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He ought to know. ( Members Only - password required) A portion of the groundbreaking 1973 booklet by the late Gibson historian. Gruhn: The typical buyers/collectors that I deal with are Baby Boomers. I found that I just couldn’t help myself. There are Internet forums, but typically I avoid those. There were only 91 D-45 Martins ever made. That happens plenty. I recently sold one this month for $375,000, and actually, I’ve seen a few bring more than that. Gruhn has written articles for The Music Trades magazine and other periodicals. ... it would be worth about my entire current net worth. If you have one guitar, you can list it on eBay or Craigslist. IF it's from the early 1960's it might worth some money, the early 60's Epi's were a LOT better than the mid 60's and later. 1,630 1. :cool: Your username is telling. George Gruhn turned a hobby collecting vintage guitars into one of the most well-known guitar shops in the world. I will respond promptly. “I feel very honored to be able to represent the estate for these pieces,” said George Gruhn, who opened Gruhn Guitars in 1970 and was a friend of Dickens for more than 40 years. You can imagine as a dealer, you wouldn’t like that. This collection was sold in 1976 to finance the purchase of his house and the building in which his business was located. Sometimes I feel almost like the Rolls Royce salesman who’s driving a Chevy. I’d be looking for things like pre-World War II Martin guitars. His shop is well worth the visit if you are in Nashville. Gibson Bella Voce Tenor Banjo. His shop is well worth the visit if you are in Nashville. Photo: Billy Mitchell, courtesy George Gruhn. Thought of as a successor to Gibson’s iconic flat-tops of the 1930s to 1960s, they were produced in a range of finishes and prices. Reproduction tuners and neck has a repaired crack through the tuner holes. With the Internet, if you’ve got 10 guitars, you can make your own website. Since 1991 I have purchased four copies of George Gruhn’s guide in the First Edition and three copies in the 2nd Edition. George Gruhn is a writer, businessman and ophiophilist. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Even within steel-string flat tops, there can be something like a Martin Dreadnought that’s created for bluegrass, or it might be an acoustic Martin 000 or 00 or a Gibson that’s great for blues. I don’t know of any Generation Y collectors. Original Thermometer case is in good condition. The people who remember something new at a hundred bucks, they’re not going to go out and pay 150 grand for one even if they had the money. They tend to be more sophisticated in their knowledge. 6,102 3,958 40. It’s not like I had a business plan or decided to open up a store. D18GE.e. You can see him with the guitar and talking about it in the video below. I'm going to be doing an interview with George Gruhn live on line in the very near future and would like you folks that might have questions to ask them in this forum and … Also pictured on Pg 131 of George Gruhn and Walter Carter's definitive acoustic book entitled "Acoustic Guitars and Other Fretted Instruments" $20,000 - Hard Case - Pearl Tuners 2. Used by Jimi Hendrix on stage at Woodstock, including Jimi's famous rendition of "The Star Spangled banner." 109. D18GE.e. They’d be horrified of the prospect of actually being unable to sell it with a profit within a year. It’s a rare event to see a decent guitar advertised in the paper anymore. I still like pretty much the same things that I started out with, but I don’t have that much of a collection now. Gibson Bella Voce Tenor Banjo. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the sheep from the goats on eBay. Please chime in and give me a good reason to buy or not buy. This family that had it didn’t know squat about it, but they ended up getting over $300,000 for it. But the earliest Gibson mandolins, for example, were introduced in 1922 and had an interior paper label signed by the acoustic engineer Lloyd Loar, and those bring more money than any other mandolins. Absolutely no electric guitars. They’re not overly concerned with how original it is, and they often don’t take very good care of them. Related Videos Conversations with George Gruhn, October 2. Those artists have left indelible imprints on the music landscape, all t… As you get to be a better player, the one that sounded good or felt good to you before no longer feels or sounds so good now. In fact, you don’t even have to have the instrument; you can post somebody else’s photos and list it as though it were your own. Most professional musicians don’t make enough money to have a huge guitar collection, and musicians are not really collectors in the sense that they’re not that concerned with the history of the instrument. We know that C.F. A few years back George Gruhn toured a Chinese guitar factory, he stated in VG that these acoustics were the equal of the Best Martin or any other US maker was building. It’s not simply that they’re too young, because when my generation was 25 years of age, there were folks who were already really seriously starting to collect. He ought to know. I spend countless hours on the road. There was already a clique of people as early as the 1960s who were interested in vintage acoustic guitars. George Gruhn net worth is $13 Million George Gruhn Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family George Gruhn is a writer and businessman. Miscellaneous. Original hard case included. They started inviting people like Buddy Guy and Little Richard and Muddy Waters who were right there on the south side of Chicago, often literally walking distance from the university. “I purchased it from Bill Blackburn via George Gruhn in 2014. Recently, a 1942 D-45 Martin showed up on eBay. In 1963 or ’64 you could pick up a 1959 sunburst Les Paul Gibson, Les Paul standard, used, for a hundred dollars, maybe $150. Gruhn describes his early days of guitar collecting as "a compulsive mania." Don’t blow all your money right upfront, because just like I found that the first guitar I bought didn’t suit me for long, you’re likely to find that your musical taste and playing style changes. After studying zoology and animal behavior at the University of Chicago, George moved to Knoxville for a research job at the University of Tennessee. They’re rare, so you wouldn’t find very many even back then. Richard Kinder. George Gruhn, owner of Gruhn's in Nashville, says the first one has the serial number 0100. That’s more money than I spent for my house. There was an active folk music scene in Berkeley, California as well as Greenwich Village, New York, and, to a considerable extent, these people kept in touch with each other. The ones who really collect look all their life for this particular stamp and when they get it, they don’t want to simply turn right around and sell it right away.

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