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These processes allow all projects to be managed in a scalable and tailored fashion. The key input to this process is a Project Mandate that defines in business terms the reason for the project and the expected outcome. } "modalProduct": { The business case is develop… } Organization: Define and establish the … Have the mandate assessed. Both of these are appointed by the project’s parent organization. }, Directing a project 3. 10 Oct 2020 Oluwasanmi ISINKAYE. "total": "Subtotal", The Projects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) Certification is a specialized project management certificate awarded by AXELOS. "product": { "font-size": "13px", Closing a project Each process provides a set of activities. Each one is overseen by the project manager and approved by the project board. Starting up a project 2. The diagram frames illustrates the chronological order in which the processes are carried out and shows which level of the project management team is responsible. “The purpose of the Directing a Project process is to enable the Project Board to be accountable for the project’s success by making key decisions and exercising overall control while delegating day-to-day management of the project to the project manager.”. }, loadScript(); "padding-bottom": "14.5px", "padding-top": "14.5px", "@media (min-width: 150px)": { Any change is called scope creep, Make sure the business case is still valid by reviewing it, Products are delivered to the agreed level of cost, quality, effort and time in support of the achievement of the benefits, Project management team deliver within the agreed tolerances, All work is authorized and agreed before they start, Team Managers, members and suppliers are all clear on what needs to be done by when, at what cost and with how much effort, Products are delivered within the agreed tolerances, Progress is accurately reported at the agreed frequency so expectations can be managed, Confirm to the Project Board that all products detailed in the stage plan have been completed and approved, Review and if required update project documentation such as the project plan, business case, project team structure, approach, role descriptions and strategies, Gather information for the Project Board to assess if the project remains viable – including the total risk exposure, Document any lessons or information that can be used to help later stages and/or other projects, Request authorization to start the next stage, Produce an exception plan as directed by the project board, Request approval to replace the current project or stage plan with the exception plan, Confirm the project’s products have been accepted, When the project is disbanded make sure the products are properly supported, Review how the project performed against the set baseline, Produce a forecast of when benefits will be realized and assess any benefits that have already been identified, All open issues have follow-on action recommendations. "quantityInput": { It is carried out primarily by the team manager, that is, the technical manager that carries out parts of the project, and reports to the project manager. From now on until the end of 2017, candidates can take either the existing or updated English versions of the PRINCE2® exam. PRINCE2 - The 7 Processes PRINCE2 is a process-based method for undertaking administration offering an only tailor-made, and scalable technique for the management of all kinds of tasks. It begins when a stage has been authorized to proceed by the project board, and the activities within it are mostly carried out by the project manager. script.async = true; It has 7 principles, 7 themes, and 7 processes … No one would get on a train that had no specific destination in mind. })(); By Prince2 the managers in any organization can essentially manage projects and product delivery. [CDATA[*/ “The purpose of the Managing a Stage Boundary process is to enable the Project Board to be provided with sufficient information by the Project Manager so that it can review the success of the current stage, approve the next Stage Plan, review the updated Project Plan, and confirm continued business justification and acceptability of the risks.”. What are the 7 processes of PRINCE2 methodology? The Starting Up a Project process is the first of the 7 PRINCE2 Processes when using the PRINCE2 project management method. "@media (min-width: 601px)": { }, It is adopted in many countries worldwide, including the UK, Western European countries, and Australia. The 7 processes you should understand are: In the previous PRINCE2® articles we talked about the 7 themes and the 7 principles. As such, it would be useful for you to read the other 2 articles in this series. "margin-left": "-20px" "font-size": "13px", Starting up a project. Here is a breakdown of each stage: 1. Prince2 is made up of 7 Principles, 7 Themes and 7 Processes that can be tailored and applied to different projects and organisations. In this topic, we are going to learn about PRINCE2 Process. "title": "Shopping Cart", The processes form a description of how the 7 PRINCE2 themes are applied both before and during the project. Prince2 by design is a process based approach to project delivery and that means projects progress through the processes in a linear way. What is left is to tell you more about the third major part of the methodology- the 7 processes in PRINCE2®. Most of the activities in this process are carried out by the project manager. This business case results in benefits to the parent organization. } Starting Up a Project (SU) 1. They are the tasks required to direct, manage, and deliver a project successfully. The processes describe which role from the project management team is responsible for taking decisions, and when those decisions should be taken. Hopefully you now have a good overview of the 7 Processes of Prince2 and understand the purpose of each process. The Prince2 course should encompass all these plus the applicability in the organizational and environmental context. The PRINCE2 methodology breaks projects into stages and each stage is managed separately. "button": { } There are three activities in this process: As the end of a management stage is approaching, this process kicks in. "styles": { }); By having this good overview it will help you with the Prince2 exam as you will understand what happens and when on the project. The success and failure of the project is very often directly related to the level of planning that was performed. In this article I will cover the objectives and activities of each of the 7 Processes. That is, it has a finite beginning and end. Manage by stages 5. "text": { There are 7 processes within the PRINCE2 methodology: This initial process involves the activities necessary to ensure a viable and worthwhile project. Each process is defined with its key inputs and outputs together with the specific objectives to … The 7 phase process for the PRINCE2® project management method. Stay safe! function ShopifyBuyInit() { October 31, 2018 by Jon Hartney Leave a Comment. The PRINCE2 method also separates the running of a project into 7 processes. } "title": { Prince2 by design is a process based approach to project delivery and that means projects progress through the processes in a linear way. PRINCE2 is a process-based approach for project management. 2. What the Project Manager must do when reporting to the Project Board. The rest of this ebook will describe the 7 processes. (function () { What is great about being a Virtual Project Manager, The Difference Between a Virtual Assistant and a Virtual Project Manager, Where to Find Freelance Virtual Project Management Contracts, How The Game Of Thrones Houses Are Like PM Methodologies, Document in an outline Business Case what the reason is for the project, Put in place the people who have the authority to initiate the project, There is enough information available to be able to produce the project scope and write a project brief, A project approach is selected based upon the different ways the project can be delivered, People are assigned to undertake the initiation of the project and/ or take a project management role in the project, Documented in a Stage Plan and planned is the work required to initiate the project, The project is not initiated due to poor assumptions about the scope, timescales, constraints and acceptance criteria, Assign the Project Manager and the Executive to the project, Capture previous lessons from other projects that may be useful for this project, Produce project brief and select project approach, Able to authorize the delivery of the project’s products, Ensure the project remains viable and that control and management direction is provided to the project, Provide an link to the corporate or programme management level above the project, Manage and review the plan for realizing the post-project benefits, The risks, benefits and reason for doing the project, What products will be delivered and the scope of what will be done, The when and how the projects products will be delivered and how much they will cost, What is the required level of quality and how will it be achieved, How will changes, issues and risks be identified, assessed and managed, Who needs what information, when do they need it and in what format, Produce the Configuration Management Strategy, Produce the Communication Management Strategy, Gather the Project Initiation documentation, The delivery of the products that the stage will produce, Monitor to ensure products are produced as agreed. "toggle": { "styles": { In the last article I covered the 7 Principles and in this article we shall cover the 7 Themes. }, Among vast ranges of project management methodologies accessible in the current market, PRINCE2 is one of the most broadly used project management methodologies applied by businesses and enterprises in over 160 countries or so. Prince2 by design is a process based approach to project delivery and that means projects progress through the processes in a linear way. Starting up a project "font-size": "13px", "product": { Anyone familiar with the PRINCE2 project management methodology will know that it uses 7 Themes, 7 Processes and 7 Principles to ensure the project remains truly PRINCE2 and that best practice is used throughout. Initiating a project 4. “The purpose of the Starting up a Project process is to ensure that the prerequisites for Initiating a Project are in place by answering the question: do we have a viable and worthwhile project?”. } It describe evolution from the pre-project activity of getting started, throughout the project life-cycle until the end of the project. It checks that a project is worthwhile. }, node: document.getElementById('product-component-1580491648497'), Hence, the first theme asks the question: Where are we going? It is one of the most time consuming parts of project management, and also one of the most crucial. "padding-bottom": "14.5px" above the project), and the project managerrepresents the interests of the project. "button": "View product" "font-size": "13px" } There are 7 processes that are compatible with the Core Principles and guide you through the project. "margin-bottom": "50px" "contents": { Each PRINCE2 project should include the 7 principles, and if even one of these principles is missing from the project, it cannot be considered a PRINCE2 Project. “The purpose of the Managing Product Delivery process is to control the link between the Project Manager and the Team Manager(s), by placing formal requirements on accepting, executing and delivering project work.”. "padding-bottom": "14.5px" PRINCE2 has activities for starting up, planning, running, controlling, and closing a project. This is one of the leading project management methods in the United Kingdom used by both the private and public sectors. One of PRINCE2 principle is Focus on Products, in other hand PMBOK 7 principle is Focus on Value. How much is this project going to cost and how long will it take? Is being a Virtual Project Manager right for you? }, It is required so that the project board can review the success of the current stage and approve the next stage. } As we have seen in my previous articles there are 7 Principles and 7 Themes of Prince2. } "margin-bottom": "0px" It groups these activities into processes. "padding-right": "23px" "padding-bottom": "14.5px", They provide the authority to manage the project, continuously provide the authority to proceed, and give ad hoc direction as necessary. The 7 Processes of PRINCE2 Methodology. Along with the themes, you also need to know about the 7 processes in Prince2, their goal, and purpose from initiating to closing a project. "font-size": "13px", Do you think those two principles are not conflicting? Focus on products 7. Manage by Exception 6. A team is assigne… Required fields are marked *, /*

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