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Fredric J. Baur, designer of the Pringles potato chip can, died on May 4th, 2008. ← This is terrifying! Eventually, the idea of creating a dough out of dried potato flakes was hit upon, leading to them being “cooked into a saddle-shaped, potato chip-like food.”, Writing about a New York Times story, the article says “that Pringles were actually a flop until the 1980s when P&G came out with new flavoring and a fresh marketing campaign.”. Your email address will not be published. Based on the patent of Pringles, food scientist Alexander Liepa invented Pringles on the 6th day of August in 1968. A third implicates Lee Harvey Oswald, as all mysteries eventually must. There is a second patent dealing with the manufacturing of the actual chip. In the end, his choice was inspired: “I said, ‘Look, we need to use the original.’”. Variety Packs. We say screamin’ not because we think that’s what you’ll do when you taste these crisps. We say screamin’ because the dill flavor you get is so big and bold and … freaking Xtra that it just screams “PICKLE.” And, honestly you’ll be too puckered up to make much of a sound anyway.. ... (Pringles can as Wi-Fi antenna, for example). The current can is almost impossible to recycle. 5 out of 5 stars (1,194) 1,194 reviews $ 2.50. Fredric Baur’s concept was at the forefront throughout. “‘Uniform chips didn’t jell with 1960s-era individualism, he says. “My siblings and I briefly debated what flavor to use,” said son Larry, in conversation with TIME. At the beginning the potato chips had the name of “Pringle’s Newfangled Potato Chips”, but … Future Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was on the product team for this relatively less successful shelf filler. United States. Pringles cans have been in the news lately so I thought I’d look up the original patent for the container. Some of those ashes were to be poured into a Pringles can and added to his grave. I didn’t expect to see so many aspects of design to what seems to be a simple tube container. In case you don’t know what a hyperbolic paraboloid looks like. #whydonttheymakethat — Christian Becker (@TheAmazingBeck) April 4, 2013 A portrait photograph of Fredric John Baur, the original creator and patent holder of the Pringles can. You'll be the talk of the party with this MEGA canister, a large 7.1 ounce can full of your favorite Pringles crisps! It’s a legacy of the notion that the world would never run out of resources. Another win for the customer in terms of taste. The technology behind the Pringles can is surprising. Your email address will not be published. Owned by the Kellogg Company, Pringles is a brand of potato snack chips sold in 140 countries. The recycling pilot project is being tested in the UK for a few weeks, using recycled paper for starters. That’s why it’s not so easy to replace the tube. The product was introduced in October 1968 in Ohio. How You Can Use Gadgets May Hinge on a Printer Ink Case. There are two potato crisps appearing below "Pringles". The business is compared to “Ikea’s flat-packed furniture model.”, Read another story from us: Archaeologists Discover 14,400-Year-Old Bread in Jordan, Today Pringles are consumed all over the world and considered a turning point in the distribution of snack food. The original Pringles can was designed before the world awoke to recycling initiatives. "Pringles" appears in yellow. According to Procter and Gamble, the brand name was inspired by one of the streets at Finneytown in Ohio, the Pringle Drive. At first, the chips were marketed as a “newfangled” product innovation that would get the housewives of America talking. We didn’t have oceans filled with plastic waste killing off wildlife in 1966. Coleman sued for patent infringement in the 1960s, but the case was turned over in appeal.) What fellow shoppers at the Walgreens store they selected the can from made of the exchange is a question for the ages. Impossible to toss into a recycling bin, unless you tear the entire tube apart. Baur filed for a patent for the tubular Pringles container and for the method of packaging the curved, stacked chips in the container in 1966, and it was granted in 1970, P&G archivist Ed Rider said. It was Baur’s unique cylindrical packaging that finally won over consumers, TIME refers to Phil Lempert, founder of Event Date: Event Description: 2002-06-28: ASSIGNED TO EXAMINER: 2002-07-01: APPROVED FOR PUB - PRINCIPAL REGISTER: 2002-09-18: NOTICE OF PUBLICATION: 2002-10-08 PACKAGING OF CHIP-TYPE SNACK FOOD PRODUCTS. Bauer addressed a number of marketing and packaging issues. Having said that… the chips are delicious. After years of pressure, Kellogg’s (current owners of the Pringles name) are changing the materials. His other efforts included Coldsnap, a freeze-dried ice cream (or “astronaut ice cream”). HORSLEY: People did try Pringles by the millions, and Steve Reiss of Packaging Digest says the can was a key selling point. Filed July 29, 1966, Ser. Baur was so proud if his invention that when he passed away in 2008, some of his ashes were buried in a Pringles can, at his request. Those Pringles BBQ chips I had at lunch tasted a little … off. Part of the patent defines the standardized shape of potato chips to fit the can. He put a lot of thought and work into the container, actually filing for a patent on the tubular container in 1966, and getting the rights to it approved in 1970. Since acquiring Pringles in 2012 from Proctor & Gamble Co., parent … 2. The patent for Pringles posted for the year 1976 lists Alexander Liepa as its inventor, with no mention of Fred Baur. 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US3998975A US05/493,821 US49382174A US3998975A US 3998975 A US3998975 A US 3998975A US 49382174 A US49382174 A US 49382174A US 3998975 A US3998975 A US 3998975A Authority US United States Prior art keywords dough potatoes dehydrated potato water Prior art date 1970-08-07 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. From patent #US3498798A, [figure one] elevational view of a snack food package. 5 out of 5 stars (125) 125 reviews $ 36.00 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Free throws or Purple bows Pringles can labels- gender reveal- you print - … And that is how one of the most successfully marketed potato chips came to be. He also had an unusual but fitting request for his family on what they should do with his remains. In keeping with his wishes, his family placed some of his ashes in a Pringles can (not all of the ashes fit). In 1970, Baur received a patent for the Pringles packaging, and because he was so proud of his design, he asked his family to bury him in a Pringles can. The ubiquitous Pringles can – image courtesy Pringles, Patented Mar. The future-is-now approach didn’t take but overall Baur’s unique packaging won the day. It’s an interesting process, from start to finish. Pringles were first marketed as "Newfangled Potato Chips," … No. Another theory points to Mark Pringle, an employee credited with research on the Pringles patent. Not sure if the tube came first or the patent for the chip shape.

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