most spiritual country in the world

Brazil is one of the most populated countries in the world; in 2013 estimates its population was counted 201,032,714. 6. This Indian American, Ayurvedic New-age guru flew onto the New York Times’ top-10 Best Sellers List with The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success where he outlines a simple set of guidelines focused on making you a better human being. Brazil is also considered the ninth largest oil producing country in the world. 10 Of The Most Spiritual Places On Earth . For even more natural healing, ask one of the sisters to perform a spiritual ritual to cleanse your soul of negative energy. Peru is the one of the most religious countries in the world and also known as the sixth largest gold producing country in the world. Where is the most religious place in the world? The 10 Most Influential Spiritual Leaders Around The World. According to Wayfairer Travel who collected and analyzed data around the world to determine which countries ranked highest in spirituality. Table Mountain. There are many religious hotspots in the world, some important ones are Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem in Israel and Tibet. A new ranking has named Canada the most spiritual country in the world. Deepak Chopra. But the travel (most commonly undertaken from Osaka or Kyoto, via train, cable car and bus) is actually a very beautiful journey and well worth it to visit the country’s spiritual … 1. Believe it or not, Canada is the most spiritual country! Photo: Emmanual Dyan 4) Uluru/Ayers Rock, Australia The sandstone formation known as Uluru (or Ayers Rock) not only is Australia’s most identifiable spiritual destination, but may be the country’s most famous natural landmark.. 9.Peru. Islam plays an important role in the daily lives of the Muslims of Bangladesh (about 88% of Bangladesh’s population). The world's most religious country is actually a 7 way tie between Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Malawi, Niger, Sri Lanka, and Yemen. So if you fancy an Elizabeth Gilbert-style spiritual break, these are the countries to visit and the best retreats to book: A world-renowned hiking trail in Spain, the Camino de Santiago was originally used as a route for pilgrims to reach the city of Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain, where (it’s rumored) Saint James is buried. *** There you go, the top 60 most spiritual places in the world. One of the most iconic sites in South Africa is Table Mountain -- a massive flat-topped granite and sandstone mountain that stands more than 3,500 feet above the city. Glastonbury, Mt Shasta and Sedona are some of the strongest spiritual vortexes in the world. A cemetery full of headstones in the Jewish Quarter of Prague. Cape Town, South Africa. Making up 2.9% of the world’s Christians, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the 8th most Christian nation in the world today. Camino de Santiago, Spain. On paper, the journey to reach Koyasan – as Mount Koya is respectfully known in Japan – seems a bit convoluted. The Spirituality Index, put together by Wayfairer, is a measure of how spiritual a country is based on its wellness scene, overall quality of life, its religious diversity, freedom and tolerance, and the number of spiritual sights across the destination..

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