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Global per capita fish consumption passes the 20kg per year mark for the first time, but natural marine resources continue to be overfished, UN data shows. Country projections. The main areas in Ireland’s fishing industry include commercial fishing, processing, marketing and fish farming. Over the past number of years, the concentration of mercury in the edible portion of the fish analysed has ranged from 0.02 to 0.27 mg/kg wet weight which is well within the European Union human consumption tolerance level of 1.6 µg per kg body weight. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) is providing important precautionary advice in relation to the consumption of fish following the publication of studies, which indicate the presence of mercury in top predatory fish species. Within each sub-region there are considerable differences. But here in Ireland we consume just 16kg of seafood per head each year. Line graph of changes over time in consumption per capita for poultry, cheese, fish and seafood, milk, meat, pork and beef (index: 1995 = 100) Per capita EU-27 consumption of meat, fish and dairy (by weight) — European Environment Agency Fish consumption per capita reached 22.4 kg in 2013 in Ireland, according to Faostat. We analysed how much fish was available to UK and global populations after accounting for processing losses, and compared this to recommended levels of fish consumption. (exporters in England, Scotland and Wales only - not needed for Northern Ireland… Irish pelagic fish increased by 89% in value in China and by 48% in Japan to more than €20 million. rebuilding EU fish stocks to MSY could provide Ireland with an additional 200,000 tonnes of fish landed every year, equivalent to an additional €270 million in ... fish consumption, the fish dependence day is the date in the calendar when it will start to depend on fish from Marine capture fisheries landings are subject to changes in market demand and prices as well as the need to rebuild stocks to maximum sustainable yield levels in order to achieve long-term sustainable use of marine resources. It recommends that these groups select fish from a wide range of species but not to eat swordfish, marlin and shark, and to limit consumption of tuna to one fresh tuna steak or two 8oz cans of tuna per week. Food Drink Ireland currently manages the Food Drink Ireland Skillnet. Fish consumption in the European Union in 2015 and 2030 Part 2. All rights reserved. Ireland might be an island nation surrounded by some of the best fishing waters in the world, but Irish people consume less fish that most Europeans with less than two thirds eating seafood on a In the year 1962/63, Ireland had a per capita consumption figure for fish of only 5.3 kg (live weight) ; the next lowest consumer was the Netherlands, where ,consumption … The FSAI is advising pregnant and breastfeeding women, women of childbearing age and young children to limit their intake of predatory fish (shark, swordfish, tuna, etc) while continuing to consume other fish as part of a balanced diet. Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM) is Ireland’s national body for marine fishing and aquaculture and aims to maintain and develop the Irish fishing sector. Food Safety Authority of Ireland, The Exchange, George’s Dock, IFSC, D01 P2V6, Dublin 1. Is this page useful? Exposure during pregnancy is considered the most critical period for methylmercury toxicity, and the unborn child and young children are the most vulnerable to its effects out of all groups.In Ireland, a mercury monitoring programme was put in place for fish landed at all major Irish fishing ports, following the introduction of maximum limits for mercury in fishery product in 1993.

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