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You can have the wood deck separate from or attached to your house. A single disagreement and you’re up in arms calling someone a “hack”. It looks just as stunning as traditional decking, but with none of the hassle. At $4 to $13 per square foot, this material has a more consistent pricing than wood, which can vary from $4 to $30 per square foot.. You don’t need to have any special tools to install Trex decking. The latter is comprised of three series, and there is a price point for everyone. Patrick Mahinge. The only problem that you may encounter with using plastic decking is that if you don’t wash it regularly, it is susceptible to mold and mildew. Composite Decking Pros: Best for the look of wood without the need to stain. I’d point out everywhere you went wrong but i don’t have that kind of time. You can easily sweep it with a broom and your garden hose will do fine for washing. Our Verdict~ What’s the Best Decking Material to Buy? Composite decking is an extremely wise choice in decking. The surface of the plastic decking material is then brushed with a coating to give it the natural color of wood. Best Quality Composite Decking Comparisons For… 11 May 2017 . Composite decking is a wood alternative that can provide a longer lifespan and lower maintenance needs when compared to the traditional design. In addition to these characteristics, vinyl decking material won’t crack, warp or blister from the heat of the sun. In particular, I have a question if anyone has used or is familiar with UltraDeck Natural - the composite decking sold by Menards. Composite Decking Materials. We lay around 150 decks per year. A deck is an investment that adds value to your home, whether you choose natural wood or composite materials. Read our in-depth reviews to get the decking advice you need. There are many different designs of wood decks and many different kinds of wood that are well suited as deck material. What You Need to Know About the Best Composite Decking Material, Trex Decking – Get The Best Of Wood And Plastic, 1. You can also paint or stain the deck to match the color of your home so that they become part of the architectural design. There are plastic clips that you can buy that fit into slots on the edge of the wood decking. Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer- Reviews and Buying Guides, Mosquito Magnet Reviews: We Reviewed the Best of Propane Mosquito Traps, Best Lock Pick Set for Beginners: We Reviewed The Best Lock Pick Set on the Market to Buy, Layla Mattress Reviews- The Double Sided Mattress Test. The patented process of making this composite material ensure that your deck will not show the signs of wear and tear that are normal in the spring. But there are a lot of decisions to make before you can finally settle on the perfect decking for you. The undisputed king of exterior durability. Or perhaps the durability and strength of vinyl decking combined with it’s other advantages? Power washing works really well as does any cleaner intended for general use. When you start to install vinyl decking, always start at the edge closest to the house. With composite wood, the weather resistance is built into the material itself. The wood used in making plastic decking material is usually in the form of fiber or sawdust. Treated lumber is not recommended for wood decks in areas where there are small children and pets because the chemicals used in the treatment could be harmful. Look at the complaints. What will match the curtains? In contrast, standard wood decks can be re-painted, re-stained, or refreshed. I like that this mentioned that rain and snow won’t damage vinyl decking. Today, composite decking comes in a variety of texturized grain patterns and rich variegated colors that replicate wood’s natural beauty. All plastic deck material that contains wood will weather over time and change color, but only slightly. And stunning decking will add value to your home as well. Composite decking has come a long way. They have an excellent lineup of capped composite boards along with a collection of PVC planks. Others prefer to use waste wood, while others prefer using cedar when making plastic deck material. Dekorators is a fairly new company in the composite decking world, but they caught our attention with their solid lineup of PVC and composite deck boards. Much of my writing focuses on healthy living lifestyle. If anyone wants the best decking product available, call me about Black Locust. Sep 27, 2019 Oct 23, 2019 by Brandon Miller. An occasional washing will keep it clean and when you use the best cleaners for vinyl you will also prevent any buildup of mildew on the decking. In addition, the gaps in the decking allow the air to circulate properly. When you look at the Trex decking prices, you may be inclined to choose a cheaper decking material, but you do need to think of the long-term use you will enjoy when you have it installed. Mold and mildew can build up in small cracks where pollen, dirt, grass, and leaves are present. With Trex decking, you have low maintenance because you won’t have to do any painting, staining or repairing. Mike Caruso, I find it entertaining you completely flame Patrick like an internet troll and then follow-up with “call me about Black Locust”. The old adage applies when it comes to cleaning composite decking – It’s better to be safe than sorry. How Long Does a Memory Foam Mattress Last? The result is a truly unique product which we believe is the best composite decking money can buy. Don’t want or need business from low information people like you. My husband and I are planning to build a deck on our home in Chicago and are considering the use of wood vs. composite decking. Expert opinions and guides on buying WPC decking in the UK. With plastic decking you have more time to enjoy your great deck and your family. Fiberon is one of the newer companies in the composite decking work, but they’ve gained a lot of ground in recent years. When you install Trex decking, you may notice that it will change color a bit after 10-12 weeks. Note: Vinyl decking is 100% plastic. Composite decking is made using recycled wood and pure polymers and this creates a strong material that is well able to withstand the elements of the weather. Composite decking not only adds to the appearance of your home, but it is also low maintenance. They are also soft woods, which makes them easy to work with when using wood deck plans and designs. What color or look do you feel most comfortable with? Patrick Mahinge is a freelance writer and journalist, lover of sleep, and all other good things. You can get IPE wood decking in either air-dried or kiln-dried varieties. Ah ha ha ha ha. This takes on moisture , grows mildew, span issues, length constraints, certain colors available in grooved not grooved. then you install it for a client. I replaced my cedar decking five years ago with Trex Transcends Havana Gold decking. In the winter months, you will have to keep it free of ice and snow if you don’t want any slippery patches, but the salt will do the trick without harming the composite decking material. The wood in Trex decking keeps the plastic from being damaged by the UV rays of the sun and provides a natural look and feel to the composite decking. This decking material will outlast you and your house, which is something you can’t say for wood decking. Some of the wood deck designs include raised decks, patios, balconies and roof decks. And while cost is often the primary consideration when planning a deck project, it’s equally important to understand the value of what you’re getting.You’ve probably already noted the difference in cost between composite decking and natural wood; composite materials are more expensive per linear foot. January 17, 2016. When you have to cut the ends of the decking, you need to seal the fresh cuts that are exposed within 24 hours. Although plastic decking can be somewhat more expensive than wood, you should look beyond the initial investment. " The TimberTech composite decking has given a whole new feel to the garden with its graceful curves and a pleasing colour finish which harmonises with our brickwork. Unlike other composites, Millboard decking is hand moulded and contains no wood content at all, so avoids all the problems associated with wood. With very little work composite decking can actually outlast you and your home. Vinyl decking doesn’t rot so you will never have to replace one of the planks. If you are worried that your composite decking material may become mildewed, you should wash it down on a regular basis with a cleaner containing sodium hypochlorite. Composite decking which is used today however, requires a low-maintenance making it the perfect solution for individuals who don’t want to have to worry about repairing their decking every so often in order to keep it looking spick and span in time for summer gatherings. Composite Decking – A Brief History. Homeowners can try to alter a composite product’s appearance by surface cleanings. Composite decking is rising in popularity for its durability, low maintenance needs and style. You can even view pictures of wood decks to get an idea of the different wood deck designs and based on these photos you can design your own by incorporating features of several decks into one. With maintenance factored in, composite decking actually costs less over its lifetime than does wood! Composite decking is known for its low-maintenance life. Vinyl decking is one of the best and most durable decking materials you can ever buy. Composites are junk and won’t even last as long as CCA treated pine. There are two cheap composite deck lines from Dekorators with Classic and Vista.Both are capped composites but have a completely vibe with Classic geared … Manufacturers of decking plastic that use polypropylene mix it with oak. Installing decking around your home can add natural beauty, warmth and desirability, and has to be one of the best decisions you can make when it comes to deciding on the style of your home. Trex decking will not shrink or swell due to moisture, but changes in temperature may cause slight swelling. Plastic decking not only makes best use of recycled materials, but is one of the longest lasting and best decking materials you can buy. Use the stainless steel deck screws and center them in the plastic slots that come with your installation kit. Ask your retailer about the recommended finishes before you go to all the work of installing IPE decking and then not be able to enjoy it. Take a look at some of the websites where homeowners have posted their reviews, and you’ll read 1 and 2 star reviews all day long. And it’s not a rainforest tree like IPE. they want to start another project a year later and the color is discontinued. There are three methods you can use for fastening the IPE decking to other structures. Premium Trex Composite decking offers something even better: “capped” or “shelled” decking Trex’s core is covered with a layer of denser, tougher poly material which means resistance to scratches, stains and fading #trex #decking #trexdecking #deckingsolutions #compositedecking #deck #trexaustralia You can buy this sealant when you buy the decking and one quart will be enough to seal 500 sq. But most of the decking plastic does contain some wood. I’m doing a public service. Then you can sit back and enjoy it for the rest of your days. Voyage decking has virtually no thermal expansion or contraction and is ideal for installation in the ground or water. Whatever size or style your outdoor space, it can benefit from the addition of composite decking. Do you want wood decking or would you prefer composite decking? Composite Decking - London, United Kingdom - Rated 4.4 based on 8 Reviews "Great and economical for creating your dream doggy dodahs !!!" I find it entertaining how you humiliate yourself when don’t do your homework before you open your big mouth. It is just as easy to work with as wood and you don’t need to have a special saw blade as you would with IPE. Just calling out scam artist and liars for what they are. If you reviewers aren’t looking at comments from users, I have to question their credibility. There are also decking materials made from vinyl and this is often lumped under the title of composite decking. You’ll need to find out all about it and to have all the information at your fingertips before you make any decisions about the perfect decking for you. You don’t need to stain or paint it, although you can if your wish. The use of plastic helps to protect the wood from moisture and makes the decking resistant to insect infestation. Tags: best composite decking materialbest decking materialcomposite decking materialwood decking material. Trex is a piece of shit. I have been in the decking industry for 25 years. You can locate wood decks anywhere you wish. There are also seven different colors for you to choose from. You can build wood decks any size that you want. When you receive IPE wood decking, IPE ships it with a clear wax seal on the endgrains so that there won’t be any end checking. Some oil and water based finishes will not dry properly on this wood decking. This massive increase is in part to the advantages of composite decking which are: Durability, weather resistant, does not need to be stained, Lightweight and easy to clean, wont splinter or rot, and should not warp. Modern composite decking is the best solution for. We’re looking at Transcend for our decks. Composite decking reviews nz. It uses reclaimed wood combined with synthetic materials, producing a wonderfully easy to care for decking that will last and last. Several different types of plastic can be used in plastic decking, depending on the manufacturer. IPE Decking – Rated The Best Decking Material In The World, 2. Some of the fantastic features of Trex decking that will allow you to use your deck for a lifetime include the fact that it will not rot and is splinter free. Trex last longer than our house? If you use it inside, it will shrink, so it is intended only for outside use. Vinyl Decking- Most Durable Decking Material, 3. Expert Buying Guild. A plastic deck is a safe deck, and a low maintenance deck too. There are a multitude of problems with composite decking that show up all too often to … I just looked at the terrible criticisms at: Quite often, this is how your recycled plastic pop bottles are used. why do you recommend it? If you do want to change the color of the Trex decking, the Trex experts recommend that you use quality latex paint and solid colors. In the UK this has increased dramatically with search volumes going from around 14,000 per month to now in 2019 average volumes of 49,500 per month. The big names are over priced still using a wood composite core. You do need to periodic cleaning when you use composite material for decking. I put this down to two things; The product… The durable PVC construction will keep it looking like new and you won’t ever have to paint or stain it. The only work you have with vinyl deck material is installing it. Even though there are additives in plastic decking they are not dangerous like those in pressure treated lumber.

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