to see where he is hiding each day. Some are silly, crafty or … My kids first thought was YAY SPRINKLES, which quickly turned to DID IT SNOW? Here the kids found him relaxing in a lantern full of marshmallows. It's awesome to see your kids light up when they see the elf's new hiding spot, but such a hassle when you wake up at 2 a.m. realizing you forgot to move the dang thing again and are now fresh out of Elf on the Shelf hiding ideas.

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