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Alternatively, you can use the lengthier method made available by GDB. KDE is an international and diverse technology team creating user-friendly free and open source software for desktop and portable computing. Smaller enhancements were brought to the Media Player applet in KDE Plasma 5.21, which implements a warning in the System Settings KWin Rules page that appears when users try to set rules for a window that’s not managed by KWin and cannot be affected by window rules. Also, the NetworkManager applet now comes with integrated search field into the header area by default. … Because KWin plays the traditional role of what is known as Display Server (in X11 lingo) in a Wayland session, whenever it crashes, you get thrown off to the login screen. There numerous possibilities just under the geometry tab. Restart the window manager with a command The KDE Plasma 5 window manager (KWin) can easily be restarted or re-run if needed. If you want to fetch relevant information to report a bug with KWin, the following command will provide a general list of data that should help the KWin developers diagnose your problem. Announced by Roman Gilg, the same developer who became a contractor for Valve last year and part of that work was actually to improve KWin so it looks like this may have come as a result of that. KDE's window manager KWin officially has a full fork with a new project called KWinFT, with an aim to support modern development practices and further expand Wayland support. For information, I've also checked the status of org.kde.plasma-desktop, org.kde.kuiserver and org.kde.kded which all seem sane when a freeze occurs, therefore KWin seems the real culprit. But KWin of course does not really know about virgl yet and just shows an unknown device when checking the support information. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. - kwin does not exist anymore, it has been replaced by "kwin_x11" and "kwin_wayland". plasmashell --replace &>/dev/null & kwin_x11 --replace &>/dev/null & But this gives no effects. Make sure you have the xdg-desktop-portal and xdg-desktop-portal-kde package installed. BUG: 357443. When I started up the PC everything works as expected. Recently (maybe after upgrading to xorg-server 1.5.3-r1 [though now I am on r2]) I have noticed that certain actions will cause KWin to crash and therefore cause X to restart. For starters, and at least in Kubuntu, the first available terminal outside your desktop environment is tty2, so you will have to use the Ctrl + Alt + F2 combination to get there. Options Report abuse; New issue; Report abuse New issue Gracefully handle Xwayland crashes . Then restart plasmashell and kwin_x11. It’s just a terrible UX. If I switch workspaces … I do the same when running kstart5 plasmashell to avoid problems as well. Win7 Volume Mixer Plasma 5 Multimedia Jun 24 2020 . only one screen is used it seems that this has an influence of the behaviour of the KDE restart issue. Projects. Play around with them and let us know your results. I have two monitors connected, not sure if it matters. Sometimes, you may want to see what's in another thread, Alternatively, to dump a stacktrace the same way DrKonqi does (i.e. For KDE Neon users or other instable KDE distro, is nice to have a shortcut to restart both Plasma and KWin whatever its freeze. This kills compositing and produces and ton of errors. To restart KWin when not being able to focus KRunner or a Konsole switch to text console, and run 'DISPLAY=:0 kwin --replace' (and then you can run 'kwin --replace' again from X). It paints the window decoration, the bar on top of every window with (configurable) buttons like close, maximize and minimize. For you as a user nothing changes, the startup is adjusted to start kwin_x11 instead of kwin. Some have suggested DISPLAY=:0 kwin_x11 --replace. Started kdevelop, checked out KWin, edited the relevant sources, compiled, installed, committed. In a situation where KGlobalAccel5 is still running but both Plasmashell and KWin are running, you can still invoke any keyboard shortcut to run a program that allows you to run a command, such as KRunner, Konsole or Yakuake. Hello, I have a memory issue with KWIN_X11 which I can't seem to track. 15. Just be aware that Neon is not a distribution but a Plasma and KDE showcase, so if you are also using non-KDE applications you better choose Kubuntu instead. It's equivalent to plasma 5.19 System Settings → Appearance → Font → Fonts → Force fonts DPI. This page was last edited on 16 November 2020, at 19:55. Before installing Plasma, make sure you have a working Xorg installation on your system.Install the plasma-meta meta-package or the plasma group. KDE/kwin just seems to run at 75hz (or 60 i forgot I formatted) on KDE 5.20 unless I disconnect the second monitor using wayland. Blog. On KWin restart all windows are shuffled, usually KWin is able to restore ordering correctly, but for some reason not it this case. Currently, if Xwayland crashes (not due to bugs of course), it will bring the entire session down. Firefox. I too have been seeing compositing shutting off quite a bit, but I figured it had to do with me running Kodi (with compositing shut-off for that app). Mutter, Compiz, KWin, etc. KWin has a very flexible theming mechanism, because all decorations are ultimately plugins to the window manager. However, sometimes, the KDE Plasma panel can freeze up and crash, which is a huge problem. kde configuration fonts plasma dpi. 1.Tick the “Size” box and from the drop-down menu, select “Apply Initially“. 7.4. If I follow you correctly, you can press Shift-Alt-F12 to turn Kwin compositing back on. Supporting KDE. This is very annoying. With this command you will get the stacktrace for the main thread where KWin crashed. Plasma 5 Multimedia. Questions How to reload this settings from command line? kwin-style-crystal. However, unlike forcing the KDE Plasma panel to restart, Kwin cannot be tinkered with from the terminal window.

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