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Reykjavik, London, The Hague and Antwerp and other places of interest Northern Europe can be divided into three parts: Scandinavia, the British Isles, and the Baltics. Average Annual Precipitation for European Cities The tables below give yearly averages for rainfall plus snowfall at major cities throughout Europe. If you browse through the various Southampton cruise deals, you'll find plenty of choices. Please reference the author's byline in the post above for more information. This is a list of present-day cities by the time period over which they have been continuously inhabited as a city. Country Maps: Central Europe Austria Map, Croatia Map, Germany Map, Poland Map, Switzerland Map Eastern Europe Belarus Map, Bulgaria Map, Czech Republic Map, European Russia Map, Hungary Map, Slovakia Map, Ukraine Map Northern Europe Every country has its major cities that is known to the world and being famous across the globe for any particular reason. Northern Europe: Northern lights, also known as Aurora borealis, over the Lyngen fjord in Troms county of Norway. My friend that lives in Goteburg shows me some pictures of her together with her husband at the Gotaplatsen public square. Taking up an area of 27,133 square miles (70,273 square km), Ireland has a population of approximately 4,956,662 people. Northern Europe's cultural currency is at an all-time high. Country Capitals, Large Cities, and Major Towns in Eastern Europe. With a land area of 93,630 square miles (242,500 square km), the nation is home to an estimated population of 67,886,004 residents. You can visit the very spot depicted in that picture, while Frogner Park is also worthy of your time, boasting as it does an array of 150 impressive sculptures. 1,810 views made by FAS. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2021 Tripsavvy's … The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a constitutional monarchy whose head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, holds the title of the world's longest-serving monarch. Northern England, also known as the North of England or simply the North, is the second most northern area of Great Britain, considered separate due to cultural differences from the other areas – Scotland, Wales, the Midlands and the South.The area includes the combined authority regions of Manchester, Liverpool, Tees Valley, North East, North of Tyne, Sheffield and Leeds. But here are our favorite destinations for Baltic and fjord cruises around Northern Europe. But 2020 is a rather special year for Scotland, with many events taking place across the country to celebrate the Year of Coasts and Waters. Most of the major rivers originates from Eastern Europe and flows either to Caspian or Black sea in south or to North Sea before traversing out the central and eastern European region. Copenhagen is Northern Europe's warmest major city, with an average of 11.4 °C (52.5 °F). This post was brought to you by MSC Cruises. Denmark shares a land border with Germany and is situated on a peninsula. From lochs to islands, beaches to rivers, Scotland’s waters bestow you with beautiful backdrops and exciting activities. The UK, as it is popularly known, consists of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Northern Europe can be divided into three parts: Scandinavia, the British Isles, and the Baltics. The lowest daily maximums belong to Reykjavík, Iceland, which averages just 7 degrees Celsius (44.6 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout a year. Kerry Kubilius is a freelance writer who specializes in Eastern European history, culture, current events, language, and travel. The country, which has been inhabited since prehistoric times, comprises an area of approximately 172,750 square miles (447,420 square km). Northern Europe's cultural currency is at an all-time high. Nowadays Budapest has become a must visit for travellers looking to venture East from Central European countries like Germany, Austria and Slovenia, especially so if you’re hoping for an escape from the €. Norway's capital and the most populated city is Oslo, which is considered the economic, political, and cultural hub of the nation. Each place has a total for how many days of wet weather it usually gets a year and for the normal amount of precipitation. Go Backpacking uses and recommends: Filed Under: Europe, Features Tagged With: Copenhagen, Oslo. This is true of all of the cities on this list, which have served as important economic, political, and cultural centers during various time periods. The top ten list of coldest major cities in Europe is a mix of places in Northern and Eastern Europe. Latvia is bordered by the countries of Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, and Belarus. Officially known as the Republic of Latvia, the nation is comprised of an area of 24,932 square miles (64,573 square km) and is home to an estimated population of 1,907,675 citizens. Goteburg may not be Sweden's first city, but it is arguably its most exciting. Europe has a well-documented and studied history and many of its cities have been inhabited for thousands of years. Formally known as the Kingdom of Norway, this Nordic nation is home to a population of approximately 5,438,830 residents. Finland was once part of Sweden, then Russia, before declaring independence in 1917. I was wondering how fans are divided up in larger Northern European cities. We can't all move to the Nordic countries to test these theories, but we can certainly visit them – and with MSC Cruises , you get to see everything that these island nations have to offer, as well as plenty more. The three largest cities in Europe are Istanbul, Moscow, and Paris. Finland was once part of Sweden, then Russia, before declaring independence in 1917. Illsley on December 9 2020 in World Facts. Denmark is also comprised of 443 islands, including Funen and Zealand, which is the island hosting the nation's capital, Copenhagen. Read More…, About | Archive | Travel Resources | Submissions | Work With Us | Contact. Northern European cities profited the most from this wave of globalisation. Planning a trip? With a population of 14.7 million people, Istanbul in Turkey is the largest city in Europe. Image: Simo Räsänen Northern Europe refers to the portion of Europe to the north of Western Europe, the English Channel, and the Baltic Sea; it also includes the Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. type to search. Hammerfest is one of Norway's most popular and populated northern cities. Scotland continues to dazzle visitors with its rugged landscapes, laidback island life, rich history and exquisite whisky. Panorama of Stockholm, Sweden, one of the Northern European countries. Political map of Europe showing Member States of the European Union (EU) and EFTA, with major cities and capitals. What has really turned me off it in the past is the fact that it is more expensive than most of the rest of Europe. Today, it offers one of the highest living standards in the world and more picturesque scenery than you can take in a lifetime. Today it is home to approximately 131,136 citizens. Differences in opinion can result from different definitions of "city" as well as "continuous habitation" and historical evidence is often disputed.Caveats (and sources) to the validity of each claim are discussed in the "Notes" column. Kerry Kubilius. The list includes cities with over 1 million inhabitants, geographically situated in Europe, using the conventional definition of its boundaries Largest cities. List of European cities by population within city limits. The United Kingdom is made up of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The age claims listed are generally disputed. Iceland, United Kingdom UK, Netherlands and Belgium. This constitutional monarchy is ceremoniously led by monarch King Harald V while the true head of the government is its Prime Minister. Map of Eastern Europe with Major Cities. You'll also find some great shopping opportunities here if you're looking to pick up a memento of your Northern Europe sojourn. When cruising around the fjords, you really should take the time to visit Oslo. Offering a middle ground between continental Europe and Scandinavia, this cosmopolitan city is famed around the world for its creative output, something that extends beyond the arts to the very civic landscape – with several attractive green spaces highlighting the excellent use of space within the Danish capital. The climate in Europe is very much affected by warm Atlantic currents which affect the winter and summer of the continent very much. Instead, you get to witness the city of Edvard Munch – painter of ‘The Scream' – in all of its glory. Many moons ago (okay maybe only 7 years give or take), the city of Budapest was one of Europe’s best kept secrets and indeed one of its’ most underrated cities. With a population of 14,000,000 inhabitants London is the largest city in the European Union and Europe.Its territory is vast.Only London, not counting the nearby towns has a length of about 60 kilometres from east to west.In fact, the British capital occupies a larger area even from the U.S. metropolis New York.This is not surprising given the endless stream of immigrants who have flocked here from all around the world to seek t… Goteburg is also home of such metal bands as in Flames, Soilwork, Arch Enemy and At the Gates. The most followed religion in Europe is Christianity, it is followed by almost 76.52 % of the population which includes Catholic, eastern orthodox and protestant. Maybe it's the way the pizza smells when it comes out of the oven in Italy, or the way the local beer taste in Brussels, or the views I get at the tip of Portugal. Ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the most inventive cities in the world, it has many fantastic sights to behold, including the beautiful harbor and the Gotaplatsen public square. Here are the ten countries that make up Northern Europe: Norway is characterized by its rugged coastline, mountainous terrain, deep fjords, and numerous islands. The slower pace of life, along with fantastic scenery and parks along the River Frysen, make Uppsala one of the most underrated cities in Northern Europe. European vacations are the best to have. Its capital city, Dublin, has a metro population of 1,024,027 residents. At the end of April, students celebrate Walpurgis Night (Valborg in Swedish) by floating homemade boats down the river and drinking copious amounts of champagne. We can't all move to the Nordic countries to test these theories, but we can certainly visit them – and with MSC Cruises, you get to see everything that these island nations have to offer, as well as plenty more. In 2013, Copenhagen was selected as the world's most ‘livable' city by Monocle Magazine, based on a range of criteria, and it's easy to see why. The Norwegian capital, which is in the running to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, is a modernist's dream, with a cool city skyline reflected along the edge of the river Akerselva and the stylish Oslo Opera House making a statement every bit as impressive as some of its more famous brethren. It's close to both the Sørøya and Seiland National Parks, which are popular fishing and hunting destinations, as well as some small museums and coastal attractions. The country, officially known as the Kingdom of Denmark is the most southern of all the Scandinavian countries. The data cover ten major cit-ies in Northern Europe. score: 8 of 50 (16%) required scores: 1, 3, 5, 9, 12 list stats leaders vote Vote print comments. Formally known as the Republic of Estonia, this Northern European nation is located on the eastern coast of the continent bordering the Baltic Sea. A portion of the country is within 100 miles (161 km) of the coast of Sweden. Sweden has an estimated population of 10,367,232 residents. These countries can be divided into three regions: Scandinavia, the British Isles, and Baltic region. The island of Ireland is divided into the Republic of Ireland in the south and Northern Ireland, which remains part of the United Kingdom. Lying not far from the Arctic Circle, Reykjavík is also the northernmost city in these rankings. The ratings are based on the total precipitation, both rain and snow, a city receives during an average year. What Are The Differences Between Northern Ireland And The Republic Of Ireland? Map of Europe with Cities Map of Europe with Cities. The ratings are based on the total precipitation, both rain and snow, a city receives during an average year. Finland's capital city Helsinki is located in the southern portion of the country and has a metropolitan population of 1,268,296 residents. Well-known figures from Denmark include writers Hans Christian Anderson and Karen Blixen, filmmakers Billie August and Lars von Trier, and tennis player Caroline Wozniacki. By C.L. Hi, I'm Dave and I've been backpacking for 20+ years. Istanbul is sometimes not included in the list of the most populated cities in Europe, as the city technically straddles the border between Europe and Asia. The nation's capital city, Vilnius, boasts a metropolitan population of 700,275. Reykjavik is thought to have been established in 874 AD. Officially the Republic of Finland, this Nordic nation is comprised of a total land area of 150,928 square miles (390,903 square km). Below is a list of the largest cities in the European Union according to the population within their city limits.The cities listed all have populations over 300,000. Map Of Northern Europe And Russia . In Eastern Europe, Bucharest, Romania and Budapest, Hungary are the hot spots, and the only significant cities there with averages above 15.5 °C (60 °F). Its current population is estimated to be 1,328,976. Almost 24/7 sunshine too sounds very enticing to me too! Major Cities in Eastern Europe. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Northern Germany (German: Norddeutschland) is the region in the northern part of Germany, whose exact area is not precisely or consistently defined.It varies depending on whether one has a linguistic, geographic, socio-cultural or historic standpoint. Latitude: 70°39'N; Population: 10,109 (2018) Every year we cross the Atlantic to explore more of the most beautiful cities in Europe. You covered all the most attractive hidden places…I had my stay once in Oslo, where I enjoyed a lot fun ride along the streets and tasty foods…lol…great moments here…. Goteburg is the city that gave the most influential bands to the modern metal world. Oslo has been on my list for a long time. These are all the places which attract tourists to northern Europe and there are many transportation facilities to reach northern Europe -like air, rail, bus, roads, and freeways and many alternate forms of transportation are available in northern Europe. If you would like to guest post on Go Backpacking, please read our submission guidelines. Printable Detailed Map of Northern Europe with Cities On top of this, cities such as Copenhagen are perennial contenders in those ‘best cities in the world' type lists. Located on the Thames River, London is home to an urban population of 9,789,426. Its population is estimated to stand at 5,528,737 residents. The island nation of Iceland is situated just south of the Arctic Circle. Iceland's history dates back to the 9th century and includes political alliances with neighboring countries Norway and Denmark. The cosmopolitan city of London serves as the capital of the United Kingdom. Perfection is unobtainable, but Copenhagen is striking one of the best deals right now.”. Sweden is situated between Norway and Finland. I really, really want to visit Europe. Estonia's capital city, Tallinn, borders the Gulf of Finland and is home to approximately 445,259 residents. Estonia is relatively small and takes up a total land area of only 17,462 square miles (45,227 square km). Casting its gaze over Goteburg, the Svenska Massan – its exhibition and conference center – is an iconic point in the cityscape. European cities like Paris are much, much older than American cities like New York, and that age difference has led to many interesting differences in the layout of each city. Finland is located in northern Europe and sandwiched between Sweden and Russia, with Norway to its Northen border. They include Scandinavia’s cap-ital cities as well as cities in the Baltic Sea area: St. Pe-tersburg, the capital cities of the Baltic countries, War-saw and Berlin. Iceland's capital and most populated city, Reykjavik, has the distinction of being the most northern state capital in the entire world. You can taste seafood, try thrilling watersports, or embark on sce… North West Europe Map. Visiting by cruise ship, you cut out the more industrial part of the city that serves as a cold welcome to those who enter by plane. It lists those places that have been granted city status by letters patent or royal charter.There are currently a total of 69 such cities in the United Kingdom: 51 in England, seven in Scotland, six in Wales, and five in Northern Ireland. The Eastern Europe countries have some big cities that are known to the world. Including the fjords, aurora borealis, and beautiful winter wildlife. Back to the cities, though. The country, which takes up a land area of only 39,777 square miles (103,022 square km), has an estimated population of 364,132 residents. The capital and largest city in Latvia is Riga which is home to about a third of the country's total population. Here you'll find lists of Europe's major cities with the dampest climates overall, including rankings for the rainiest and snowiest five cities in Western, Northern, Eastern and Southern Europe. This is a list of cities in the United Kingdom that are officially designated as of 2015. This northern nation is a member of various international coalitions including NATO, the European Union, and the Council of Europe. Lithuania is located in Europe's Baltic region. The country's landscape is dominated by features such as volcanos, geysers, hot springs, and waterfalls. Written by. As Monocle puts it: “World-conquering urban quality of life requires the trickiest of balancing acts between progress and preservation, stimulation and security, global and local. Northern Europe is a loosely defined geographical region in Europe.Narrower definitions may describe Northern Europe as being roughly north of the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, which is about 54°N, or may be based on other geographical factors such as climate and ecology.A broader definition would include the area of Europe north of the Alps, and Northwestern Russia. avg. I can’t wait to explore this part of Europe. Here you'll find lists of Europe's major cities with the driest climates overall, including rankings for the least rainy and snowy five cities in Western, Northern, Eastern and Southern Europe. We're here to make your next trip your best trip! Play this free map quiz game to see if you can keep Finland, Norway, and Sweden straight, much less Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. Image credit: Mikael Damkier/ The list deals exclusively with the areas within city administrative boundaries as opposed to urban areas or larger urban zones (metropolitan areas), which are generally larger in terms of population than the main city. Can’t want to explore it! economic state of the major cities in Northern Europe and in the Baltic Sea area. Formally known as the Republic of Lithuania, this country takes up an area of 25,207 square miles (65,286 square km) and has an estimated population of 2,795,334. Formerly a part of the Russian Empire, and before that a part of Sweden, they declared independence in 1917 and have since skillfully maintained a neutral position in many geopolitical issues in Europe. Its very interesting article here. The nation's capital city of Stockholm is home to various world-renowned sites including the Vasa Museum, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm Palace, and Stockholm Concert Hall where the Nobel prize ceremonies are held. The Europe continent is watered by a number of rivers. At the same time, Gamla Ullevi, the home stadium of Sweden's biggest football club IFK Goteburg, is also well worth a visit, especially if you can catch a game. For information on advertising opportunities, go here. This article possibly contains original research. Although the definitions of the extent of Northern Europe vary, as per the United Nations geoscheme for Europe, Northern Europe comprises of 10 sovereign nations. Northern Europe: Countries - Map Quiz Game: Hundreds of years ago Northern Europe was the land of the Vikings. This post was written by a guest contributor. Largest Cities In Europe. The examination focuses on the nucle- Please improve it by verifying … On top of this, cities such as Copenhagen are perennial contenders in those ‘best cities in the world' type lists. The country, which was formerly a part of Russia, has been a member of the European Union since 2004. Recent population estimates for the nation total 5,837,213 citizens. If you're visiting on a cruise, remember to visit one of the city's exquisite pavement cafes and enjoy a peaceful walk among the many parks that are dotted around.

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