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Halloween’s origins come from a Celtic festival for the dead called “Samhain.” Celts believed the ghosts of the dead roamed Earth on this holiday, so people would dress in costumes and leave “treats” out on their front doors to appease the roaming spirits. The element of surprise makes it fun and unpredictable. The credits above the film read "John Carpenter's Halloween.". Laurie Strode confronts her long-time foe Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago. 8 of the spookiest and most interesting Halloween facts you may have not known about. Halloween has become increasingly popular over the past nearly 100 years. “Halloween” is short for “Hallows’ Eve” or “Hallows’ Evening,” which was the evening before All Hallows’ (sanctified or holy) Day or Hallowmas on November 1. Universal and Blumhouse released a teaser of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) in a violent clash. Enlighten yourself with Halloween trivia and fun facts to enjoy the holiday even more. Kevin Winter/Getty Images According to his autobiography " The Man Who Created Halloween ," Yablans may not have pushed for the creation of the holiday staple if it … Like what you see here? In an effort to convert pagans, the Christian church decided that Hallowmas or All Saints’ Day (November 1) and All Souls’ Day (November 2) should assimilate sacred pagan holidays that fell on or around October 31. "'This is what we agreed to, sir, and I expect you to honor it. Go behind the scenes of Halloween 2018 to find out everything there is to know about what you can expect when you return yet again to Haddonfield, IL. The celebration marks the day before the Western Christian feast of All Saints and initiates the season of Allhallowtide, which lasts three days and concludes with All … David Gordon Green’s Halloween is a return to form and has earned the approval of both Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter. … He knew that I would do it, and finally paid every dollar owed. 2018. While at Paramount, he turned down a huge opportunity to oust and take over his boss' position as VP manager of sales. ", "Halloween" returned to theaters two weeks after the debut of "1941. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. Everyone loves Halloween.We get to dress up in costumes, eat tons of candy, and decorate our homes with all sorts of spooky accessories.But while Halloween is one of the most-celebrated American holidays, there's a lot many people don't know about it. Account active To get you up to speed, we've rounded up 30 Halloween facts that are scary good. 10 Interesting Facts About Halloween #1 – Many people think Halloween originated in the US, but that’s not true. Related:100 Horror Movies that Will Give You Nightmares for Years . The last time Halloween was remade, the honor went to Rob Zombie, which makes sense because he's a guy who makes a bunch of horror movies. On the marquee, just below those words, it read, "Opening soon, Spielberg's 1941. "It was a phenomenal example of word of mouth. The strange and spooky history of Halloween, how it came to US, legend of the Jack O Lantern, origin of trick or treating and more facts about Halloween. Apparently, Halloween originated in Ireland. Photo credit: Amelia Burns. Halloween Movie Quotes, Trivia & Cast. Halloween rocks! 20 million Halloween cards are sent out each year. So, initially, he had a scene in which we came in at the end of Halloween, and Loomis sees the screaming kids, comes inside, sees the struggle between Laurie and Michael. I might even do the music.". The film received massive praise, along with the title of the highest grossing slasher film of all time. Halloween Film Franchise Facts Scriptwriters Danny McBride and David Gordon Green talked about rebooting the Halloween franchise for a few years, and they were vocal about the changes they eventually brought to the series. Halloween candy is expensive During the eight weeks leading up to Halloween, consumers spend $4.6 billion on confectionery products, according … Halloween should earn more than $21.23 million during its opening day and there could be as many as five films earning $10 million or more. After ending his contract at Paramount, Yablans left the major studios to run independent studio Compass International Pictures, which led to his eventual meeting with the real-life Michael Myers and the creation of "Halloween. This time around, Blumhouse tapped David Gordon Green to direct the film, and he wrote it with Danny McBride. ", "I had this idea we could orchestrate the scares and manipulate the audience," said Yablans. For the price, Yablans suggested Carpenter receive 10 percent of net profits of the film. With Halloween only days away, now is the time to celebrate… and what better way to do that than to share these facts with your friends and family! → Halloween Facts: Anoka, Minnesota is the self-proclaimed Halloween capital of the world. To land the job, Green and McBride went to Blumhouse and John Carpenter with an idea for the film. The hitman lived with Courtney after getting out of prison. The man who eventually took over was his younger brother Frank, a longtime Disney employee. Jan 29, 2020 - Explore AtmosFX's board "Halloween Fun Facts", followed by 1019 people on Pinterest. It is believed that if you see a spider on Halloween, it is the spirit of a loved one watching over you. The adjustment, though difficult at first, was probably the best thing that ever happened to him. Michael puts his mask back on, Loomis shoots him, pushes Michael back through the doorway into the bedroom. Even if there is as few as three $10 million films, 2018 will still easily top last year’s box office number giving the year yet another win in the year-over-year comparison. An 18-year-old Curtis was virtually unknown at the time. During development of the 2018 sequel, a first draft of the script called for the recreation of the original ending of the 1978 classic. In fact, 76% of Americans spend $50 or less to celebrate the spookiest day of the year. The hitman later went to see a film Courtney directed, The Hit List , and advised that the kills weren’t realistic.

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