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The aesthetics, maybe. The American-made Pillar LTD starts with a powerful CPM S35VN steel blade that’s tough, has superior edge retention, high resistance to wear and edge chipping yet remains easy to sharpen. Those with extra-large hands probably shouldn’t use this area, however. Its full-tang clip point blade is made from premium CPM-S35VN stainless steel with a bronze Cerakote finish and wide notched jimping. This knife is simply amazing with both it’s fit and finish and is very comfortable. The Pillar is a corner turning product for SOG. Its full-tang clip point blade is made from premium CPM-S35VN stainless steel with a two-tone satin/stonewashed finish and wide notched jimping. I don’t like the two-fastener approach, even though it allows for a multitude of configurations. The bronze and brown finish of the LTD edition offers a color scheme unrivaled in any other SOG knife. Engineered with precision and built to perform. It has micarta handles and is built with a full, pass-through tang construction. The knife also comes with a kydex-type sheath and a very high end belt attachment point. The handle materials, the blade steel, and the sheath package all prove that SOG gets what makes great knives great. This is why Chris Reeve purposely leaves his a bit below the max HRc. Preppers: Are You Stockpiling Chemlights? But SOG is and always will be a mainstream knife company. ( Log Out /  The SOG Pillar is a USA-made tactical fixed blade featuring a resilient no-nonsense build. This knife, like a handful of other releases, was American-made and ran S35VN steel, a huge improvement from some of the lesser steels SOG has used in the past. The SOG Pillar is one of SOG’s premium USA production knives. This made things a little difficult during the initial writing of this review. Here’s their blurb on sharpening: “Knives, multi-tools, gear, and other sharp pointy items should be maintained properly with routine cleaning, oiling, and sharpening… SOG knives are designed and made to be used. If you play with that button you’ll notice that if you push it either forward or backward it locks the spring button in place so that it can’t be accidentally engaged. 2.65 in. That’s some damn fine coverage for a blade that’s already built like a tank. Based on the classic SOG Bowie that founded SOG, but morphed into a top-notch work knife with the use of technology, modern materials, and a little class thrown in for good measure. The blade stock is just under 3/16″ thick. These surfaces are smooth enough to run your finger over, while still being more than capable of striking a ferro rod. Subscribe to our newsletter. I… I don’t think I have anything to add to that. It also spread peanut butter, butter, and tomato sauce for camp pies and camp pizzas made in a camp iron. Anyone who owns a Japan-era SOG knows exactly what I mean. It’s not a huge deal, but certainly something to keep in mind. A knife that you can really rely on. 2.60 oz. The full, pass-through tang construction allows you to beat on the knife with little fear of breaking and lets you use the knife as a chisel. Durable S35VN steel and a canvas Micarta handle make up the bulk of this rugged knife which is crafted with quality and care in the USA. There is only so far you can go down on the CR scale before you scare away the knife enthusiast market. 5. The fact that it is made in the USA, also added to the allure of this knife. But, consider the humble ESEE Izula-2 (for which I did pay). The canvas micarta handles are very comfortable, and the knife feels natural and balanced in the hand, though it is a tad heavy on the back end. Between its solid materials and excellent construction, the Pillar could truly be your knife for life. There’s also a medium-sized forward finger choil. Learn: About Us Policies Reviews Holiday Shopping How To. Now, after a couple of day hikes, I’m finally ready to share my thoughts. This USA-made Pillar reminds me of the good old knives SOG started out making. It’s fun, intoxicating, and a little scary. Holiday Gift Guide: Twelfth Day of Christmas, Henry Produces Its One-Millionth Lever Action .22 rifle, Holiday Gift Guide: Eleventh Day of Christmas, Holiday Gift Guide: Tenth Day of Christmas, Watch: 10 Hiding Spots Already in Your Home, Watch: Building a Clothes Dresser With a Secret Gun Compartment, Washington D.C. SOG UF1001 Pillar, 5" S35VN Blade, Black Canvas Micarta Handle Based around superior CPM S35VN steel, SOG's USA produced knives offer improved toughness, better edge retention, higher resistance to wear and edge chipping while maintaining ease of sharpening. And so SOG and a number of other companies cater to volume. The bang-for-buck factor really hit home once I researched SOG’s warranty. It holds the knife tight to the body, has not jiggle, and is high enough that you can walk and bend without problems. (4.7/5) AUS-8. To see SOG, a mainstay of the knife industry for more than twenty years, fade into irrelevance with ever cheaper overseas made knives was a bit disappointing. Based around superior CPM S35VN steel, SOG's USA produced knives offer improved toughness, better edge retention, higher resistance to wear and edge chipping while maintaining ease of sharpening. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Go ahead – run that ferro rod over its squared-off shoulders. No problem. The SOG Pillar is a medium sized fixed blade knife. In addition to smart design choices and premium materials, the SOG Pillar is expertly finished right here in the USA. The SOG Pillar is a solid knife entirely made in the United States. That is, if I can find the discipline necessary to rid myself of this monster. The full tang extends back into a canvas micarta handle, with torx screws holding the scales in place. The SOG Pillar is a leans more towards the tactical/combat side over a survival/bushcraft blade. But manufacturers take note–this is how it is done. Food prep? But whenever I see tree branches in the front yard, I need to break out the Pillar. The steel here is CPM-S35VN, one of my personal favorites for edge retention and toughness. The micarta is excellent, the knife’s two-tone finish is gleaming and eye catching, and the sheath fits like a racing glove. UPDATE: The spring button can indeed be locked and unlocked by sliding it to the left or right. The SOG Pillar's blade has just enough belly on it to be a damn decent skinning blade for any hunter of any game. SOG has recently formulated a recipe for a well-balanced and durable everyday carry solution with some similar design features found in long-discontinued models. 0.1 in. They forgot to bring a knife. I’ve increased the score accordingly. 4.5. I discovered the locking mechanism right after I posted the review. I’ve had the Pillar for a little more than a month, but other reviews and articles kept bumping it to the back of the line. Weight: 7.3 oz. You know what? The USA-made Pillar is fully-equipped with a full tang CPM S35VN steel blade with a stone wash and machine ground finish, canvas Micarta handle, and Kydex sheath with … . The SOG Pillar is more about living in the wild, slaying prey with your bare hands, and building a shelter out of their hides. But the more I thought about it, the easier this decision became. With the release of the Pillar, SOG is making it clear to competitors–they can make high end stuff too. One small ding is that S35VN can bit a bit chippy at higher hardnesses. What else could you ask for? Still, the rest of the handle offers ample room. ( Log Out /  In all, this is pretty easily the best sheath on the market. It has a blade of around 5 inches and an overall length of 10 inches, this blade sits squarely in the center of the fixed blade size spectrum. I’m glad I came here because I was trying to figure out the best way to carry my Pillar and hadn’t thought of the Scout option. This one changed my mind, and it may just change yours. This looks like it is the start of something new–SOG competing at all parts of the price spectrum. It’s good business sense, but it doesn’t get the knife knut in me the least bit excited. It wasn’t a bit deal, but it was noticeable. SOG Pillar Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife. Though I’d like to own one, I have no desire to smack a Bravo against a log. I own an original SOG Seal 2000 with 440A steel from 1995, made in Seki-City, Japan. Retention is excellent, and the screws are easier to adjust than those on my ESEE Izula 2. The low mounting point means that you’ll regularly find the handle poking you in the ribs. Whoever is building SOG’s stuff here in the America is doing a killer job. Product Description. The Washington-based company named SOG began in 1986, but can trace its inspirational roots to special operations during the Vietnam War. SOG Pillar Review. Fire making? Product Description SOG Tech Bowie, Kraton Handle, Black Blade, Kydex Sheath. I want to spend as much time with this one as possible before sending it on to the next reviewer. Out of the box, I wasn’t exactly sold on this design. As it turns out, the Pillar looks like a monster because it is a monster. On occasion I used the knife in my workshop to score and mark cuts, but it was too big to do this regularly. A powder metallurgical steel grade that retains its sharpness very well. Its design and geometry is a little clumsy, but the drawbacks are easily overlooked by those that will employ its unique function. Support my channel when you shop on Amazon: SUBSCRIBE Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Anyone who owns a Japan-era SOG knows exactly what I mean. Gradually over the past decade, SOG has moved away from the Japanese-made blades in its line up towards cheaper stuff. The SOG Pillar is more about living in the wild, slaying prey with your bare hands, and building a shelter out of their hides. In other words, use common sense and don’t do stupid things.”. It cut up hot dogs, steak, and other meat or tubed meat. They’re also a pretty a patient lot. SOG offers a Lifetime Warranty on their knives. This move has been painful for knife knuts, as year after year SOG released stuff that made no one really jump up and cheer. The Pillar is one of the most exciting products of the year, one of the coolest surprises, and one hell of a fixed blade. Mike the Mook. Like most sheaths of this sort, vertical belt carry can be a bit problematic. Thanks to its strong ergos and solid blade steel, this knife laughed off everything I threw at it. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "vs-alloutdoor-widgets-20"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; amzn_assoc_region = "US"; amzn_assoc_title = "My Amazon Picks"; amzn_assoc_linkid = "86c889156e4071de50902c9d775c7eff"; amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; amzn_assoc_asins = "B01N19FZ4X"; I received this knife in the fall–the perfect time for testing fixed blades. Though it may look like a style-first knife, I found the Pillar’s ergonomics to be very good. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The SOG Pillar definitely had a more neutral balance, making it nimbler in the hand to use. There’s also a vague harpoon sharp going on here. The blade is made from CPM S35VN-steel. This is most often true when you’re working in the field and one hand is occupied. Are there negatives here? ( Log Out /  Perfect, guys. The blade is a flat ground, clip point made from S35VN. Twitter Review Summary: Great knife, even better sheath. The knife was used for my annual firewood processing–delimbing, chopping, batonning, and lots and lots of fire prep. Just writing about it makes me want to run into the woods and start chopping down trees. I found it to be quite comfortable in a variety of grips. Holiday Gift Guide: Seventh Day of Christmas, Watch: Christmas Carols Shot on Steel and Other Holiday Fun, Watch: How Ammunition Brand Can Affect Accuracy, Holiday Gift Guide: On the Sixth Day of Christmas. It’s a great little knife, but its 1095 steel and sub-3” blade costs almost half as much as the SOG. Also, because I am lazy, I cleaned it off and used it for food prep outdoors as well. I also used it to process recycling. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I accidentally drove to the hardware store with the Pillar on one weekend. That’s it – I can’t wait anymore. Forward First, I’d like to thank SOG for sending this knife over for review. The SOG Pillar is a fixed bladed knife that features a clip point and machine ground edge, a heavy duty cutting tool for all situations. Okay, okay. The Pillar shows they know how to spend pennies when they have more to play with than in budget offerings. At $190, the Pillar is the most expensive fixed blade I’ve used thus far. Many know SOG knives to be of good value and often of excellent performance. Finally, the sheath design and belt attachment are the best I have seen on a production knife. It sliced through onions, carrots, and potatoes like they weren’t even there. But, oh no! Personally, I’d prefer to fill all four clip holes. The good news is that, because of its razor sharp factory edge, the cut was painless and quick-healing. And this, in my mind is a good thing. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for SOG Fixed Blade Knives with Sheath – Pillar USA Made Steel Full Tang Knife, Tactical Knife, Survival Knife w/ Micarta Blade Knife Handle (UF1001-BX) at Their website admonishes customers to “keep in mind that this warranty does not cover an item that is damaged by misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, alterations, accident, or normal wear and tear as determined at our discretion… Don’t go using your knife as a screwdriver, your multi-tool to split rocks, or [sic] your pack to contain a wild hyena. Read quick reviews below of the best models from our test, then keep scrolling for buying advice and in-depth reports on these and other great options. I’m bitten, it’s under my skin, and there may be another SOG in my collection before the next full moon. Design: 2 . (+) Compact and lightweight. Balance & weight are perfect too. Look at the swedges along the blade spine. The sheath is just all kinds of amazing. But Big Box could give a crap about grindlines. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Picture this – You’re at a neighborhood barbeque when someone asks you to cut some potatoes. It absolutely destroys the leather number that came with the Bark River Bravo 1 LT and the nylon junk that comes with a lot of other knives. I covered the sheath aesthetics above, but let’s take a minute to discuss its performance. ... SOG Pillar. … So, let’s review – A lifetime warranty, free sharpening service, and paid return shipping. All of that is a formula to make knife enthusiasts smitten again. At SHOT, SOG released a few blades including the SOG Pillar. Based around superior CPM S35VN steel, SOG's USA produced knives offer improved toughness, better edge retention, higher resistance to wear and edge chipping while maintaining ease of sharpening. We find their execution to be a little rough, but the innovation is welcome. I noticed that you knocked the sheath because you mentioned the possibility of inadvertently pressing the spring button. The sheath is composed of Kydex, paired with a multi-mount clip system. Normally, I like to give a somewhat blow-by-blow account of the testing. Yeah, that’s not this knife. The belt attachment is equally good–sturdy, easy to use, and quick release. But with the Pillar, that’s such an easy thing to do. You’re right. 3.55 in. Just perfect. Includes Kydex sheath with Tek-Lok compatible mount. There is generous sized lanyard hole at the end of the blade. It’s just big enough for my medium/large hands, and anyone with bigger mitts will probably make contact with the blade. Amazon (Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars over 15 user reviews as of 11/1/17). Grooved black canvas Micarta scales offer a secure, full-grip in any weather. They monitor two things–sales and price. Yes, SOG sent me this for free. I know this review probably sounds a little fanboy-ish. This is a straight foward design, one that echoes Bark River much more than it does the other SOG fixed blades. The SOG Flash series has been around for some time now with two iterations prior to the 2020 release of the AT-XR variant. The SOG Pillar is a USA-made tactical fixed blade featuring a resilient no-nonsense build. As soon as this review is posted, I’m grabbing the Pillar and heading for the hills. The premium SOG folders are some of the most unsung knives on the market. But the true star of implementation here is the sheath. The Pillar looks amazing on paper: a 5 inch blade, a low-profile kydex sheath, and wonderful Micarta handles. The release of the SOG Pillar two years ago showed the brand was paying attention. The knife also comes with a kydex-type sheath and a very high end belt attachment point. The choice of micarta for the handle material is just wonderful. On to performance. You’re generally looking at a bump of $70 or so for a similarly-sized blade. These are fine blades made by some of the best Japanese OEMs out there. The flats have a bright stonewash and the grinds are grinder satin. It even survived a tip test, stabbing and prying into a fallen tree with no ill effects. I think I’ll just let them explain the rest. The Pillar has styling that makes more like SOG’s lesser fixed blades, something almost weapon-y about it, but then it has smart touches that make me think that it is REALLY intended as an outdoor tool—the pass through full tang design, the choil, the micarta handles. Its clip-point blade features a flat grind over a stonewashed, machine ground edge. Kindling prep and feather-sticking? Sheathes are hard. SOG Knives Unveils the Pillar. ( Log Out /  The SOG Pillar is a premium fixed blade with a great steel, fabulous design, and a higher than normal price tag for a SOG. Plus, have you checked the prices on Bark River knives lately? We will even cover the return shipping to get your newly refurbished and sharpened knife back to you.”. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The SOG Pillar leans more towards the tactical/combat side over a survival/bushcraft blade. The flats have a bright stonewa… This was entirely my fault, as I was caught up in the exhilaration of using a well-designed tool. I've been disappointed in the Taiwan era of SOG knives. There is simply no detail overlooked here. I found scout-style, horizontal carry to be the most comfortable option. That’s a good set up. Shop SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Pillar Knife | 10% Off 5 Star Rating on 1 Review for SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Pillar Knife + Free Shipping over $49. Thought I went back and updated it, but I guess not. There is nothing wrong with that, but there is also nothing wrong with competing in every market segment. SOG repeatedly makes unique multi-tools. Great review otherwise. When you look at the design, finish and the use of materials you notice that SOG has really taken the Pillar to the next level. Their mid priced and budget lines, conversely, have received a heaping helping of praise, sometimes earned, like the case of the Mini Aegis, and sometimes not, like in the case of the SOG Flash I. That’s not really a tough decision. At least, that’s what the neighbors probably think. Meet the SOG Flash AT-XR. Instead, let me take a deep breath and give some dimensions: As you can see by the comparison shots, this is a fairly large knife. It is equipped with a wonderful full tang CPM-S35VN stainless steel blade with a part stonewashed, part machine ground finish. It has a blade of around 5 inches and an overall length of 10 inches, this blade sits squarely in the center of the fixed blade size spectrum. But really, guys, I’m just flat-out impressed with this blade. For a long time now I have been on this quest for that one perfect knife that just hits all of the marks with me and let me tell you, this Pillar does it BIG TIME. Just ask my left index finger, which got a little kiss from the blade during the woodworking portion of the test.

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